Research Program Contacts

Research Program Contacts

The OMAFRA-U of G Partnership is based on a thriving collaboration between staff from the University of Guelph and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs. 

Each research theme has representatives from both institutions available for consult about the OMAFRA-U of G Research Program. 

Research Program Staff

For any questions related to the OMAFRA-U of G Partnership Research Program, please contact OMAFRA-U of G Research Support by emailing

Please visit the Our People page for a complete staff directory.

Theme Directors

Research Program Directors are faculty who administer the theme-based research programs under the OMAFRA-U of G Partnership. 

OMAFRA Director Champions are OMAFRA Directors whose program areas benefit from research. Director Champions provide overall direction in the research theme areas. 

Theme Directors

Research Theme  U of G Research Program Director  OMAFRA Director Champion
Agri-Food and Rural Policy  Glenn Fox Scott Duff
Bioeconomy - Industrial Uses Istvan Rajcan  Anna Ilnyckyj
Emergency Management  Shayan Sharif Leslie Woodcock
Environmental Sustainability  Bill Van Heyst Colleen Fitzgerald-Hubble
Food for Health  Alison Duncan  George Borovilos 
Products and Value Chains  Erna van Duren  George Borovilos 
Production Systems - Animals  Stephen LeBlanc  Aileen MacNeil 
Production Systems - Plants  Mary Ruth McDonald Aileen MacNeil


OMAFRA Research and Innovation Branch Research Analysts 

Each research theme is assigned a research analyst and a knowledge translation and transfer (KTT) analyst from OMAFRA's Research and Innovation Branch (RIB). 

RIB Contacts


Research Theme KTT Analyst  Research Analyst
Agri-Food and Rural Policy  Tieghan Hunt  Sara Fisher
Bioeconomy - Industrial Uses Kelly Jackson  Rajib Hazarika 
Emergency Management Santiago Palacio Jen Weston
Environmental Sustainability Elin Gwyn Rajib Hazarika
Food for Health  Kelly Jackson  Barb Dillingham
Products and Value Chains  Kelly Jackson  Barb Dillingham
Production Systems - Animals  Santiago Palacio Anna Formusiak 
Production Systems - Plants Elin Gwyn Anna Formusiak