Meeting Program

The University of Guelph Swine Research Day Program

Creelman Hall, University of Guelph

Thursday May 9, 2019

8:30am – 4:30pm

8:30 am Tea and coffee, pick up name tags and proceedings

Morning Session

9:00 Welcome

9:15 Dr. Kees de Lange Memorial Lecture

  • Keynote Speaker Dr. Martin Nyachoti, University of Manitoba. “Dietary manipulation to support gut health and function in piglets”

10:00 Centralia Swine Research Update (CSRU) Graduate Student POSTER Competition:  2 minute oral pitches

  • POSTER #1 Leann Denich “Investigation into the serotypes of Streptococcus suis isolates in nursery pigs in Ontario, Canada”
  • POSTER #2 Stefan Lazic “Effects of individual vs. group housing system post-weaning on reproductive performance of sows”
  • POSTER #3 Michelina Crosbie “Standardized ileal digestible amino acids in black soldier fly larvae meal (Hermatia illucens) fed to growing pigs”
  • POSTER #4 Sarah Hill “The relationship between tonsil microbiota and clinical Streptococcus suis infection in nursery pigs”
  • POSTER #5 Maggie Henry “The risk factors of tail-biting in swine: a scoping review”
  • POSTER #6 Wenyi Fan “Digestive and post-absorptive utilization of dietary crude protein was not affected by feed antibiotics in weanling pigs”
  • POSTER #7 Nicole Gregory “Impact of a high-fibre feeding regimen for developing gilts on subsequent lactation performance and incidence of lameness” 


10:20 Break and Poster Session (all students/authors to be by their posters at this time)

10:50 Centralia Swine Research Update (CSRU) Graduate Student ORAL Presentation Competition – MSc category

  • 10:50 Amy (Ziyu) Zhou “Defining pig sort loss with a simulation of various marketing options of pigs with the assumption that marketing cuts improve variation in carcass weight and leanness” 
  • 11:05 Victoria Stewart “Precision feeding of gestating first parity sows improves sow body weight gain in late gestation” 
  • 11:20 Karen De Bryun “Growth performance in antibiotic-free and conventional nursery herds in Ontario” 

11:45 Ontario Pork research program update

12:00 Buffet Lunch – sponsored by Ontario Pork, and Poster Session

  • 12:00-12:45 CSRU Student Poster Competition Judging – students participating in poster competition to be by their posters during this time for judging

Afternoon Session

1:15 The Dr. Mike Wilson Keynote Presentation

  • Keynote Speaker Dr. Marcelo Gottschalk, Université de Montréal.  “Streptococcus suis: struggling to control disease”

2:00 Centralia Swine Research Update (CSRU) Graduate Student ORAL Presentation Competition – PhD category

  • 2:00 Christine Bone “The synthesis of sulfated 16-androstene steroids by porcine Leydig cells and their potential involvement in the development of boar taint”
  • 2:15 Lee Wisener “Non-antibiotic approaches to reduce the need for antibiotics in nursery pig production: A scoping review”
  • 2:30 Kristen Reynolds “Assessment of the analgesic efficacy of ketoprofen and meloxicam when compounded with iron dextran and administered to piglets at the time of castration using chute navigation”

2:45 Break and Poster Session (all students/authors to be by their posters at this time)

3:15 Faculty Research Presentations

  • 3:15 Dr. Benjamin Bohrer, Department of Food Science “Techniques of pork quality determination”
  • 3:30 Dr. Amy Greer, Department of Population Medicine “Using modeling and simulation to support disease prevention and control programs”
  • 3:45 Dr. Bob Friendship, Department of Population Medicine "40 years of accumulated wisdom"

4:00 Centralia Swine Research Update Graduate Student Awards Presentation

4:15 Closing remarks and adjourn