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Interactive Activities

OAC F.A.C.E. Day with Royal City Science

For the Spring Break of 2021, we developed a series of mini science activities in partnership with Royal City Science that connects with OAC’s four pillars: food, agriculture, communities, and the environment. These activities have been specially designed with an introductory video, instructions, and worksheets. We encourage you to step away from the screen and enjoy learning about science through as many (or as little) of these unique learning experiences. 

The Real Cost of Food

Discover the paths different food items take to get to your plate and uncover the real cost of some of the food items you may find in your home! Part one of this activity is a “scavenger hunt” type adventure through different areas within the City of Guelph to find informational signs that provide insight into food transportation. Part two invites participants to learn about common food items found in their own home accompanied by thoughtful discussion questions. View the introductory video here.

Download The Real Cost of Food- Instructions & Worksheet (PDF)

Bread Breakdown

Get your hands dirty playing with dough while learning about gluten and starch! Participants will create their own dough and make observations about the different properties of dough to better understand the role that gluten and starch play in making bread.  Experiment one will focus on bread protein by making two dough balls using different flours. Experiment two will focus on how starch changes when it is hot and cold while learning about the principles of food science. View the introductory video here.

Download Bread Breakdown- Instructions & Worksheet (PDF)

Soil Snow Globe

Soil is more than just dirt! By making a soil snow globe you will be able to see different components that make up the soil and learn about how soil changes in various landscapes. In this activity, participants will collect soil from outside near their home and mix it with water. Over time, participants will be able to observe the different layers the soil separates into, including organic matter, sand, silt, and clay. View the introductory video here. 

Download Soil Snow Globe- Instructions & Worksheet (PDF)

Looking at Landscapes

Landscape architecture is where science, social studies, and creative design collide! Through this two-part activity, participants will have the opportunity to observe and critically think about a landscape in their own community and use their creativity to design their own outdoor space. Participants will use a provided sample base plan, common design elements, and their own imagination in this activity. View the introductory video here

Download Looking at Landscapes- Instructions & Worksheet (PDF)

Biodiversity in Your Neighbourhood

Uncover the variety of different species in your own community! In this activity, participants will pay special attention to all living things around them including trees, birds, animals, and insects. Participants will spend time outdoors and record the diversity of living things they observe and then calculate the biodiversity index of that area. View the introductory video here

Download Biodiversity in Your Neighbourhood- Instructions & Worksheet (PDF)

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