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OMS consultants are considered international experts in their fields. Our consultants didn't just read the book, they wrote it.

When you require outside advice, we'll send you someone who has focused his or her career on addressing the issues your company is facing.

Our list of consultants includes people with backgrounds in industrial-organizational psychology, business, and human resource management. When you need a specialist, not a generalist, you need to call OMS.

Brooke Charbonneau (M.A.)

Brooke has gained consulting experience in work sample development and administration, conducting performance reviews, structured interview training, and small group facilitation. Additionally, she has experience in behavioural coding, survey design and analysis, and report writing. Her current research focuses on on-the-job outcomes for individuals who misrepresent themselves during their interviews.

Ashley Cole (B.A.)  

Ashley has consulting experience in the development of a leadership competency framework and the creation of microlearning content. Ashley has also gained expertise in conducting and analyzing focus groups. Her research investigates employees coping with workplace incivility.  

Molly Contini (B.A.)

Molly has experience with performance evaluations, human resources management, personnel selection, and employee training and development. She has also helped create a work sample, including a reliability and validity study, for a people analytics start-up. Molly’s master’s thesis focuses on how receiving an award can affect long-term future employee career opportunities and productivity.  

Alexandria Elms (M.A.) 

Alexandria has consulting experience in performance management, team assessment and development, structured interviews, competency modeling, recruitment and selection tool design, and job analysis. She has experience facilitating training for both large and small groups as well as project management. Her current research focuses on effective team processes and increasing team performance and satisfaction in the workplace. She has previously focused on fostering trust in the workplace. 

Jessica Garant (M.A.)

Jessica has consulting experience in conducting structured interviews and mediating workplace dispute resolutions. In addition, she has training in qualitative coding and report writing. Jessica has research expertise in post-traumatic stress at work and the effectiveness of prevention methods. Her current research focuses on incivility in the workplace and reducing the adverse impact of cognitive ability tests in selection.

Katherine Gibbard (M.A.) 

Katherine has experience in performance management, employee training, facilitation, and strategic workforce planning. She has led projects focused on standardized testing accommodations and performance appraisal. Katherine’s master’s thesis focused on trust in manager-employee relationships. For her dissertation, she plans to research precursors to employee trust in artificial intelligence. 

Christina Gilbert (B.A.)   

Christina has experience in focus group facilitation, structured interview training, and the creation of short video-based trainings to enhance employee skill-development. Christina’s current research focuses on meaning-focused coping during extended periods of stress and she plans to apply this to the area of change management. 

M. Gloria Gonzalez-Morales (Ph.D.)

Gloria’s expertise is focused around occupational health and safety issues such as work stress, work-family balance and absenteeism. She has significant experience with international collaborations (e.g., USA, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Israel, Ireland, Germany) on topics such as employee engagement, organizational support, integrity testing or customer satisfaction.

Peter Hausdorf (Ph.D.)

Peter has extensive expertise in the design and implementation of assessment and selection systems across a wide range of organizations. He has considerable experience working with senior management teams in multiple roles (as a presenter, group facilitator, project leader, and coach).

Jordan Ho (M.A.)

Jordan has accrued extensive consulting experience, ranging from structured interview training and design, group facilitation, training program design and delivery, and work sample administration. Jordan's primary area of expertise is in employment interviews, particularly methods of increasing their effectiveness and reducing bias in hiring decisions.

Lauren Hotchkiss (B.Sc.) 

Lauren has experience consulting on various projects including conducting a needs analysis, facilitating structured interview training and performance review meetings, writing white papers, and developing online training content. Lauren has also worked as a psychometrist, facilitator, content developer, HR research assistant, and training and development associate. She has worked with small, mid-sized, and large employers and in unionized and non-unionized environments. Lauren also has expertise in the areas of workplace gender bias, soft skill development, return-to-work planning, positive psychology, and job meaningfulness.  

Julia Kearney (B.Sc.) 

Julia has consulting experience in work sample development, creating a reliability and validity study, developing text-based microlearning content, conducting literature reviews and presenting the findings in an executive report, scoring work samples for selection tests, and presenting executive summaries. She also has research experience in survey design, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, conducting qualitative interviews, website design, recruitment, and training. Julia’s master’s research investigates the impact of gratitude and entitlement on organizational citizenship behaviours. 

Rebecca Lee (M.A.)

Rebecca has three years of experience consulting in Organization and Management Solutions. Her consulting experience has largely focused on recruitment and selection. She has helped to develop and modify structured interviews, and has helped to train others to conduct structured interviews, including facilitating large training sessions. Recently, Rebecca has developed an online work sample, to supplement an organization’s larger selection system. She also has experience in performance management, such as providing feedback in small group discussions, has trained managers in a professionalism workshop, and has experience in qualitative coding, survey design and administration, as well as data analysis. In addition, Rebecca has research expertise in the fields of work-family conflict and well-being.  

Craig Leonard (M.A.) 

Craig has experience delivering experiential workshops, creating and implementing performance evaluation and management systems, and facilitating employee training. He has also gained experience in survey and psychological test design and refinement, backed by expertise in quantitative data analysis. Craig is passionate about occupational health and well-being and is currently researching employees’ experience of time within the workweek.  

Denisa Luta (M.A.)

Denisa has extensive experience in conducting performance reviews, facilitating focus groups, and analyzing employee surveys. Additionally, she has co-developed and facilitated an evidence-based workshop aimed at promoting team cohesion and performance. Denisa has research expertise in topics such as employee engagement and psychological health and well-being. 

Jordan Moore (B.Sc.) 

Jordan’s work has focused primarily on selection tests. He has reviewed academic literature regarding work samples, assessment centers and in-basket tests, as well as practitioner work regarding selection test best practices. Using this knowledge, he aided in creating an online work sample module utilized to select leaders in organizations. His current consulting projects involve outlining a leadership competency framework that considers gender equity, running interviews and focus groups, and structured interview training. 

Melissa Pike (M.A.) 

Melissa has experience in webinar and work sample development, structured interview training, small group facilitation, and strategic workforce planning. She has also helped refine and develop tools for performance appraisals and assist in the implementation of these tools. Melissa’s master’s thesis focused on the detection of personality traits in job interviews, and her current research interests revolve around the use of artificial intelligence in selection contexts.  

Marian Pitel (M.A.)

Marian has experience with work sample development, administration, and scoring; training development and administration; and certification program development. She also has three years of prior experience assessing the effectiveness of specific training methods; designing surveys and distributing province-wide and delivering high-stress resilience and performance training programs to specialized groups (e.g., Icelandic police, Finnish special operations unit, etc.). Marian's current research focuses on errors at work and how they are managed.

Kyle Planche (B.Sc.)

Kyle has gained consulting experience through various projects involving employee engagement, and leadership framework development. His current research is focused on forced distribution systems of performance appraisal and raters’ perceptions of validity and feelings toward those systems. 

Katya Pogrebtsova (M.A.)

Katya has consulting experience in employee development, performance management, quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, employee health and safety, and selection. Katya has developed and facilitated a range of evidence-based training and workshops tailored to diverse client needs. She has developed and conducted structured selection interviews and focus groups. Katya is especially passionate about helping organizations with her expertise in statistics and research design, employee engagement, occupational health and well-being, and positive organizational behaviour. 

Yannick Provencher (B.A.) 

Yannick has experience in structured interview training, strategic workforce planning, and design and analysis of psychological tests. Additionally, he has research expertise in topics related to occupational health and well-being including workplace incivility and psychological detachment. Yannick also has extensive knowledge in developing and conducting meta-analyses, running complex quantitative analysis, and analyzing and interpreting qualitative data.   

Baylee Rubinoff (B.A.) 

Baylee has two years of consulting experience with Organization and Management Solutions (OMS). Baylee has experience in performance appraisal facilitation, structured interview training, conducting workshops, and small group facilitation. She also has experience in the creation of microlearning content, design of online learning pathways, and compilation and summarization of research. Additionally, Baylee has extensive experience in survey design, and quantitative and qualitative data analysis. Her academic research investigates the impact of inequality of resources on teams at work. 

Nouran Sakr (M.A.) 

Nouran has gained experience working as a consultant on several projects involving employee training, performance management, strategic workforce planning, diversity and inclusion, and certification of structured interview administration. She has led projects focused on employee skill-development using short, scenario-based learning. Nouran’s master’s thesis focused on the development of a new scale for workplace diversity climate. For her dissertation, she plans to look at how positive workplace diversity climate influences employee outcomes, including well-being.  

Thomas Sasso (M.A.)

Thomas has worked as a consultant at OMS for over four years and in that time has utilized his experience with workplace diversity and inclusion, structured interviews, training development, and interpersonal work relationships to meet the needs of clients. With expertise in quantitative and qualitative research, Thomas approaches consulting work from an evidence-based, client-centered approach. More recently he partnered with the Canadian Center for Diversity and Inclusion.

Parco Sin (M.A.)

Parco has experience in work sample development and administration, structured interview training, small group facilitation, performance review administration, skills training, competency modelling, and recruitment and selection. He has designed and delivered an evidence-based certification program for managers to conduct structured interviews. Parco has worked with cross-cultural teams in an international exchange program to conduct systematic literature reviews and provide practical recommendations to several case studies. Additionally, Parco has extensive experience in survey design and quantitative data analysis. His primary research expertise is in organizational justice, equity, motivation, merit-based compensation, and turnover.

Jessica Sorenson (M.A.)

Jessica has three years of consulting experience with Organization and Management Solutions, focusing on selection and training. Jessica recently lead a team in the design and implementation of multiple work samples. Additionally, she has experience training managers on the delivery of structured interviews, updating structured interviews, and facilitating performance reviews, focus groups, and small group activities. Jessica also has experience with a non-for profit organization in the design and delivery of a training session. Jessica’s research experience focuses on the use of banding, a selection method which accounts for measurement error, as well as selection decision making and perceptions. 

Hannah Teja (B.Sc.)

Hannah has experience consulting and has learned to review literature and develop employee engagement surveys. She is currently researching personnel selection, with a focus on impression management and employment interviews. 

Emma Williamson (B.A.) 

Emma has consulting experience in structured interviews, competency modeling, work samples, training design and strategic workforce planning. She has also facilitated small group training and developed selection tools. Emma has comprehensive experience with survey design and data collection and analysis. Her current research investigates the relationship between supervisors and their employees by examining the role of personality in leadership.  

Irene Zhang (B.A.) 

Over the past two years with OMS, Irene has developed and validated assessment tools for hiring and research, written white papers and literature reviews summarizing current psychological research, facilitated small group discussions, led workshops on structured interviews, created microlearning activities to train managers on performance management, and created and analyzed large online surveys. Irene speaks both English and French. She is an expert in personality, intelligence, job interviews, anxiety, assessment, and job performance. Her current research investigates whether work-related anxieties can predict one’s later success on the job. 

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