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Head shot of Anetia Camacho.

Q&A with a medical laboratory technician

Anetia Camacho is a graduate from the Bachelor of Science, Animal Biology program. She is a Medical Laboratory Technician for Public Health Ontario where she contributes to COVID-19 testing and diagnostics. We recently chatted with Anetia to learn more about her role and experience at the University of Guelph.

U of G Alumna Roberta Bondar Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Shuttle Flight

It was during her studies at the University of Guelph that Dr. Roberta Bondar had to shelve one career plan and pursue another – a choice that ultimately secured her a spot aboard the NASA space shuttle Discovery in 1992 as Canada’s first woman astronaut.

As she prepares for this Saturday’s 30th anniversary of the shuttle’s lift-off, she says her U of G roots also laid the groundwork for her subsequent career back on Earth as an award-winning nature photographer and champion of environmental activism.

Head shot of Erik and Francis Lo at the Yoso production facility in Cambridge, Ont.

Perfecting the recipe for innovation

Featuring Erik Lo, Food Science Certificate 1997, and Francis Lo, B.Comm. Agricultural Business 1997

What are the ingredients of true food innovation? As the founders of plant-based yogurt company Yoso, brothers Erik and Francis Lo know the recipe all too well.

Originally from Hong Kong, the Lo brothers belong to a long line of dairy-free food innovators. Their father majored in dairy science at Gatton Agricultural College in Australia before joining his own father in the family business of soy milk manufacturing in the 1940s.

Jackie Fisher pictured with her daughter Kelly Fisher.

“Quacking” the door open

Featuring Jackie Fisher, ADA 1982

“You’ve got to try the duck!” That’s the tagline for King Cole Ducks, printed on every product they make.

As one of Canada’s largest producers of ducks in North America, King Cole Ducks offers a wide range of products including smoked duck breast, wings, eggs and confit. The company started after Jim Murby, OAC ’32 and ’35, and his son, Bob, purchased a farm on the outskirts of Aurora, Ont., in 1951.

A black and white photo of Johnston Hall in 1949.

Back in the day… memories from an OAC '51

The OAC Class of 1951 celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2021. OAC ’51s have always had a close bond and reputation that other classes have aspired for. To honour this impressive milestone, we spoke with OAC alumnus Dr. Clay Switzer, to learn more about his student experience from 1947 to 1951. Clay is a well-known alumnus and former OAC dean and faculty member. 

Head shot of Vivian Adams.

Creativity in every bite

Featuring Dr. Vivian Adams, PhD in Food Science 2015

Creating the next big food product requires attention to detail, the ability to think outside the box and an inquisitive mind.

Who is going to like this product? What is involved in the process? Why does it work like that? How can it be better?

These are just a few of the questions Vivian Adams must ask herself every day in solving challenging and unique problems in the food sector. 

Kids playing at a playground designed by Earthscape Play.

Transforming playgrounds into serious fun

Featuring Bruce Martin, MLA 2009, and Tatiana Zakharova, MLA 2019

There’s a playground renaissance in North America, says Tatiana Zakharova, a playground designer with Earthscape Play, which creates, designs and builds brilliant, fun and award-winning playgrounds around the world. 

“It’s thrilling to be part of a Canadian company that pioneered design and creation of unique wood playgrounds – growing exponentially outward from local Ontario work to worldwide projects,” says Tatiana. 

Head shot of Jennifer Mitchell.

Q&A with a project manager and agriculture advocate

Jennifer Mitchell (associate diploma in agriculture, 1999) is a passionate advocate of agriculture. She is a project manager with Koeslag Consulting Inc. and a board member of Farm and Food Care Ontario (FFCO). We talked with Jennifer to learn more about her roles and the importance of agricultural outreach.

Head shot of Hanh Pham.

Q&A with a director of bee research

Dr. Hanh Pham (PhD in environmental sciences, 2012) improved his scientific research skills and practical experience with honeybees, while studying at the University of Guelph. He returned home to Vietnam, where he works as the director of the Bee Research Center. We recently chatted with Hanh to learn more about his work with honeybees.

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