Student Feedback ~ Fall 2011

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October 6th
Flavours of Fall @ PJ's   menu
Food Sales $596.20, 55 Guests
The overall success of our restaurant can be attributed to many factors, but most of these factors stem from the cooperative and productive interactions between the students of our lab group. Everyone in the lab group worked hard towards the common goal of running a successful restaurant, performing their individual assignments to the best of their ability, while assisting others whenever the need arose. This supportive environment positively affected many aspects of running our restaurant, including effective preparation. However, completing the majority of tasks so early lead us to cook two of the menu items too early, the turkey and the quiche. The early preparation of each had a negative effect on the food quality that some guests noted. In the future, we would wait until later in the morning before preparing the items, even if that meant a busier experience in the kitchen closer to service. Another critical instance affecting the restaurant was the low guest count. After our marketing efforts online, on campus, and by word of mouth, there were originally 57 guests reserved for lunch. To adapt for the smaller numbers we prepared less of some menu items such as the beef stew and accepted a number of walk in guests, but one or two absent members from multiple reservations kept the numbers low. The popularity of our signature menu items also aided in the success of the restaurant by not only increasing the food sales, but by acting as a measure of the management team’s effort to create two dishes and a drink that were high quality, distinct from the standard menu items, and in demand days before the Thanksgiving holiday.
October 7th
Chariots @ PJ's   menu
Food Sales $524.08, 56 Guests
Our restaurant’s operation would not have been possible without our team’s thorough planning and organization of staff members and the necessary preparation work for the kitchen. Getting many menu items prepared the day before set us up for a successful service and made us realize any receiving mistakes we may have made. However there were some aspects of management that could have been better controlled. For instance managing does not end when service is done, our group should have continually been managing right to the very end to ensure duties like the cleaning and closing of the kitchen would be finished with time to spare. Also, we found that our overall food cost would have been lowered if we would have worked to get a higher guest count.The overall group dynamic is important in any situation, especially the operation of a restaurant. With group members having different organizational and working styles, we quickly learned the importance of communication between all group members. Any aspects of the project that were completed with weak communication between group members became evident.
October 11th
Mexico Sol @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $502.50, 46 Guests
The factor that was most influential in the success of Mexico Sol was the dedication of staff members. Approximately six members were present before 7 A.M, to assist diligently in the receiving process. Each member was enthusiastic despite the early start with receiving and prep. Those that arrived after 7 Am still arrived at least an hour before restaurant opening in order to assist in kitchen prep. Our signature entrees were easy to prepare which made the process far less stressful. Confusion over job roles was the most significantly negative factor. Our bartender did not bring the proper uniform, and was replaced by a server. On that note, the server did an excellent job adopting a role she was not prepared for. Job organization in the kitchen significantly effected the smoothness of food prep. Problems were left without correction (specifically, the proper assembly of nachos) and time spent correcting the issue could have been spent on more in-depth staff training. Finally, a low number of reservations were placed, making the overall restaurant experience less fulfilling and energetic for customers and staff members.
October 12th
For the Love of Summer @ PJ's   menu
Food Sales $562.80, 53 Guests
October 13th
Cajun Cuisine @ PJ's   menu
Food Sales $776.05, 66 Guests
The success of our restaurant was a result of some of our classmates who helped on our prep day. They were organized and cooperative, which helped us organize what needed to be done on the day of our restaurant and we could not have done half as much prep on our own. In the morning before our restaurant, time management ended up being a problem for us. It was one of the factors that cause our daily quiche to burn. Another problem that we had that also contributed to the quiche problems was delegation. We tended to become quite focused on what we were doing and we lost track of our staff and what they could be doing to help. In the first 10 minutes of service, we realized we did not have enough green beans for the day, this was a major mistake in our preparation. We should have realized it earlier or the day before and we should have checked our calculations right while we did our purchase order. One of the successes of our restaurant was the amount of positive feedback we had from our signature dishes. Our dishes ended up selling out right near the end of service which showed that the amount of time and effort we put into trying out the recipes did not go to waste. 
October 14th
Healthy Harvest @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $668.85, 51 Guests
Although we had many walk-ins, we did not have enough reservations before we opened our restaurant. This affected our menu mix, and we had to make some changes to our recipes. This caused us to be less organized than we could have been and caused us to be rushed during preparation time. Our teamwork throughout this entire project was great. We got along extremely well and because of this we were able to pull everything together without any issues. I think our confidence in each other and the teamwork of the entire class gave off a really positive vibe/attitude and really helped us run a successful restaurant. The kitchen staff was rushed a bit before service, which I feel stressed a few people out and everyone felt really tight with time. Some of this could’ve been avoided with more specific instructions for the kitchen staff (particularly line cooks) and more organization as far as where things should specifically be placed for service, which would make the flow of food smoother. 
October 17th
Casa di Nonna's @ PJ's   menu
Food Sales $669.73, 50 Guests
Our staff showed great support by arriving early with a and with their given job packs. With everyone working together we had the restaurant ready for service by 11:15. Throughout the service everyone had a positive attitude and guests shared a lot of encouraging feedback about our 2 signature dishes. In the kitchen our only problem during service was timing the dishes being prepped on the line so that they were ready to be sent out at the same time. Issues with this resulted in a few tables getting their individual orders sporadically. 
October 18th
Celebrate Mardi Gras @ PJ's   menu
Food Sales $623.03, 62 Guests
Almost everyone showed up early in their chefs’ coats ready to go, which was the number one reason why we were ready on time and ultimately lead to the success of our restaurant. The time that went into writing our individual job packs for each line cook paid off because everything was broken down specifically for them and people were set up with a partner to ensure that people always had help if they got busy. The first critical incident on the day of our restaurant was finding out that at 11:15 our brownie dessert did not turn out as expected, which did not leave us with enough time to make anything else. But the group that was prepping for the next day had already made an Apple Blueberry Crumble and very generously offered it to us! Their generosity ultimately affected the running of our restaurant and we couldn’t thank that group enough. The servers had a bit of a rocky start getting food to the right tables and this was missed by the GM. Luckily our expo was extremely confident and after the first mishap she made sure that she communicated efficiently to each server and she solved the problem by setting up a plan with the servers to make sure the food went to the right tables. 
October 19th
Fresh Canadian Harvest @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $813.50, 75 Guests
Numerous students came in the day before our restaurant to help prepare the food. This was especially helpful during the receiving period to ensure we had all necessary ingredients. Not only did this attribute to a smooth running restaurant but, also provided positive energy and a team atmosphere. Efficient preparation plays an important role in smoothly running a restaurant. Our signature dish, the Veggie Panini, could have been prepared earlier in the morning in order to avoid last minute rushing and allow customers to be seated early. Due to an unpredictably high number of customers ordering one of our signature dishes (Maple Glaze Chicken), we ran out very early on in the day. This was also due to the fact that there was an inequality in popularity of our two signature dishes, as our second signature dish did not sell as efficiently. 'Heard Mentality' is common everywhere but, has a significant impact on the running of a restaurant. At the end of the day, some students were dismissed due to personal commitments however, very few students stayed to clean up. This mentality also played a role prior to our restaurant as some students were not independently proactive in using the resources to prepare themselves for the day of our restaurant. This put pressure on the managers that could easily have been avoided.
October 20th
Jamaica @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $506.15, 49 Guests
Many fellow students generously offered time the day before as well as the morning of our operation to help in the preparation duties. High management team organization and preparation via tools such as task lists, checklists, and timelines aided in our ability to delegate responsibilities to staff and was critical in the overall running of our restaurant. One area that we feel we could have worked on more diligently was the communication during the actual running of the restaurant. Time is critical in the midst of service and we could have been more efficient in communicating issues between the front and back of house. For example: when a customer complaint came in, ensuring that the kitchen knew right away was a critical piece for future orders. Likewise, making sure that the kitchen knows when large reservations arrive and when the last reservation in for the day is something that needs to be done immediately. Also communication between back of house line cooks could have been slightly improved as we were thrown off by the length of time it took to fully cook our burgers. Lastly, we had a few large reservations simply not show up. The reservation experience has taught us that for it is a good idea to phone a day or two before the reservation and confirm, particularly for larger groups. Having checked on our larger reservations would have potentially prevented food waste, provided more accurate customer expectations, kept staff busy and made our seating plan much less complicated. 
October 21st
Healthy Comforts @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $856.52, 83 Guests
Our first critical instance is our purchasing. We complicated purchasing by taking the ingredients from all the recipes and putting them into a single file. Due to this we missed key information. For example, we initially ordered the ingredients for salad dressings that we were not supposed to order, ordered not enough of a key item and too much of others. We should have done the purchase order by going through each recipe at a time. One of our critical instances was our successful marketing. By using email list-serves, facebook and personal invitations to family, friends, professors as well as student club members we were able to get 83 guests and food sales of $856.52. Both the staff and the guests enjoyed the busy atmosphere. Another critical instance was the organization of the preparation and service days. Time lines which included all the necessary steps ensured that all the recipes were completed properly and on time. We were able to get a lot done on preparation day because of this, and on the day of service it made it much easier to assign tasks to staff as they arrived. At the beginning of service our bartender was overwhelmed with all the orders coming in, and the GM did not notice this until the instructor mentioned it. The GM or FM should have helped him with the first few orders to get him comfortable with the process so that the guests would not have had to wait longer to receive their drinks. 
October 24th
Thanks Mom @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $875.70, 87 Guests
To ensure a great experience for all on the day of our restaurant, we devoted a huge amount of effort to getting a high guest count. We used several tactics, from flyers and social networking, to presentations and personally approaching students and faculty. A major set-back was our purchasing – our P.O. form needed to be re-done and constantly adjusted during preparation and on the day of service. We didn’t properly analyze our food requirements and could have been better prepared. Another problem we faced was staffing levels; we could have benefited from more wait staff and less line cooks. This would have improved customer service and alleviated a lot of pressure from the wait staff. There was a lack of intrinsic motivation among staff to truly get involved in the happenings of the restaurant. We should have made more effort to spark this motivation and enthusiasm among our peers. This lack of motivation also resulted in a slow start to the day, but effective and constant communication among management ultimately lead to the smooth running and success of our restaurant. 
October 25th
Autumn Comforts @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $694.95, 64 Guests
More time and communication within the management team regarding the purchasing order should have been in place. Some items were either under ordered or not ordered at all. During preparation, a signature side item turned out to be not up to par standards. At that time the management team should have taken an initiative to come up with a solution together or asked Simon for advice on what to do. Shortly before service, the Kitchen Manager became stressed, which resulted in a break down in communication between the management team. Prior to this occurring, management team should have taken a moment to communicate what was going on in each area. In addition, the majority of staff lacked motivation and enthusiasm towards the success of the restaurant. Managers should have been more encouraging. After service, staff left early (before class was over) due to other commitments. Clean up could have been more efficient if all staff was present. 
October 26th
Streets of Morocco @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $865.13, 85 Guests
It would be difficult to talk about the success of our restaurant without first crediting the abundance of peer support and quality of work that our classmates put forward. We had an extra hand in our receiving and many extra hands on our prep day, allowing both managers to finish prep in time to write midterms. We had no issues with food quality, although we had a near brush with disaster when our first batch of quinoa did not turn out after the stovetop heat was tampered with. Thankfully, we had enough quinoa on hand to make a second batch on the morning of our restaurant, which turned out nicely. On our restaurant day, our staff really came together and worked efficiently as a team to make the flow of food to the point of service as smooth as possible. We had a few last minute adjustments to the job rotation. Our bartender called in sick and we were forced to delegate assigned floor manager to take over the job, which he did excellently, despite some issues with over ordering for our specialty drink. Our second dishwasher arrived ten minutes late and was dismissed from the day’s activities, leaving us with only one dishwasher. To compensate, our quiche line cook was asked to help with dishes when he did not have orders. All in all, the restaurant operation felt efficient and enjoyable for all involved.
October 27th
Golf Day @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $511.35, 49 Guests
There was a low guest count, which did not provide a challenge or exact replication of a restaurant. To help fix this issue we could have put up more posters and gone to classes to advertise. The purchase order form had a lot of little mistakes and missed items such as ginger, sour cream and whipping cream. There were major food items that had been under-ordered such as the pork shoulder for the pulled pork and the chicken for the signature quesadilla dish. During pre-prep there were a couple of items we were not sure of after receiving. At first we thought there was enough chicken cooked. After pulling the chicken apart there was not enough for our estimated sales of the quesadilla. The next day during prep we had to cook off a second full chicken. On the other hand, we had a lot of people come to help, and we had an organized detailed listing of what had to be prepped and by when which made prep very efficient. Everything was ready for the restaurant on time and there were no rushed items. The two signature dishes were very popular amongst the guests. The quesadilla sold out at 19 dishes and the lamb burger also sold 19 dishes. This totalled 54% of our total food sales including appetizers. The specialty drink was 38% of drink sales at 14 drinks sold. 
October 27th
The Middle East @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $591.98, 57 Guests
We should have better prepared the plate presentation of the specials. This caused confusion for the first few orders while presentation and flow of service (of the specials) was fine tuned. This should have been done in advance of service. As well, our KM could have improved their communicating skills with the line cooks. Practice calling out orders would have remedied the initial hesitation in organizing and calculating the timing on orders. Finally, the general manager was not always available to help their staff. This may have caused some confusion for the wait staff and hostess, when the GM was busy talking to tables for too long. Better availability could have eliminated some organizational problems and would made the restaurant run more smoothly. 
October 31st
Cowboy Cookout @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $493.30, 52 Guests
Organization was key in helping to manage a successful restaurant, and it was one of our strong points. We arranged detailed job packs and prep schedules making it easy for everyone to follow when working in the kitchen. As a result of great team work, we had lots of working hands and managed to have the kitchen ready for service by 11:10am. Our attendance however was low, and guest count was only at 52. Although we had put advertisements up on The Cannon, on campus and through listservs, we still didn't manage to attract as much people as we wanted. This resulted in a high food cost for us at the end of the day. Looking back, we could have worked better in marketing our restaurant to encourage more guests to come. We also had a lot of hosting and servicing issues during lunch. Guests were being sat at the wrong table, causing servers to get mixed up on their original set tables. There were also a few feedbacks from guests saying the attentiveness of service was not fairly sharp. We had many people enjoy our theme, but many also questioned why we didn't do a "Halloween" theme seeing as how it fell on this day. Though we may not ever really know, the theme itself could have been a setback in appealing to a wider crowd. Lastly, though a popular choice, we did not sell out of our signature dishes nor drink. Communication could have been improved between the KM-GM and servers to allow for more up-selling tactics. 
November 1st
Everybody's Birthday @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $663.10, 60 Guests
The success of our restaurant was a result of nearly all our classmates coming in early on the morning of to help prep. We were able to have everything prepared and stations set up with time to spare before service began. Some of our recipes however did not have the proper measurements or had to be shared between staff. As a result, a lot of time was spent clarifying recipes or doing the proper extensions, something that could have been done earlier and would have saved a lot of time and confusion. Although one of our Signature Entrees (Portobello Mushroom and Brie Burger) accounted for 31% of our entrée sales we could have sold more if its menu description was more complete. From the feedback we received from guests, many were not aware that the burger contained beef and pork. They believed it was just a Portobello mushroom and Brie, which cost us potential sales. Even though we had a lower number of reservations we still purchased and prepared for nearly 90 people, causing our food cost to be high. A more aggressive advertising effort should have been put forth to increase the number of reservations. Also, taking the time to reduce the recipes for the lower numbers would have improved our food costs. All of the staff including management had a positive attitude and were very enthusiastic toward having a successful day. This made it easier for staff to ask management questions and management to delegate appropriate duties. As a result guests were extremely happy with the service and food they received.
November 2nd
Southern Fusion @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $735.50, 83 Guests
It’s critical to plan everything ahead, managing time efficiently. We assigned suitable tasks to each individual and made sure that standards are met. We’ve also had clear communication between front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house, which really contributed to the smooth flow of the restaurant. We had amazing teamwork among all members. We appreciated everyone in our lab for his/her contribution and effort. Several of them helped us prepare on Tuesday, and all of them showed up early on Wednesday. Most staff was prepared and motivated. The average check was only $8.86, which is $3 below average guest check. The reason for our low average check is due to the low sales of appetizer and dessert. The wait staff should’ve been trained to do more suggestive selling for add-ons; emphasis was placed too much on the signature dishes and specialty drink. 
November 3rd
Day in the Mediterranean @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $782.03, 76 Guests
Being the fifth group, we had the advantage of knowing where certain group members worked well and also the advantage that they were still able to work a position they were experienced in. This allowed us to staff effectively and have a smooth running back and front of house. Communication between the hostess and floor manager was a little frustrating. Having an almost full restaurant with little room for walk-ins and late arrivals caused our actual guest counts to go down. Even though it brought our guest count down and our good cost up, we knew we had to allow each table to have the allotted 1-hour time period for their meal. Having to rush tables through their meal to increase our guest count would put too much pressure on our already busy servers. Our teamwork allowed us to always be aware what was going on front and back of house. When we were low on or ran out of an item either the GM or FM was always nearby for the KM to let them know, resulting in every server knowing when items were sold out. Each manager was placed where his or her skills were strongest, allowing everything to run smoothly. Getting our reservations to 85 made a huge difference on the day of service. We were only at 57 reservations the night before our restaurant and we not happy with this number. We worked all night and increase our number by 28 people. This put us in a positive mood starting the next day and helped to motivate all of our staff to work hard, knowing we were going to be the busiest we had been so far.
November 4th
Blast from the Past @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $637.90, 55 Guests
Much of the success of PJ’s Blast from the Past was from the huge efforts of our fellow classmates. On the day prior to our restaurant, so many people arrived to help prep that we actually had to turn some peers away. During receiving, those that we had there were extremely efficient and knowledgeable about the receiving procedures. We had peer at all available spaces on Thursday and finished prep work by 12:30pm aside from one task of chicken. On Friday most classmates were arrived and working on dishes by 9:30 aside from one or two that had class. This allowed us to have all food prepared and ready by 11:15am. The staff each seemed to have thoroughly read their job packs which answered many questions ahead of the restaurant day, and also had clearly observed the operations of all previous restaurants. Another aid in the efficiency of the restaurant was the simplicity and easy preparation of the signature items. In choosing a Panini pressed sandwich and a pizza, the service was quick and simple since the dishes themselves were completely prepared ahead of time. On the Monday before our restaurant there were only 9 reservations. In an attempt to lure more customers in we amplified our advertising efforts. This was achieved by creating about 200 business cards to personally hand out and several posters to display around the campus. On the day of our restaurant (Friday) the reservation count was at 54. Lastly, when assigning the staff to jobs it was agreed upon that it would be highly beneficial for the front of house to have someone be a floor manager.
November 7th
Alfresco @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $766.41, 69 Guests
A major setback to our pre-restaurant process was the re-scheduling of the Purchase Order meeting. We simply got caught up in the numbers and ensuring our PO was under-budget, rather than taking a step back and looking at the whole picture. The second critical point to our restaurant was the strong organization for the pre-restaurant, as well as for our prep Friday morning. Our thorough prep list made it easier to assign tasks as employees arrived in the morning, allowing for a smooth and efficient pre-restaurant (and therefore ensuring people were not just standing around). Staffing was both a positive and a negative element of our restaurant. The positive aspect was the well thought out job rotation; employees were assigned to positions that utilized their strengths. The weakness was one of our servers was ill, forcing us to place our Floor Manager into a serving position. This put added stress on not only the Floor Manager, but the General Manager as well. As a result, it was difficult for the General Manager to stay on top of server progress, in addition to ensuring that the Floor Manager duties were being covered as well. 
November 8th
Comfort Food @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $625.51, 55 Guests
November 9th
From the Forest @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $672.81, 68 Guests
As the sixth group we were able to benefit from having lots of experience in the PJ’s kitchen and a better understanding of how the restaurant functions. One thing that immediately affected the success of our restaurant was the lack of accuracy with our PO. We over ordered several items, and ordered almost double what we needed for our Strawberry Mint Smoothie. Once service had begun the biggest issue in the kitchen was getting our Caramelized Onion and Apple Burger out in good time. The burger took seven minutes on the grill during recipe testing but for some reason took much longer during service. In hindsight we should have test cooked a burger on the morning of the restaurant to get a more accurate line time. Add-On Sales for the day were a huge factor contributing to daily sales. The FOH staff were pushing desserts and our signature drink throughout service and the revenue generated by these items greatly increased the average guest cheque. However, the amount of guests ordering just a salad, or only a dessert as a main dish, lessened the positive impact that the Add-Ons could have produced in sales. Order accuracy in the FOH service staff could have been a bit better. Instances where food was rung in and not checked for accuracy before sending to the BOH increased chit times, and created a few moments of confusion on the line. Our management staff was able to rectify these issues before food had actually been delivered to guest; however, as stated, this increased guest wait time.
November 10th
India Day @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $672.81, 68 Guests
Being a management group of two people, we decided to appoint another student to be our front of house manager. We thought this was key in scheduling the reservations and sorting out walk-ins. With the bulk of people coming in at 11:30 and 12:30 it was necessary to have the extra person at the hostess station while the other manager can communicate with the kitchen and instruct the servers. The purchasing of our restaurant was rushed and inaccurate and should have been looked over more carefully to ensure there were no mistakes. From purchasing, stemmed the mistake of not properly adjusting recipes corresponding to the changes in the purchasing. This led to a shortage of one of the signature menu items that needed to be increased within a few hours before service.
November 11th
The Sports Bar @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $828.48, 78 Guests
Since we aimed to get 90 guests to our restaurant, we made every effort to market our restaurant by going to various classes around campus, networking with friends and family, as well as inviting faculty members which got our guest count to 78! Many of the guests had to patiently wait till there were tables available and our hostess did a great job in ensuring every guest was seated. Overall the staff team worked well together. They helped each other out by jumping in when someone was busy, looking out for each other, and making sure that everyone was on the same track and keeping up with the pace of the day. There was a quality control issue in the kitchen. The standards set were not high enough for a good quality restaurant and some of the food that should not have gone out went out. This was not that fault of anyone but the kitchen manager seeing as the line cooks cooked the dishes to the manager’s specifications. Keeping standards up would have made the restaurant that much better. 
November 14th
Colours @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $553.15, 61 Guests
Our restaurant was successful mainly because of the amount of enthusiasm from our fellow classmates in prepping our ingredients. We had many classmates show up Friday morning (prep day) and very early Monday morning. We also had a very organized prep list in priority order of what needed to be accomplished, which helped the prep staff be more independent in choosing what task they would accomplish. There were a couple of mix-ups with our job rotation and we had to do some last minute switching of line cooks, bartenders, and servers. We could have had better communication between the managers when these switches were occurring as well as during the restaurant when menu items were getting low. We had some negative comments towards the attentiveness of the servers, which may have been able to be prevented by better training on basic serving techniques. We also could have benefitted from training on how to up-sell items, which could have increased our food sales. Another one of our problems was lack of covers. In our attempt to increase our covers, we made a mistake in confirming reservations that was somewhat foreseeable and brought our reservations from 84 to the 61 we received. Unfortunately, we had prepared extra food which was evidently wasted and did nothing for us except increase our food cost. Our last concern was improper portioning and getting too caught up in weights instead of portioning by number of items needed. For example, portioning vegetables based on needing a weight of 125g per bag, when now I realize we could have split the veggies equally into 20 portions. 
November 15th
Beach Party @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $694.28, 65 Guests
Our classmates were very helpful every step of the way. Receiving, prep and running of the restaurant would not have been the same without their support. Overall, our restaurant was a very positive experience. One advantage to having a restaurant later on in the semester is that most people have experience in a variety of positions; this was very evident in our restaurant. For instance our dishwasher stepped in to help with the deep fryer when things got busy. Most of our classmates had a thorough understanding of what their job entitled. This is attributed to the detailed job packs we sent out before hand. Our burger, made to order, went really well thanks to the positive attitude and good communication skills of one of our line cooks. Almost forgetting to add the pork to the burgers could have been a major fallback if not caught in time. We were very well organized as a team, which helped us to remain calm, and led to a successful restaurant. We had planned to sell 24 orders of our specialty drink, however we ended up having enough watermelon juice to make 48 orders. Encouraging internal marketing by the servers led to a total of 44 specialty drinks being sold. Overall, our restaurant was a big success and we couldn’t have done it without the assistance of our classmates.
November 16th
Viva La Fiesta @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $672.88, 75 Guests
One improvement on receiving and preparation that would have been more favorable was knowing exactly what was being made at exact times. We were not always aware if recipes had in fact been completed or not. Better communication and checking on the staff members regularly would have easily prevented this issue. Lack of attention to proper instructions of recipes could have been prevented pre service. Simply taking a minute or two to read directions and carefully follow the recipe step by step would have avoided the mix up and this critical incident. In the future, reading recipes before hand and clarifying possible questions can prevent such mistakes from occurring. A critical incident that contributed negatively to the effectiveness of our restaurant was the verification of the temperature for the Chicken Enchiladas. The enchiladas were not properly heated. This mistake could easily have been avoided by simply checking the temperature before plating the dish.
November 17th
Bistro Ontarion @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $900.70, 86 Guests
Burgers can be a delicate item to serve as cooking time can take significantly longer or shorter than originally anticipated, due to the thickness of the patty. It was really important that we do a test cooking of the burger before service to see how long each takes to cook, in order to avoid any confusion on the line during service. This made service run smoothly since we were aware each burger took 10 minutes to cook, and could time the other items accordingly, rather than being unsure of specific item timing. In the middle of service we ran out of fries, which could have potentially become a large problem since the restaurant was full and 4 of our dishes had fries as a side. This problem was immediately solved when a team member on the pot washing station quickly volunteered to wash and cut more potatoes. They were brought to the line and blanched quickly enough that we never were completely out of fries and service continued to run smoothly. There was a point in service, around 12:30, when our signature dishes began to run out, and many ingredients for other dishes were being depleted. Other than a small glitch in the POS system, there was great communication between the Kitchen Manager and General Manager about what items were low, to ensure items were not being ordered for a guest that we did not have. 
November 18th
Asian Twist @ PJ's 
Food Sales $880.45, 92 Guests
We had a lot of motivated help and strong teamwork. We were able to finish our prep early due to those factors. Because of the knowledge we had about the number of reservations we were proactive and made ten more of our signature dish, Thai Beef Salad. We wanted our guests to have more choices and did not want to sell out early. We communicated to the staff that we needed them to work as a team and wash dishes. Not only was this completed easily, they classmates showed even stronger teamwork to make the restaurant to run smoothly. Despite the high guest number, both staffs in kitchen and front of the house were very proactive and hardworking. They were able to handle fast paced atmosphere in the restaurant but using teamwork and communication. 
November 21st
Tropical Day @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $540.23, 53 Guests
We could not have had the success of our restaurant if it was not for our classmates in our lab group. Many people came early to prep, that we got the majority of our items done ahead of time. Our fish for both the Fish and Fries and the Trout and Beet Salad was left in the freezer over the weekend and took a while to thaw. This negatively affected the prep of these two items. But with the help of our classmates, we were able to finish these items by the restaurant’s opening. While cooking the rice used in our Jerk Chicken, it was initially very sticky. The rice needed to be made in the oven. Also, for the Hawaiian Pizza, we have a lot of leftover pineapple after putting together the pizzas. There needed to be more organization with our two entrees in how they were to be made. Consistency of our drink changed throughout service. One way this could have been changed is if batch drinks were prepared in pitchers. At the beginning of service, preparing batch specialty drinks were prepared but by the end it was not happening. Because of this, on more than one occasion the specialty drinks were going out after the food. As service went on the portion size of our Jerk Chicken changed. This could have easily been fixed by weighing out in grams the food before plating it. 
November 22nd
Sunrise @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $735.75, 94 Guests
The great amount of support we had received from our team members largely contributed to our success. For example, receiving day support helped us prep much of our menu the day ahead, which helped us stay organized and on-task. We believe that thinking outside of the box of the usual marketing strategies helped us secure a high final guest count of 94. These included: word-of-mouth, e-mailing professors, class announcements, facebook invites, posting messages and posters on our facebook profiles, advertisements at the OVC and entering reservations for friends/family ourselves (who received e-mail reminders). Strategies of communication used were also important. Communicating guest rushes to Back of House (BOH) via a reservation-time list on the chalk board kept us prepared to continue thinking pro-actively, as did Front of House (FOH) communicating actual open counts and arrivals to BOH approximately every 20 minutes. Unfortunately, final average cheque was extremely low, likely due to the fact that Brunch was our theme. Choosing sweet menu items like Stuffed Chocolate Mascarpone French Toast with Strawberries and Bananas, and heavy dishes like Eggs Benedict with Home Fries, may have negatively affected selling of our desserts and signature drink. Problems also arose when we miscounted remaining ingredients for the Eggs Benedict and believed we were out at noon. This contributed to lower food sales on that dish for the time until we realized we could buy more English muffins from the instructor and continue to sell it. 
November 23rd
Asian Inspired @ PJ's 
Food Sales $598.28, 58 Guests
The presentation from General Manager could be more confident. The reason for the lack of confidence would probably be that the General Manager is not familiar with the POS system. However, Emma and Gabriella helped on answering questions on the POS system training and made it run smoothly, and we appreciated the help.Since the pictures on our centerpieces are not the actual product from us, it is not appropriate to put them on the tables to promote them. Therefore, we had to count on our servers to up sale our dessert and special drink. The GM had mentioned it a few times in the front house presentation to ensure that servers up sale dessert and special drink whenever possible, and we tried to minimize the effective of this mistake as much as possible.We did not ask for reservation report the day before and draw the floor map beforehand. The reason for it would be inexperienced. If we had it done the day before, the restaurant would have been more smooth as we know exactly which reservation is sitting where ahead of time.
November 24th
A Tribute to Fall @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $681.58, 71 Guests
We had the advantage of knowing where our classmates work the best. Since we only had two people that had to be servers, it was easy for us to be flexible when choosing where we wanted each person to work. This allowed us to staff effectively and contributed to the restaurant running smoothly. Another benefit to the restaurant was our organization in the management team. The Kitchen Manager had a list for prep day and for the day of, outlining what needed to be made, when, and how long it would take. We put our prep list up on the chalkboard, so that the staff would know what needed to be done. Granted the day wasn’t perfect. On our table tents, the picture of our signature drink was incorrect which would have been false advertising, so we couldn’t put them on the table. This could be why we had so much left over at the end of the day. As well, at the end of prep day one we forgot to hand in a list of extra ingredients that we needed for the second prep day. This resulted in us being a little bit short of a couple of ingredients but we were able to accommodate the shortage and move forward. One incident we experienced out front was a very busy hostess station with only one person there to welcome our guests. The hostess station was swamped at the beginning of service and customers were forced to wait a little longer than desirable before being seated. This made some of them unhappy. We needed to have more than one person attending to the hostess station at this time. 
November 25th
Farm Fresh @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $536.25, 55 Guests
One of the most significant mistakes that we made was forgetting about the extra ingredients to make more Apple Blueberry Crumble. During service this dessert was very popular and we sold out of the 1st batch we had made. Instead of making more crumble we considered it gone and had stopped offering it to customers. We even had to tell some customers that there wasn’t any dessert left. However, if we had remembered about the extra ingredients we could have very easily made more and sold a second batch. This would have helped our food cost tremendously! We would also have been able to better please our customers and generate a higher revenue! 
November 28th
Winter Warmup @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $757.55, 78 Guests
Our first and possibly most detrimental critical instance was communication between managers this problem was evident on our restaurant day with poor communication between front of house and back. There was inconsistency between managers with recipes, the actual food we served varied from what was on the menu. While this problem impacted our restaurant day it may been rooted in lack of communication early on, and throughout the semester. Our second most crucial instance was not understanding recipes, this wasn’t a communication error, our salsa was not heated in time because we thought salsa was supposed to be cold, we were unaware that it needed to be served hot for this particular recipe. 
November 29th
Italian Inspired @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $705.91, 77 Guests
We had prepared an organized “to do” list for our prep day and for our actual restaurant day. This allowed us both to know what had to be done and which tasks to assign to staff members. It allowed for our restaurant to run smoothly and efficiently. Our daily specials (pizza and sandwich) were easy to assemble and were able to be served in a timely manner. We ended up selling out of both items, which dominated our menu sales (55% of sales were specials). Due to our fairly simply recipes and instructions, the kitchen was able to run smoothly and quickly with little problems getting the food out to the customers on time. Our major weakness was our first PO meeting. We had not properly filled out the amounts and ended up having to reschedule the meeting. However, the second meeting went much better and was actually beneficial to us because we reexamined and altered our feature sandwich and menu mix. 
November 30th
After Party @ PJ's menu
Food Sales $688.09, 71 Guests
One advantage to having the last restaurant of the semester is that most people have experience in a variety of positions; this was very evident in our restaurant. Although it proved hard to fit everyone into the job rotation, we were able to do it with a few adjustments, as well as a couple willing staff members, and it all worked out on the day of. When one of our servers didn’t show up it created some stress, but all of the FOH staff worked together and got through the day with little notice of the one less pair of hands. Our staff showed us a great deal of support by coming early for prep, and being equipped with their given job packs and recipes. They asked for clarification if needed, and with everyone working together we had the restaurant ready for service by 11:00. Throughout this entire project we got along extremely well, and through our teamwork we were able to pull everything together with minimal issues. This led to the organization that we feel is key in running a successful restaurant, and was one of our strong points. We had detailed prep lists and job packs which made it easy for the managers to direct in the kitchen and be sure everything was done. We did have a lower guest count then we originally aimed for, which affected our food cost percent, but changes in our menu mix the day before, as well as changes to some ingredients helped to keep it down. We did sell out of both our signature dishes, and were happy to have 71 people after only having 45 the day before. Overall we feel our restaurant was a success, which would not have been possible without the support from our classmates and the communication between managers. 
HTM 3090~39 Events
Avg Sales $677.89
Avg Guest Count 66