Student Feedback ~ Fall 2014

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October 3rd
True North @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $993.61,  82 Guests
2 Litres of extra cream was needed to meet the quantities expected for service. Shelbi and Selena took the responsibility through Verda’s management of scooping out the mousse and whipping more cream to fold in. Hannah let Rachel know when tables didn’t show up for 11:30 seating and needed to be flipped for 12:30 seating. Rachel made arrangements with Kaitlyn to redirect to table 100, (which was not in use) and kept an eye out for early leaving tables. (Those two tables did not show up in the end) Starting with a larger portion lead to running out of essential components (sweet potato mash, gravy).  Fellow classmates exceeded expectations. Majority showed up on Thursday prep day and early on Friday. They were prepared having read job packs and printed recipes even though they were provided. Broken telephone effect happened a couple times. Ex, Rachel asking Verda to shred Monterey Jack, Verda asked Steven, who was not aware there was a portioned block, got a new block of cheese. If we had checked in with each other, we all would have been on the same page.
October 7th
Shades of Autumn @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $771.86,  72 Guests
Critical incidents that most affected the running of our restaurant were lack of communication between the staff and management as well as weak energy of our lab group. There was miscommunication between the management team and the employees during prep time, which lead to confusion and some stress, but this was improved during service. The lab group energy was lacking during the restaurant day due to the fact that many students are not accustomed to each other yet. We had anticipated more help from fellow lab mates on prep day, which left us in bit of a time crunch to complete preparations. Another thing that affected the running of our restaurant was organization; although we had planned and created a detailed schedule of tasks that needed to be completed, it was difficult to follow through with it as the morning felt a bit rushed. We also had an issue preparing our side item for one of our main entrees 30 minutes before service, which affected our PO and the FOH meeting from being held by the FM. It was a rocky start at the beginning and since it was the lab groups’ first restaurant day, everyone was nervous but as the morning proceeded, the flow of service turned out to be enjoyable. All of our guests had a pleasurable experience as observed from the collected surveys and verbal comments to the management team. 
October 8th
Little Sombreros @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $758.14,  72 Guests
As far as teamwork went, everyone made the day run very smoothly. The only downfall was that servers did not know a few items on the menu, like the name/ingredients of the soup.  This lead to calling the soup by the wrong name and thus bringing items back to the kitchen. This could have been fixed by writing down the correct names of the items ahead of time, and therefore could have been avoided.Our second instance was that we were well prepared before our restaurant event.  This was achieved through our organized prep list.  On our receiving day, we organized a list of items that needed to be prepared that day to make sure we did not fall behind on the day of our event.  The prep list for the day of our restaurant was organized into chronological order by length of preparation and cooking times.  This ensured that everything would be cooked and on the line ready for service on time. Also, having the checklist for the front of house made it relatively easy to delegate tasks; this checklist made it easy for set up and take down of the dining room. Our PO sheet was slightly off. We forgot to order two items and not enough of others.  This caused some chaos while prepping dishes, but we were able to adjust prior to the start of service. As well, measurements of some ingredients in recipes were not followed, hence some of the items did not cook properly (curry did not thicken) and there was too much of others (too many meatballs).  Staff members assumed that items could be substituted in recipes if not available.
October 10th
The Cottage @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $1047.55,  89 Guests
We were fortunate to have such a hardworking team that worked together so well and were willing to spend extra time in the kitchen. The majority of our lab showed up early on our prep day as well as on the day of the event to help. This factor allowed us to delegate the numerous tasks we needed to complete and get more done in a timely manner. Without the help and support from our lab members, our event would not have been as successful as it was. A couple days prior to our event, our reservations drastically increased from 68 to 110. With this unexpected increase, our FOH made a decision to assign 6 people as servers rather than 5. This greatly increased table turnover and customer satisfaction while decreasing the number of tables assigned per server and overall workload. On the day of the event, the 110 guest count we anticipated dropped to 89 and some guests arrived earlier or later than expected. These unforeseen circumstances changed the FOH manager’s specific seating plan. Thankfully, we had an experienced hostess who was able to think on her feet and seat guests instead of relying and sticking to a set seating arrangement. In the kitchen, the Expo and KM were nervous and that presented itself as appearing to lack self-confidence. This impression contributed to creating a more stressful environment for both them and the kitchen team. At the beginning of service, the Expo and KM initially struggled with their respective roles when orders started coming in. For example, calling out the chits was the KM’s job, but the Expo called out orders instead of handing over the chits for the KM to call. Had this continued, it would have caused more confusion for the line cooks and could have resulted in a mistake in the orders. As well, the steam table arrangement for one of our signatures had been flipped prior to service and had not been fixed when service started. This resulted in an awkward balancing act when an order came in and slowed down the speed of food going out.
October 15th
Cafe Rendevous @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $726.04,  68 Guests
The first critical instance that affected the running of our restaurant is first and foremost the high energy and positive attitude of our lab group. The incredible group of girls we have were eager to help wherever necessary and worked effectively as a team.  A lot of them gave up their Fall Break day and came in to help us prep, which in turn allowed us to be ahead of schedule on our restaurant day. The management team kept very organized, creating visible task lists and delegating jobs effectively. By creating detailed job packs specific to each position and staying in close communication with the kitchen staff, we were able to keep the stress levels low in the kitchen and focus on the quality of food. Unfortunately the KM forgot to turn on all of the equipment in the morning, which led to unnecessary stress when putting food on the line. The curry, which had just finished cooking, had to put back on the stove while the steam table was warming up. This could have negatively affected the food and the running of the restaurant, but thankfully Simon assisted. By choosing menu items that were easy to plate, we were able to have a very calm and smooth service. The quiche and the coq au vin were both very straightforward items, taking less than 30 seconds to plate both. Considering they were the most popular dishes, this allowed the KM and Expo to focus on the fine details of plating other menu items. Although we lacked two dishwashers, Lindsay did an amazing job keeping up. Katrina, Lauren and Michelle A. also did a good job of holding their position on the line as well as keeping an eye on Lindsay whenever she was overwhelmed. This only proved to be a slight issue at the end of the restaurant when there was a large build up of dishes after the staff meal. 
October 17th
Mediterranean Medley @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $974.98,  81 Guests
Mediterranean Medley @ Pj’s was a great success thanks to all of the wonderful classmates. Everyone was proactive with coming in to help with preparation, assisted one another when needed, and asked questions when necessary. Although our group was well prepared, we ended up being overly organized, which hindered our progress during the morning of service. We were tied down to the schedule, therefore, tasks were waiting to be done, resulting in a standstill. Once we stepped away from our strict schedule and started to enjoy the process of running a restaurant, things started to go smoother and flowed more naturally from one step to another. As one of our signature dishes – salmon, required to be held in a large insert, we had problems with space in the steam table, which caused our set up to be unorganized. However, our signature dishes were simple and easy to put on a plate, therefore, the food was served to customers quickly. We had high add on sales for our dessert and specialty drink, which contributed to $200 in sales, thus, it helped to lower our food costs.
October 21st
Flavours of Fall @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $853.15,  71 Guests
One critical aspect of our restaurant preparation and operation was our lack of pro-activity. As a group we really needed to stay aware of our surroundings and think ahead. We initially struggled with our purchase order form. We could have paid more attention to detail, and worked as a team to complete the order. If this was done accurately the first time it would have saved a lot of time. Once our order was finished, we put a lot of time into our prep list and day of list. Pro-activity was definitely a critical incident in which we could have easily changed by analyzing every detail of how the restaurant would come together on the day of. In addition, the servers could have been better prepared with more hands on experience using the POS system as well as a hands-on training session. We would have liked to set up a table and gone through proper service steps explaining important serving etiquette. Although we were running efficiently our prep day, the morning of our restaurant was slightly different. We had everything ready to go and because of this we began to get ahead of ourselves. Running a restaurant is intimidating, and we started heating food a little too early. Unfortunately, this affected the quality of some of our food. We should have looked at the big picture and timed things to be completed a little closer to service. During service, there was a period where multiple drink orders came through around the same time. The chits ended up scattered on the bar, therefore causing drinks to be made in the wrong order. In addition, the chits were not thrown away once they were made, so it was unclear which beverages were already done. This affected the running of the restaurant by slowing down service since servers were waiting on their drinks. On our part, to allow for easier more straight forward service for the bartender we could have adjusted our signature drink by pre-making the cranberry mint mixture, and then have the bartender simply add only soda right before serving. This would have made the drink making process more efficient and gave the bartender one less step to worry about, therefore minimizing the possibility of error. 
October 22nd
My Big Fat Greek Restuarant @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $839.20,  68 Guests
We were very pleased with the enthusiasm and teamwork from the Wednesday lab members! Many showed up to help us on our prep day as well as early Wednesday. This helped the restaurant to run smoothly and made us confidant in running a restaurant! That being said we had a couple bumps along the way. The execution of the portion sizes should have been more accurate. For example, we ran out of the Greek salad and tzatziki before the other components of the souvlaki plate. We should have had specific measuring cups set aside for the line-cooks to use when plating these items. Timing for some of the items cooking could have been better. For instance, our potatoes took a lot longer to cook than expected leaving us a little flustered before service had started. Our group did a good job at keeping an inventory count so that the servers could be informed and the customers would not be misled about what items were left. Since we were the third group to run a restaurant everyone knew the expectations of their job and had experience from the previous weeks which helped everything run smoothly. 
October 24th
Four Seasons @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $766.03,  66 Guests
The key critical instances contributing to the success of the event were a solid team effort, key sellouts from the menu and guest satisfaction level. The critical instances that negatively affected the event were poor communication due to nerves among the team members and low guest numbers.  A key sellout for the day was our dessert and we almost sold out of our specialty drink, the Honeydew Melon Virgin Bellini. This was a positive key critical instance because these were extra items other than entrees that were very helpful to sell in order to reduce our food cost percentage contributing to a more successful restaurant. On the flip side, nerves and stress during receiving day led to disorganization. During receiving, we all froze up and there was no communication between us which led to an inefficient use of time. To improve this we should have talked as a group about how the day would run and what recipes needed to be done from start to finish. Also during the morning of our event we were nervous that the event would not go well, this led to each team member working on their own which created poor communication. Lastly, another negative key instance was the guest count. While the satisfaction of the guest was good and we had many sellouts, our food cost percentage suffered due to not reaching the target guest count of 80 people
October 28th
Sweater Weather @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $852.40,  77 Guests
The critical incident that most affected the running of our restaurant was an error found in the menu insert the day of service. We had been debating which bread to use for our signature Panini dish, and had decided on sour dough bread. Originally, we had chosen a baguette and we did not account for this change on the menu insert. To ensure our menu description matched our signature item, we had to make a last minute change, which caused confusion and a great deal of stress. Another critical incident that followed the Panini mistake was a loss in focus of our management team. This error definitely through off our mindset and organization, and we began to turn to our paperwork to compensate. The management team and lab members were constantly referring back to recipes and schedules for the day of, instead of simply doing what we knew needed to be done. By allowing the one mistake to get into our heads, it began a “domino effect,” which caused other areas of the restaurant prep to suffer. During the preparation of the restaurant, our management team should have been communicating more frequently. There were times that we were not on the same page, which led to small errors and confusion among the lab. Although once service started, our communication became much better and allowed us to run a successful restaurant.  
October 29th
Guilty Pleasure @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $999.61,  99 Guests
The critical incident that most affected the successful running of our restaurant was having such a hard working lab. Even though we were three people short, everyone pulled together and still made the restaurant a success despite having ninety-nine guests. A lot of people dedicated their time to come in early to help with receiving and preparation. Since we were so prepared and our menu items were simple, it allowed us to stay on top of our orders resulting in quick and efficient service. However, with the large volume of reservations we could have been more proactive in considering the amount of food we planned relative to the amount of people we were expecting. This would have allowed us to be more efficient during preparation. Lastly, our communication at the beginning was slightly lacking. Due to this communication error we had to remake the sweet potato curry half an hour before service was scheduled to begin, causing higher levels of stress than was necessary. Once service picked up the spirit of the management team was restored and our communication improved
October 31st
Devious Disguises @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $1017.66,  89 Guests
The day started off with an unprecedented lack of punctuality. The kitchen manager was late on the day of service, and this added a great deal of stress to the lab overall. Greater emphasis on preparing for these worst case scenarios, such as having multiple morning alert plans, would have allowed for the restaurant to run a lot more smoothly. Extra copies of the specials’ standardized recipes would have also helped to prevent excess stress. During service, communication from the kitchen to the front of house was insufficiently inconsistent.  Further planning beforehand on what would be happening during service regarding this communication chain would have helped to decrease the resulting confusion. More thorough communication to fellow line cooks in the job packs pre-service regarding the responsibilities of fries and steamed vegetables would have also been valuable in achieving a smoother service. We had a busy restaurant and our lab group was amazing at adjusting to stressful situations. Our restaurant was fortunate to exceed 80 reservations, and even with the extra volume of orders the overall lab group was exceptionally adaptable and provided fast efficient service under the duress of a stressed kitchen manager. Finally, we received very positive feedback about our restaurant’s Halloween theme. Customers were very pleased with the presentation of the dishes and thought that the carved peppers were a very unique dish and fit with the theme. Also having the waitresses, hostess’ and guests dress up in costumes made the dining experience extra festive and memorable. Another aspect of our restaurant that was original was the addition of a food drive for the Guelph Food Bank. Overall the restaurant had its negatives and positives but it was a learning experience that we will never forget
November 4th
Cruisin the Tropics @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $783.48,  75 Guests
For many reasons, the last hour of food preparations before service was a very hectic one.  Many of the signature items were required to be made closer to service than earlier in the morning.  This meant that all three rice dishes were to be prepared within that hour, the dessert had to be rolled out and fried an hour before service and the curry was also made within that time.  With all of this activity in the kitchen it was a bit more difficult than anticipated for the kitchen manager to set up all stations on time and ready for service.  In addition, last minute changes to inserts on the steam table had to be made which also took up some time moving some of the dishes around. During service there was a bit of miscommunication between one of the servers and the kitchen, causing the count for a signature item to have appeared less than it was.  As a result, service was compromised as this server’s tables were told that the item was sold out when in fact there was still that item available.  As a result of poor communication between the Expo and the servers, food and chits were taken out of their proper sequence causing confusion in the kitchen and lags on certain tables who received half the food they were expecting, as another table would’ve gotten the rest of their order.  
November 5th
Movember @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $701.22,  66 Guests 
We have a very enthusiastic lab that willingly came in early for prep, providing pointers and were efficient, hard workers on the line and front of house! Our efficiency was enhanced by our ability to keep the workspace clean; cleaning as we prepped and served. During service we were able to push items from our specialty menu as they were easy and enticing items. They were easily and quickly prepared in the kitchen, therefore maintaining the speed of service. Our communication during service was only mediocre as we were able to keep up with most items. However we experienced miscommunication regarding the quantity of soup available; having an order for 8 come in but finding we only had enough for 3 servings. A major error we experienced while preparing for the operation of our restaurant, was preparing our purchase order form. We presented our order form in a manner that was too specific resulting in impractical quantities. To account for this we amended these values in order to have practical amounts for receiving. Our receiving process was better than our purchasing. We found that we were prepared with our order sheet but lacked items needed during preparation because we were unable to keep up during receiving. To improve this we should have delegated specific tasks between each person who was in for receiving. Overall our restaurant ran well thanks to team spirit, efficiency and simple item selection. Improvements could be made in our purchasing and receiving process. 
November 7th
Southern Comfort @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $1371.02,  115 Guests 
One of the first incidences that were of great hindrance was the amount of reservations. Although this contributed to a very successful day, there was an extension of sections for the wait staff that resulted in a lower ratio of servers to guests.  The dinning room layout was modified with the addition of 4 tables. This set back our time and did not allow enough time for front of house staff POS training and practice. The addition of tables maximized seating but further crowded the area, making it difficult for the front of house staff to navigate. Furthermore, guests lingering at their tables inhibited the turnover of tables for the next round of guests. This caused a shift in the initial seating arrangement. Another incident that affected the running of the restaurant was the last minute changes to the set up of the signature dishes. This included the jambalaya recipe, and changes caused confusion for the line cook. Lastly, the Kitchen Manager tried to push too many dishes through on the line at once; this actually hindered the flow of food and slowed down the service initially. Aside from these critical incidences, the restaurant ran very efficiently. 
November 11th
Atoaji @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $762.25,  61 Guests
One of the major critical incidents that affected the running of our restaurant was the lack of communication between the hosts, the Front Manager, and the Kitchen Manager. Doors were open without having the kitchen team ready and the Kitchen Manager notified by the Front Manager. Confusion was created since the kitchen team was not well-prepared yet. The hot line was a bit messy at the beginning, like having the wrong ladles, not having the garnishes organized in the line and not having enough time to demonstrate how to assemble the signature entrée. Other problems found in the restaurant operation were time management and organization problems. One of the menu items was prepared way ahead of time and was sitting at the steamtable for some time. Other menu items were to be prepared around the same time so everyone had something to do and stations were not set up on time. The steamtable was unorganized at first since everything was ready at once and we had more items than what the steamtable could fit. We should have begun a few minutes earlier for some items to avoid this mess. Also, our team would have done better and preparation would have gone smoother if all members (especially us) knew better about our recipes and the job packs. Before the service day, some errors were found during the PO meeting and the receiving so we got really stressed and we had to make last-minute changes some of the recipes. Last-minute cancellations and no-shows also brought our team a lot of stress while running the restaurant. This made our food cost percentage suffered. Luckily, we had a very motivating and helpful team, and both the signature entrée worked out very well.  
November 12th
Mustache Mania @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $932.69,  87 Guests 
One critical incidence that played an impacting role in the running of our restaurant was having a positive group dynamic, which allowed us to have good communication between the back and front of house during our restaurant. Additionally, we were able to share the workload evenly and make sure all tasks were completed on time. The class as a whole demonstrated superb teamwork abilities and many of our classmates came in early to help and were eager to assist in any way possible.  A key critical moment was the improper storage and cooling of the Bacon Potato Leek Soup. During our prep day, the soup was cooked, and then placed in an ice bath to cool, but it was not cool enough when placed in the refrigerator. This was a huge food safety error that caused the refrigerator to increase in temperature by 15 °C, putting everything in the danger zone overnight. This could have caused a food borne illness as many foods in the fridge contained potentially hazardous foods such as meat and egg products and “ready-to-eat foods”. If a Health Inspector came in our restaurant could have been shut down and the foods would have been disposed of. Prevention would have been to put the soup in multiple shallow inserts with an ice bath and check the temperature before storing. Another critical incidence has to do with the improper advertisement of our chicken cordon bleu dish. We noticed that some people complained that the picture of the chicken cordon bleu sides on our centerpiece did not accurately depict the meal served. The difference was that we did not serve zucchini sticks with our dish, however the picture included both carrots and zucchini. We should have made the dish again so our picture would be accurate.  This way we could have avoided complaints and improve the experience people had at PJ’s restaurant. Another critical incidence is that our signature entrées were easy to assemble. Most of the prep work was done the day ahead of service and the dishes were easy to plate and garnish on the hot line. This made the rushed periods of service easier to handle. Lastly, there was a slight inconsistency with our chicken cordon bleu dish. At times, the amount of carrots and velouté on each plate varied slightly, which could have been avoided with more strict measurement.   
November 14th
Seasonal Specials @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $891.93,  83 Guests
The first and most important aspect that led to our restaurant being a success is the amazing team members that are in the Friday lab. We were able to get our prep done on Thursday very efficiently because of the number of students who came out to help. In the same sense, because of the great attitude and work ethic of the lab, all of the prep was completed in a timely fashion on the morning of, allowing time for the kitchen and front of house staff to properly set up their stations and be prepared for the day. Because our staff had such a positive attitude we were also able to remain calm and upbeat during service, reducing any mistakes that could have been due to stress. The ease of service of our menu items also contributed to our successful event. As the menu items were easy to serve, and took about the same amount of time to prepare, we were able to get the items out quickly to the customers. This allowed for quick customer turnover, reducing stress in the front of house. Another critical incident that affected us was that we forgot to ensure the scales were working properly on our prep day. This led to a lot of confusion regarding the preparation of our dessert on the prep day. This confusion could have been alleviated had we checked to see if the scale was working prior to starting the prep. In addition to that, we had a miscalculation on the serving size of our spritzer. This led to the spritzer’s selling out quickly, and selling less servings of the spritzer than anticipated. Had we measured out the watermelon juice and recalculated the ratio of sprite to juice required in our spritzer prior to service, we could have prevented this problem and sold more of the spritzer. Lastly, having a flexible front of house staff allowed for the day smoothly. As we had one staff member absent, the front of house manager had to make some quick changes to the amount of tables each server had. The front of house staff quickly adapted, allowing service to run smoothly.
November 18th
Essence @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $682.19,  68 Guests
Many of our classmates came to help our restaurant the day before service and the morning of service. Everyone meticulously prepared the required recipes and paid close attention the kitchen manager’s instructions, allowing the preparation duration to be very smooth. However, around 10:30am on the day of service, the situation in the kitchen got a little bit out of hand. If we had planned the flow of the kitchen been more thoroughly right until service started, this situation might have been avoided. Additionally, we made an error in our menu insert that lead to our menu insert being taken down. This caused unnecessary extra work for the servers, as they had to describe the specials to the customers. This probably lead to the low sales as customers were not able to read the specials and servers did not have a lot of time to properly introduce all the specials in detail to the customers. Fortunately, due to the clear communication between the kitchen manager and expo, the restaurant was able to push out dishes quickly and efficiently. 
November 19th
Not Your Mamma's Kitchen @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $818.16,  74 Guests
A critical incident was our lack of knowledge about the buffalo chicken sandwich prior to our restaurant. We should have been more proactive in seeking help from instructors ahead of meetings to have a clearer plan for the chicken’s preparation method and the ingredients necessary for the PO sheet. Our reservations were all weighted towards the beginning of service, fortunately we were able to open 10 minutes early to accommodate for this potential stress on the restaurant. This created a less stressful first half hour of service than could have happened. Another critical incident was two errors with our servers using the POS system. One order was placed twice that was incorrect and one was ordered twice. This meant that that we had the potential for wasted food. 
November 21st
Great Canadian Winter @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $878.32,  82 Guests
One of the most important factors was the dedication and effort from the rest of the Friday lab members. Their extra effort to come in and help us prep on both Thursday and Friday was a major contributor to the success of our restaurant.  The biggest challenge on the day of restaurant was ensuring that both components of our signature Shepherd’s pie were ready at the same time, as the sweet potato mash still had to be warm in order for easy piping. The large amount of mashed potatoes we had to prepare was slightly overwhelming, but planning as well as help from classmates ensured they were ready on time. During service, the time allotted for each table to allow a turnover was not always followed as some customers stayed longer than the predicted time. The hostesses took it upon themselves to move reservations to different tables so that customers could be seated as soon as possible. In addition, they made note of tables and times where we could take walk-ins. Their initiative allowed us to reach our goal of over 80 customers. One of our problems came with following our recipes too rigidly. For instance, we had extra peas and corn that we could have used to fill out our Shepherd’s pie ground beef filling, but we decided against using it. Putting in those extra ingredients would have enabled us to make more Shepherd’s pies, an item that was sold out before the end of service. Another minor issue on the day of services was the miscommunication between the kitchen and the front of house in regards to certain dishes and the amount there was left. Servers asked whether or not they were able to put dishes on hold and this caused some confusion in regards to how much was actually available in the kitchen. 
November 25th
Sweet and Savoury @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $1070,40  92 Guests
On our Monday prep day we did not come with enough confidence or a strong enough plan of attack to get as much done as we had initially planned.  We ended up requiring a significant amount of help in order to get us where we needed to be on the day of our restaurant.  Had we been more flexible with the changes that threw us off, we would have been better off on Monday. Another critical incident that caused a bit of a challenge for the kitchen on the day of the restaurant was the fact that several of the servers punched in incorrect orders or orders at the wrong time. This made it very confusing for the kitchen, as plates would be made that were not actually required. This caused the kitchen to get a bit backed up and unorganized, but thankfully the line cooks helped to get past this setback smoothly. One critical incidence that helped Sweet & Savoury become a success was the fact that our classmates offered a lot of assistance on Tuesday morning and their knowledge from previously running their own restaurants was very helpful to us. Several classmates came in early on the morning of our restaurant, which ensured all tasks were completed well on time. Furthermore, since all of our classmates had already been through the same experience, they were able to offer great support and guidance to keep us on track. Finally, the fact that we started marketing our restaurant so early on helped lead to the large number of reservations we served. 
November 26h
Gryph's Tavern @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $754.60  71 Guests
 Many of our reservations were at 11:30 so we had to hit the ground running, but after 40 minutes the two managers got the rhythm and communication had improved. We had a really good service due to our amazing classmates who helped us out a lot during prep the day before our restaurant – we got a lot done and this allowed us to get ourselves organized on the day of our restaurant in a low stress environment. One of the benefits of our chicken pot pie and mac n’ cheese items had been the simplicity of prepping the dishes to go out when an order was made. The chicken pot pies were baked and held in the roast hold and the mac n’ cheese only took about three minutes on the skillet – so getting these mains out of the kitchen was not a stressful task. In the front of house the hostesses had been really helpful at moving around tables when reservations were missed, so the transitions between tables were relatively smooth. Our final critical incidence overall had to be our reservations and our seating count – we had missed reservations but we had quite a few walk-ins so we were able to seat 71 people. We would have liked to see 80, but we suspect that the timing might not have been ideal for students who have finals coming up