Moving Research Innovations into the Marketplace

UofG Gryphon Statue

The OMAFRA-U of G Partnership is a highly productive, entrepreneurial community of people dedicated to finding solutions that improve life. Commercialization involves transferring our research innovations into the marketplace in a way that improves the lives of the people of Ontario while also enhancing business productivity and creating jobs.

The Partnership has a funding program that supports near-market research to help turn valuable findings into new products, processes and technologies. 

Gryphon’s LAAIR accelerates the adoption of innovative research

Gryphon’s LAAIR (Leading to the Accelerated Adoption of Innovative Research) is a program funded by OMAFRA and the U of G designed to support the commercialization of research findings. After leaving Gryphon’s LAAIR, researchers have brought new products to market, secured private sector funding and created jobs.

In Gryphon’s LAAIR, researchers pitch their ideas to a panel of industry experts and business managers (we call them Gryphons) who select the most promising ideas. The ideas selected receive one of two types of grants to help the researchers turn their idea into a marketable product or technology: 

  • Product development grants help researchers assess whether a promising technology is marketable.
  • Commercial development grants help a great new product reach the market. 

For more information, contact David Hobson, Manager, Technology Transfer & Entrepreneurship at the Research Innovation Office: 519-824-4120 x58859 or

Call Status

Closed. Open call for Innovation Grant proposals closed August 16, 2017.

Online Application System 

The OMAFRA-U of G Research Program uses a web-based software called Research Management System (RMS) for processing research applications and project reporting.

You must register in the RMS before you can prepare an application. You do not need to register again if you have previously submitted a letter of intent (LOI) or full proposal to an OMAFRA-U of G Partnership program or an OMAFRA program through the RMS.  

OR-5 Form Required 

All applicants must submit a completed OR-5 form at the time of application. The completed form must be attached to your application in RMS. OR-5 form templates and instructions can be found on the Office of Research website.