Meet Our Undergrad Students

Our undergrad programs draw a diverse range of students. Each of their experiences are unique, made so by the endless opportunities students have to engage in their specific interests. Read about their experiences in the profiles below.

Jeremy sits on top of a snowy hill in a red jacket and mittens.
Jeremy Harbinson
Environment and
Resource Management
Head shot of Krista Kapitan standing on lawn.
Krista Kapitan
Environmental Economics
and Policy
Laura Stortz stands in front of a small waterfall.
Laura Stortz
Food, Agriculture and
Resource Economics
Amy kneels in a corn field.
Amy Reymer
Honours Agriculture
Kristi Storoschuk smiles while holding a small dessert cup.
Kristi Storoschuk
Plant Science
Jenny Trinh stands in gardens in front of an old building.
Mark Gordon
Landscape Architecture
Joshua Persi stands in overalls in a large pond.
Joshua Persi
Marnie McKechnie sits by a river.
Emma Allen
Animal Science
Jamie stands with a bright blue lake and mountains behind her.
Jamie Bauman
Environmental Sciences
Emma hugging white dog.
Emma Puckering
Animal Biology
Julia stands next to brown horse.
Julia Alebrand
Equine Management
Mehrdad smiles, standing infront of tree
Mehrdad Behzadian
Crop, Horticulture and Turfgrass Sciences
Lucy Pronk stands in barn with horse.
Lucy Pronk
Food and Agricultural Business
Kevin standing in snowy evergreen forest wearing jacket and toque.
Kevin Kemmish
Environmental Management
Simon Bissonnette stands outside under a tree.
Simon Bissonnette
Food Science