Rural Planning & Development (M.Sc. or MPlan)

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The School of Environmental Design and Rural Development (SEDRD) offers a M.Sc. (Planning) program and MPlan program. Both programs provide the opportunity for graduate study, research and professional development in rural planning and development in either Canadian or international development contexts.

Potential Faculty Advisors

Two ways to complete your degree:

  • Students enrolled in the M.Sc. (Planning) program will develop the knowledge and skill to conduct interdisciplinary research and guide processes of change in rural planning and development. Graduates will be prepared to assume responsible roles in local development and planning as well as national-level research and policy. They will be well-qualified for employment in rural planning departments and with non-governmental organizations in Canada and in rural development agencies overseas. The M.Sc. program is an accredited degree by the Professional Standards Board, facilitating membership in the Canadian Institute of Planners and provincial planning organizations. More information on the M.Sc. (Planning) program is available on the SEDRD program website.
  • The MPlan program is a 1 year program geared towards more experienced graduates working for an agency or non governmental organization abroad or in Canada; or for mature Canadian planners working in a municipal planning environment, for other levels of government, in professional consulting, non governmental organizations or other contexts or for graduates of related professional programs. It is explicitly designed for individuals wishing to upgrade their professional training to the Masters level without necessarily withdrawing from the work force for an extended period of time. More information on the MPlan program is available on the SEDRD MPlan website.

How to Apply

Student Profiles

Sometimes the best way to learn about a program is through meeting a current student. Take a look at the research snapshot video below:

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Emma Drake, M.Sc.
Rural Planning and Development

Meet the Profs

Say hello to the professors of the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development in these research snapshot videos. 

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Prof. Nicolas Brunet
Environmental Planning & Development
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Prof. Ryan Gibson
Rural Economic Development

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For more information contact:
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Graduate Program Assistant
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