Environmental Sciences (PhD)

Male student looks at insect collection in small box, computer and microscope beside him

The PhD program in the School of Environmental Sciences (SES) develops highly competent, independent, creative, and critical scientists. Doctoral students of SES provide leadership as scholars in academic institutions, as managers and officers in the industrial research and development sector, research and policy branches within the government sector and in other social institutions. Full details on this program are available through the SES website.

Graduate degrees at the PhD level are granted in one of three fields:

  • Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Ecosystem Science and Biodiversity
  • Plant and Environmental Health

Youtube video: SES Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Program U of Guelph

Admission requirements for the PhD are available through the Graduate Calendar.

For more information contact:
Marie Vickery
SES Graduate Secretary
519-824-4120, Ext. 53937

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