Meet Our Undergrad Students

Our undergrad programs draw a diverse range of students. Each of their experiences are unique, made so by the endless opportunities students have to engage in their specific interests. Read about their experiences in the profiles below.

Head shot of E'layna.
E'layna Baker
Food, Agriculture and Resource Economics
Head shot of Shing-Tia.
Shing-Tian Ma
Food Industry Management
Head shot of Riley McConachie.
Riley McConachie
Environment and
Resource Management
Head shot of Nidhi.
Environmental Economics
and Policy
Amy kneels down to pet a calf.
Amy Pynenburg
Food, Agriculture and
Resource Economics
Head shot of Gloria.
Gloria Walch
Crop, Horticulture and 
Turfgrass Sciences
Owen smiles while rowing in a canoe.
Owen Hebb
Plant Science
Head shot of Tatijana.
Tatijana Vukovic
Landscape Architecture
Head shot of Oresta.
Oresta Hewryk
Honours Agriculture
Photo of Keerth standing with a brown horse
Keerthehan Hector-Ratnanandan
Equine Management 
Head shot of Kelly Evans standing in front of the Summerlee Science Complex.
Kelly Evans
Environmental Biology
Emma poses with a cow.
Emma Allen
Animal Science
Ibrahim smiling with a field of greenery behind him.
Ibrahim Aburaneh
Environmental Sciences
Head shot of Tim.
Tim Shuh
Food and Agricultural Business
A selfie of Emilia, with a river behind her.
Emilia Traxler
Environmental Management
Head shot of Victoria Huynh
Victoria Huynh
Food Science