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Scott in blue shirt in front of leafy plant

Meet Scott, OAC Student

In his first year, Scott enthusiastically participated in everything OAC and the University of Guelph have to offer. Thankfully he was also enthusiastic to share his advice on how other new students can get the most out of their time as a new Food and Agriculture Business student.

Elliot in green shirt, smiling

Meet Elliott, OAC Student

Elliott Armstrong, an OAC Animal Science student, jumped right into all the University of Guelph and OAC has to offer. Elliott has founded student clubs and taken experiential learning courses, but still finds time to balance the school work and activities with relaxation.  

Laura Nanne is presented a cheque by a prof in a suit

Meet Laura, OAC Student

Laura Nanne is going into her 3rd year of the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Honours program. After high school Laura headed to Australia to live and work.  After returning to Canada, she attended Olds College and worked in canola seed production before deciding to come back to Ontario to start her degree at OAC. Laura keeps busy with a long list of extracurriculars that involve everything from agri-marketing to dance!

Lizzie in suit jacket with name tag in front of presentation board

Meet Lizzie, OAC Grad

Lizzie Chan is a recent graduate of the Ontario Agricultural College. This newbie graduate is now working in food research and development. During her time on campus, Lizzie was actively involved, participating in various events and competitions, but still found the time to enjoy the Guelph campus. Lizzie recently shared her thoughts with us on her program, U of G and her plans for the future.

Symposium Becomes a Tradition in Animal Welfare Research

At times researchers can become so involved in their own research projects that they don't get a chance to see what their fellow experts are up to. On May 15, the 6th Annual Animal Welfare Symposium at the University of Guelph provided that chance for animal welfare researchers.

Seeing Student Designs Come to Life

It’s not everyday that class projects come to life, however for 55 Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) students this is indeed the case. In 2015, the Town of Penetanguishene’s will celebrate the historic landing of Samuel de Champlain on their community’s shores 400 years ago on August 1, 1615. To commemorate this, and the fact that the town is one of the oldest in Canada west of Quebec City, the town formed a Champlain Penetanguishene committee which will oversee the celebrations.  For inspiration, the committee invited the class of BLA students to re-imagine the town’s waterfront and downtown space as a class project.

Spanish Study for APS PhD Candidate

Emily Miller-Cushon has been experiencing a “whirlwind of change” in the past three weeks. The OAC PhD candidate has taken her work across the Atlantic to Spain with the aid of the Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplements Program. A PhD candidate in the Department of Animal and Poultry Science, Emily has been studying animal behavior with Professor Trevor DeVries. Her research specifically focuses on the effect of early management factors on the development of feeding behaviour in dairy calves.

Third Year Student Receives Diamond Jubilee Medal

Initiative can provide a student with a world of opportunity. In the case of OAC student Michelle Arsenault, her initiative also benefitted the communities and environment around her, and her community noticed. This past year, Michelle, who is currently enrolled in her third year of the Crops, Horticulture and Turfgrass Sciences program, was honoured with a Diamond Jubilee Medal for her advocacy for greener living.

Fourth Year OAC Student Wins CYSA Competition

Lydia Harrison, a fourth year OAC student, is the winner of this year’s Canadian Young Speakers for Agriculture (CYSA) senior competition. The competition, which took place on November 3 at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, features young people from across the nation speaking on topics in Canadian agriculture.

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