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Joshua Dreise stands outside in front of a field.

Meet Joshua, Honours Agriculture Student

Joshua Dreise is very involved in the OAC. Class President for the upcoming year of the 2017 Stags and Co-President of the Poultry Club, Josh is recognized by many OAC students as a friendly and familiar face on campus. We recently caught up with Josh, who shared his experience as an OAC student.

Environmental Sciences Welcomes New Prof

The School of Environmental Sciences (SES) is pleased to announce Dr. James Longstaffe has been appointed to a tenure track position effective June 15, 2015. He will join the School as an assistant professor.

New Food Safety Professor Joins OAC

The Department of Food Science is pleased to welcome Dr. Jeffrey M. Farber as its newest faculty member. Farber joined the department on June 1, 2015. He comes to the University of Guelph from Health Canada where he was the Director of the Bureau of Microbial Hazards, Food Directorate, in the Health Products and Food Branch.

Close up image of Anita in a greenhouse

Meet Anita, FARE Student

Anita Rastapkevicius didn’t start her education in an OAC program, but since switching in her first year there has been no turning back for the third year Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics student. Anita is an enthusiastic student who is involved in many activities on campus.

For the Love of Plants and Pools

Twenty-four years ago, Tara Israel, who now works in the Department of Plant Agriculture, competed in the 1991 Pan Am Games in Havana, Cuba. Representing Canada, the competitive swimmer competed in Women’s 4x200m Freestyle Relay, Women’s 400m Freestyle and Women’s 800m Freestyle. She brought home one silver and two bronze medals, contributing to Canada’s 127 medals won at the 1991 Games.

Agri-Food Policy Legacy Continues with Gift

A $450,000 gift from the George Morris Centre will enable new agriculture and food policy research and scholarships at the University of Guelph (U of G).

Sunflowers Sprout in Ontario Classrooms

Miniature sunflowers have been sprouting in high school classrooms all over Ontario thanks to the Ontario Agriculture College’s (OAC) liaison program.

Learning the Art of Adaptability

Seven years after receiving her undergraduate degree, Ashley Honsberger decided it was time to return to school. Her career focus on farm business management was missing the international development link she longed for. To reset her career path, she pursued a Master’s of Science in Capacity Development and Extension (CDE) at the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development.

Alternative Learning with Cow Inspired Choruses

Second semester of fourth year is a stressful time for undergraduate students. “In last week’s class you could feel the tension,” explains Prof. Vern Osborne from the Department of Animal and Poultry Science who is currently teaching the  Applied Environmental Physiology & Animal Housing course. Vern’s solution to a class full of stressed out fourth years was to mix up one of his class’ format to give them a break. In his March 12 class, he asked his students to become “Flash Mob Solvers”.


New Professor in Beef Genomics

The Department of Animal and Poultry Science is pleased to announce Dr. Angela Canovas as the new Beef/Small Ruminant Genomics Professor beginning June 15, 2015.

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