OAARSN’s Adult Autism News Bulletins

Shortly after launching the original OAARSN website in March 2000, we began a Listserv network which has grown to include contacts all over the world.

Bulletins of news and announcements are compiled and posted on the OAARSN website every 2-3 weeks. A bulletin may include:

People on the OAARSN Listserv are sent an email notifying them of the URL link to reach the latest bulletin.

OAARSN welcomes discussion of ideas and topics related to Autism as it is experienced by adults and their families and companions. We support freedom of information and expression, and encourage everyone to try to see all sides of issues and to understand the viewpoints of others.

Please note that this service is for information and awareness. OAARSN and the University of Guelph cannot endorse or be held responsible for the validity of any information or the value of any service or resource that may be announced or mentioned in these bulletins. Nor do we necessarily agree with opinions that may be expressed.

We are willing to post announcements, but ask that you provide the details as follows:
Please send submissions in plain text format by email to oaarsn@uoguelph.ca
with "announcement" at the beginning of the subject line.
Please provide details of the following as BRIEFLY as possible: 
..Name of Event
..Sponsor of Event
..Main Speakers and Topics of Event
..Date of Event
..City and Location of Event
..Contact information for more information/registration
..URL Link  to learn more about event
Please Do Not Attach Files, Flyers or Brochures as we do not attach these to our email bulletins.

Archive of past OAARSN bulletins, 2002-2008
In case any of the many URL links may be no longer be active on other websites, as can happen, you might try to cut and paste the text title into your browser, in order to find a current link or similar materials.

The OAARSN website includes a Google Search function in the menu on the top left hand side. It will help to reach resources on the OAARSN website as well as the World Wide Web.

Links to OAARSN bulletins from January 2009


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