Student Feedback ~ Fall 2015

You know how everyone's always saying seize the moment? I don't know, I'm kinda thinking it's the other way around. You know, like the moment seizes us. ~ Nicole from "Boyhood"

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October 8th
Ciao India@ pj's    menu
Food Sales $575.10,  55 Guests
The morning of the event could have gone a lot smoother if we had timed everything a bit better. We had a lot of helping hands, but I feel like we weren't using them all in the most effective and efficient way. This caused the two of us to be very stressed out in the hours counting down to opening the doors. With better time management, we would have both (FOH and BOH) had more time to focus on the smaller things - which would have actually gone a long way. Closely related to time management, we as a pair could have been more proactive with the tools and outlets we were given. The prep day, prior the day of our event could have been used much better. One of our signature dishes, The Braised Chicken Cacciatore, could have actually been fully prepared the day before and kept in the fridge - then heated up prior to opening. This took a lot of time and added tons of pressure in the morning of. Even smaller recipes such as the chocolate dipped bacon for the Elvis in a jar, or the juicing the watermelon and keeping it in the fridge, and making the tomato sauce - all could have been finished the day before. On our purchase order form, we missed a few key ingredients that were needed for preparation. This goes back to the organization issues. In the heat of everything, we ordered the wrong fish for the Fish Tacos, and certain spices, herbs, and liquid ingredients were not the right amount actually needed. The PO template highlights the ingredients needed for the set menu items, and we missed a few of those. 


October 9th
Autumn Harvest Cafe @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $820.54,  69 Guests
Our lab group demonstrated their dedication to the success of our restaurant, as they were all prepared, enthusiastic and motivated to help us do well. Many of them helped with preparation the day before as well as on the day of the event organizing last minute details. They had read the job pack and were very familiar with the menu items. They took direction very well when they were asked to do something whether in the kitchen or in the dining room serving guests. The next greatest influence that helped make our restaurant a success was the cohesive effort and communication among our team. Our group met on a regular basis and communicated daily to keep track of every detail. Our team identified our strengths and divided the work so that every aspect was covered. The dining room was decorated in a fall theme with table talkers advertising our pecan pie and apple harvest punch. These helped us upsell those products and we made an additional $184.25 in sales on these items alone. Planning and organization before the event helped everything run smoothly on the event day. Our team discussed the flow of food multiple times and made some last minute adjustments as needed. Although the flow of food was discussed so often, evidence of inaccurate measurements of the chicken salad resulted in a shortage of wraps. We compensated for this problem by notifying the teaching assistant to alert her of the discrepancy. The issue did not affect customer satisfaction. Lastly, despite concerns regarding customer availability on the Thanksgiving Friday, our constant advertisement to classrooms, the use of Facebook, email and Instagram allowed us to welcome an acceptable amount of guests
October 14th
Feed Your Soul @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $613.02,  53 Guests
Communication: our group could have communicated better both before the event, in terms of meeting up in person more often todiscuss questions we had, as well as the day of the event. On the dayof the event the FOH manager and the KM didn’t communicate as well. Communication between line cooks and the KM wasn’t as effective as it could have been. The KM expressed to them that they were to only use C2 food items and showed them where theywere in the kitchen. Many line cooks asked questions to clarify the recipes in general, but when they were not able to find an ingredient they simply took it from the walk in fridge. If we had been more organized and done more prep on our prep day, the KM would have had more time and attention to pay to the line cooks and would have realized that they were using the wrong ingredients. Our group could have been better organized in terms of the flow of food how and when to prep our dishes. Also we did not have our menu inserts printed off ahead of time, so we had to do it the morning of our event which threw off our timing in terms of preparing the front of house staff etc. Some items includes pizza saucevwere missed and some items were forgotten. We also were not organized in terms of knowing when things were due, namely our PO,which ended up causing significant problems for us on the day of our restaurant as our quantities were off.
October 15th
North of the Border @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $707.50,  71 Guests
October 16th
Flashback Friday @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $829.39,  71 Guests
One of the main contributions to the success of our restaurant was the participation of our lab group. We had a generous amount of help the morning of our receiving (Thursday) and on our restaurant day. Students came in early and eagerly completed assigned tasks efficiently and effectively. Since we had so much help on the morning of our restaurant, this allowed for servers to begin prepping the dining hall earlier than expected. Also, our team prepared a schedule of the lab group’s availability and assigned students to certain tasks for Thursday and Friday morning. By making this organized schedule, we were able to make sure every item that needed to be prepared was made on time and that the work was split evenly among students. Despite how well the food preparation of our restaurant was, there were multiple problems with our PO sheet. Items were miscalculated on our PO and on the morning of receiving our items, so more items (such as produce, and items for dressings) needed to be purchased again. This did not affect the overall running of the restaurant but definitely lead to frustration and scrambling to fix these mistakes. These errors also increased our already high food cost. Thankfully, we also had high food sales at $829.39. Our high food sales can be estimated to about $12 per person. Which means that most customers ordered more than one item. We sold 41 drinks and sold out of soup immediately, we also sold out of our two signature entrees. However, there was a lot of miscommunication between the line and the servers. The KM could have done a better job at keeping track of how many items we had left. In addition, the servers were calling out orders to the kitchen instead of putting their orders in the POS so that their orders would not be sold out, or they were not checking the POS regularly to see which items were almost sold out.
October 21st
Fall into Flavour @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $640.66,  50 Guests
On the morning of our restaurant we did not prioritize our time efficiently. For example, we started preparing our drink before making the pizza dough. Due to this, time crept up on us. This lead to chaos and an inability to keep track of what was happening an hour before our restaurant opened because the chicken, salmon, curry, zucchini, and spaghetti squash were all being cooked at the same time. Because of the overwhelming environment, this resulted in the sweet potato curry being taken off the menu for the day. One of our line cooks accidentally cooked the curry too long which made the sweet potatoes soggy. The consequences of this had us scrambling to figure out another solution for the vegan customer that attended our restaurant that day. Another BOH issue during service was that we ran out of zucchini provencal too early. We ordered ½ lb of the zucchini which was barely enough to serve half of the chicken dishes we ordered. Thankfully, we were given another ½ lb of zucchini during service and cooked up another batch of the zucchini provencal. This allowed us to sell almost all of our chickens prepared for our day. Therefore, we should have been more careful during our ordering to make sure we had enough to serve 24 dishes with zucchini on it. Outside of the kitchen, the front of house also had issues with timing. Around 11:00am our front of house manager felt overwhelmed with the reservations that had changed since the day before. She was rushing to finish the tables assigned to each server and this demeanor affected the entire serving staff in how prepared they felt. This in turn lead to us seating the first couple of reservations too soon. 
October 22nd
Colour Your Day @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $833.17,  71Guests
October 23rd
Autumn Comfort @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $752.26,  65 Guests
Friday lab was well prepared and students took initiative by finding jobs to do and not idling. We also had a large number of students coming in early and on their day off to help prep.  We were able to open our restaurant a little early Waffle batter ran out even though there was still chicken left. If we were to do another restaurant, we would ensure that we have more ordered and prepared. It is better to have more waffle batter leftover than chicken. Cheese sauce over coagulated and split on us twice, once on Thursday and Friday morning. This could have been remedied if management team was more present during the making of the cheese sauce. 
October 28th
Taste of Thailand @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $755.98,  67 Guests
The morning of the event and the prep day had a very high level of stress that could have been prevented with a better knowledge of our own signature menu items. Specifically we should have ensured that we had enough sauce for our shrimp pad Thai as we needed to make more during service so we wouldn’t run out causing the item to become temporarily sold out. Our PO should have been checked over more times to ensure it was correct because during the prep day we discovered that there were not only items that we did not order enough of but there were items that we did not order at all! This was a major oversight and cost us time during the prep day and day of service which lead to unneeded stress and disorganization. Communication with the individuals in the prep team that were not from our group needed to be clearer because the mushrooms were accidentally prepped the day before service instead of the day of service and the sweet potatoes that had been prepped for the curry were mistakenly added to the carrot lentil soup. This could have been avoided if the kitchen manager had spent more time explaining how to prepare items and emphasizing that questions must be asked to clear up any uncertainty. During service there was inadequate communication between the kitchen manager and the front of house manager which caused confusion as to the remaining number of signature dishes. This resulted in a large table having to re-order items because there was not enough of the signature dishes to serve the table which was easily avoidable with proper communication. The kitchen manager also did not put enough thought into the flow of food prep before service which caused the process of preparing the line to be much longer than it needed to be and caused more unneeded stress.  
October 29th
Canadian Comfort @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $710.87,  66 Guests
Our receiving went very smoothly, mostly due to the large number of classmates who came to help us in the morning. Thanks to them, we also managed to get a lot of prep work done before service. However, there were a few problems which happened before and during service that affected the flow of food. One of our waitresses was late, and therefore missed the PO/FOH meeting. She was a bit unprepared for service because of this, and there were a few issues with her table that required the help of other servers and the TA to solve. There were multiple incidences when food was sent back to the kitchen because there was an extra item that was ordered, which confused the KM and expo when trying to count the number of items that were left. There was also an incident when a server punched in two orders for the same table separately, causing one person’s food to be served before the other’s. Thankfully, the customers were understanding when these situations occurred. We had a large number of people during the opening of service, and therefore had a lot of orders coming in during a very short time. One problem which occurred was that the KM tried to complete multiple orders at once. This resulted in a lot of food piling up in front of the expo, and actually hindered the flow of food. This problem was eventually corrected as service continued. It is always important to look at each chit and complete them one at a time. Lastly, there was a minor set back in the job rotation sheet. We had assigned a line cook on two separate stations, one on the line and one off the line. As soon as service began, it was clear that it was not possible for one person to cover both stations. Thankfully, another cook was able to cover one of their stations so the cook could stay on the line without any further issues.  It is important to avoid issues like these. If the line cook who was put on two stations did not have help, they could have gotten stressed out and overworked fast.
October 30th
Gryphon Pub @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $1028.88,  94 Guests
First, we would like to thank the Friday lab group who all took initiative to help things run smoothly. Our lab came early to help us prepare and regularly encouraged the team throughout the day. Next, we were able to boost our food sales because we upsold our drinks and desserts. The servers did a great job making sure to encourage their tables to purchase the Sparkling Apple Cider and the Chocolate Torte. Furthermore, our management team worked well together and were able to make a plan and stay organized. Each member rose to the occasion and confidently managed their role in the restaurant. Even though we had a lot of last minute reservations we were able to work together and accommodate everyone who wanted to attend. Next, our menu items were very easy to prepare when an order came in. Even though we had a large number of orders, we were always able to keep up. Finally, we can contribute our success to the large number of guests who attended our restaurant. We worked hard to market our restaurant and the fact that it was busy helped with the pub atmosphere we were trying to achieve. We would also like to say thank you to Gryphon Athletics for being the real MVPs and donating uniforms for our staff to wear. Go Gryphons! 
November 3rd
Backpackers Bliss @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $743.25,  73 Guests
Our table talker idea was a unique idea that added a nice flare to our theme. Despite this, it might have been more beneficial for us to advertise out drink and dessert on the table talkers rather than our signature dishes, which were already highly advertised. Since it is already assumed that a large percentage of everyone coming to our restaurant will be ordering one of our signature items, advertising the drink and dessert may have increased our overall sales thus improving the success of our restaurant. The servers were encouraged to push our drink and dessert, and an appropriate table talker could have supported their efforts. Adequate preparation and organization was crucial for minimizing stress and errors on the day of our restaurant. In retrospect we could have prepared more the day before, to prevent having to alter recipes the morning of the restaurant when things didn’t go as planned. This would have caused less stress and last minute thinking.  However having everything organized as to what was to be done the day before/the day of and what time everything had to be started helped to make it easier to assign tasks to all staff members.  Organization could have been improved in the FOH. Planning the setup for the dining room more efficiently and earlier would have been preferred. The final layout was posted quite last minute; by providing the servers and hostesses with the layout earlier they could have been more familiar with it and may have been more comfortable. This was an organizing mistake for the FOH manager. Designing specific training procedures for all of our staff made our restaurant run much smoother. In BOH we ensured that each member of our staff knew exactly what item they were preparing and how exactly to prepare it. This was particularly important for both our signature items, which involved very specific preparation steps and timing. For FOH training, the job pack outlined the specifics of our theme. The morning of the restaurant the front of house staff was briefed about the theme and what we expected from them, and how they could work together to make everything run smoothly, one more time. We reviewed what each server was going to say when they greeted the guest, what we wanted to sell (offering the drink and dessert), and answered any questions anyone had to avoid confusion. 
November 4th
Green Day @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $576.35,  58 Guests
The morning preparation went smoothly and was organized because everyone was a great contributor and helper as well as the majority of our preparation has been done one day ahead. Our restaurant day could not be successful without their efforts. We truly appreciate our awesome lab team. However, there are some problems that could be fixed in advance but have not been done. Since cooking more chicken is a last minute decision, sweet mash potato which was the side dish for the Korean BBQ chicken, has not been served evenly due to the lack of calculation and control. It should be served in a constantly amount from beginning to the end. Additionally, the steamer that contained soup was not heated resulted in the soup was not hot enough for serving. Avocado Smoothies were too thick based on the recipe at the beginning, fortunately, the bartender reduced the amount of ice to decrease the thickness.
November 5th
The Swede Life @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $947.30,  81 Guests
We are so lucky to have an amazing lab group that brings it every single week. Many lab group members helped with prep on both Thursday and/or early Friday morning which was greatly appreciated. It makes it easier to manage a restaurant when everybody is so cooperative and shows such great initiative. Our prep was very efficient, however some problems did arise just before and during service. We could have been more proactive in organizing the steam table. Both of our signature mains required quite a bit of space in the steam table and this should have been thought through earlier than right before service. It created a lot of confusion and made it difficult for line cooks to set up their stations. We had a lot of reservations which was great, however most of our reservations were at 11:30 with our next rush at 12:30. Many of the tables were double-booked which meant that we needed to rush as well as flip a lot of tables. Our front-of-house struggled with keeping up with flipping tables, and there were some reservations that had to wait too long for their tables. Our inside marketing was very effective during service. Both our servers and our table toppers that displayed the signature dessert and drink were very successful in encouraging people to buy them. We were pleased that both our dessert and drink sold out and that combined they made $208.50 in sales. This helped a great deal with our food cost, adding to the overall success of our restaurant. Our purchase order was mostly well done and ensured that we did not run out of food during service. 
November 11th
La Cucina @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $838.28,  81 Guests 
The main critical instance was mistakes on the PO. We forgot to order spinach, which was written on the menu as a component of the panini. We should have looked over the PO in more detail to catch this error beforehand. The floor plan could have been planned better, as to not overwhelm the servers. There were a few servers who had multiple large tables at once, and others who had only a few small tables. If this was organized properly, the guests could have been better accommodated and service could have been quicker. Despite the circumstances, the servers still did very well. Overall, our restaurant was a success and this was due to having very good preparation the day before. We had a lot of help from the other students in the lab, and the kitchen manager was very organized in exactly what needed to be done, and used the extra help very efficiently. Good organization benefited us again on Wednesday morning when people came early to help us, everyone had pre assigned jobs upon entering the kitchen, so they knew exactly what was needed to be done. The job packs were very detailed which allowed people to prep and clean up afterward very quickly. During service, despite having many orders at once, no one in the kitchen became overwhelmed, and food was made and brought out to tables very quickly, and we did not experience a backup in service. All food and plates were hot leaving the kitchen, and all orders for one table always came out together, even with our larger tables. 
November 12th
Simply Soul @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $1056.05,  97 Guests 
In reflection of our recipes, the Jambalaya needed to be better thought out relative to our Chicken and Waffles. We did not have enough rice for the dish and we had to request for more ingredients in anticipation for the increased number of reservations. We scheduled the cooking time for the Jambalaya a little too close to serving time which hindered our flow of service. For our Chicken and Waffle dish, we could have prepared more Sweet and Spicy Mayo for each serving to improve the quality. Simon so kindly stepped in to make a few more containers worth of the Mayo to help strengthen its presence on our dishes. Relative to the back of the house (BOH), front of the house (FOH) staff appeared more nervous. Most students up until now have been working BOH but as the semester continues, the rotation pushes some people out of their comfort zone. Our servers rose to the occasion beautifully and we successfully served all our guests with minimal issues. We also wanted to prepare ourselves as much as we could on Wednesday morning to the point where we were over planning the steps. We wanted to portion out individual bags of waffle mix but was reminded that some things could be left to prepare on Thursday and would be an unnecessary use of labour. For our most positive reflection, our lab worked very cohesively as a team. We were supportive of each other and maintained a positive attitude throughout the day and it translated into a successful restaurant overall.
November 13th
Dia De Los Muertos @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $907.12,  79 Guests  
Whenever we are unsure of how to use a piece of equipment or how a standard dish should be prepared, we can always ask each other with confidence. As managers we worked well together. We decided not to split up the duties into front of house manager, kitchen manager and expo until the final week so we would all have an equal understanding of the preparation of each dish, number of reservations we would be seating and the little details like table talkers and decorations. Although there were a few drawbacks that we experienced they did not stop us from successfully running our restaurant. We unfortunately did not sell a lot of crème caramels; most customers we spoke to said they were too full when it came time to enjoy dessert. It is also important to have a solid understanding of the minimum internal temperature of each of the menu items to distinguish if they are cooked.  We were unsure of what the internal temperature of the pulled chicken burrito should be so it was hard to determine when they were ready for service.  When service began we were asked how many of each item we had prepared, as orders started flowing in we lost track of how many burritos had already gone to customers. This resulted in the wrong number being communicated to Simon therefore the POS system said we ran out of burritos before we actually did. Unfortunately we missed out on these sales and next time will consider the importance of ensuring we have enough food to feed the predicted number of customers before we start serving. Overall we are glad we got to share this celebration with friends, family and our amazing lab! 
November 18th
Hues of the Harvest @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $1052.81,  91 Guests
The efficiency that took place on our receiving/preparation day was a positive critical instance that worked to our advantage.  Prior to our restaurant, we were very organized with our recipes and had a checklist of goals that we wanted to accomplish on the day before as well as the day of our restaurant.  With the many helping hands of our lab members, receiving was able to proceed smoothly. All our hard working volunteers helped us be proactive prior to and during the restaurant day.  We also organized our floor plan well in advance and even rearranged the dining room on the day before to accommodate our large guest groups.  Another positive factor would be the signature items that we chose.  We had a large guest count (91), and if our signature items had not been as simple as they were to prepare, this would have caused major problems in the kitchen.  Having an easy and quick assembly of our dishes meant that we were able to get a lot of food out in a short time.  Despite our great organization, we still could have improved on our communication skills with our staff and with each other as managers.  In the kitchen, orders became slightly backed up and there were times when many orders came in, causing the KM to become a little overwhelmed.  For example, a decision-making issue occurred when many orders of tomato soup came in and there were more orders than what we actually had available.  We as managers also could have communicated with each other better and although this did not greatly impact our restaurant, it would have made the operation run more smoothly.   Another incident during service was that one of our signature menu items (Monte Cristo) did not have enough egg mixture to coat the sandwiches and therefore we needed to add an additional 25 eggs. This was an issue with a major miscalculation of our recipe, therefore resulting in a purchase order problem. 
November 19th
Sleep in Thursdays @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $738.55,  66 Guests
The most important factor that made our restaurant success is that we have an enthusiastic lab. Our amazing team members came in early Wednesday morning to help prep so that on Thursday morning there was not very much left to do. This allowed everything to run quickly and efficiently the day of the restaurant. As well, most front of house staff came in early the morning of the restaurant and helped set up. This allowed us to finish the front of house meeting by 10:30. Our team was very good at communicating which allowed the restaurant to run smoothly and efficiently. When going over the line before service we had an initial plan to prepare the quiche on the back table next to the roast and hold. For service we moved that station up to the line, which helped increase the efficiency of getting that plate out. Since it was a special it was higher in demand and therefore needed more hands to assemble and get it out to the customer than initially anticipated. As well, it saved the time and eliminated the potential hazards of having to walk the plate up to the line. Both our specials were very pre-prep heavy meaning that during the running of the restaurant the assembly of the plates was very simple and fast. This helped in multiple ways; first it reduced the potential for ruining the plate when assembling it and secondly it allowed us to easily and quickly complete large orders and get them out to the customer fast.  
November 20th
Northern Getaway @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $1012.21,  88 Guests
Our management team had effective organization leading up to the restaurant which made both the prep day and the day of our restaurant run smoothly. The use of timelines, lists of what needed to be done and completing tasks in a logical order demonstrated our organization as a team. Secondly, our simplistic menu items (Apple Bacon Grilled Cheese and Chicken Pot Pie) allowed us to get food out to guests quickly and we were able to take the time to ensure it was presented to standard. We also had very good communication between our lab group. The job pack was complete and sent out early in the week to prepare the staff for our restaurant. The Kitchen Manager was the one clear voice on the line and effectively communicated what needed to be made for orders to the kitchen staff. The Expo ensured that orders were delivered to their table efficiently and the Floor Manager updated the servers on sold-out menu items and changes to the floor plan. The management team kept an accurate food count as menu items continued to be sold. This was beneficial to our restaurant because it ensured that we were not selling food that was not available. This was fostered by proper communication and lowered the stress on all of the employees. Finally, we had great add-on sales as many drinks were sold and we sold out of our dessert. 
November 25th
Garden Delight @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $781.55,  80 Guests
Our team had a good understanding of what needed to be done; therefore the preparation day was very organized. Even as a team of two, we were still able to do the receiving and preparation smoothly due to all the helping hands from other students in our lab and even students from other lab days. However, there was still lot of room for improvement. There should be more communication between Front of House (FOH) manager and kitchen manager (KM) during service. Firstly, there could have been less confusion between orders taken by servers if the KM had informed the FOH manager more often about the number of food items left. Additionally, the FOH manager could have also reminded the servers more frequently about food items that were running low. In addition, one clear voice is lacking during service in the kitchen by the KM. Instead of trying to manage multiple tasks at once, the KM should have delegated jobs to others students more often. This would have provided staff members to be more occupied with tasks instead of standing around waiting. The KM also did not make it clear enough that the crème burlee were not for staff meal as guests were still seated. This resulted in staff members taking dessert as guests were still seated and eating their entrees during service. Fortunately, the guests on that table did not order dessert; therefore the problem didn’t arise. However, it is still imperative as the role of a KM to be more direct in terms of their leadership skills as a manger. 
November 26th
Spice up Your Life @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $691.60,  79 Guests
From the beginning of the semester the three of us worked hard to maintain our team’s strategy and goals for our restaurant day. Being the last group we had the most amount of time to prepare for our day. We stayed up to date with one another by meeting every couple of weeks to go over any changes in our plans or new ideas we thought would be valuable to incorporate. This commitment to our group allowed us to prepare our staff and ourselves for our operation day. Purchasing became one of our weaknesses as a team. We went into the purchasing meeting with a low enough budget however, we did not review our order form correctly. We under ordered vegetable stock not taking into account the amount we needed for the daily soup. Our chicken chipotle wrap was sold with a side of fries which requires a lot of potatoes, which we forgot to incorporate into our purchasing. It was not until receiving day that we realized this mistake was made. Reviewing our sales we see that 79 guests came into PJ’s during service however, only 68 entrees were ordered.  Advertisement of our entrees would have brought up our sales significantly. Our table toppers only advertised our Brownie Dessert. Although it was a delicious item, it also did not sell as high as we would have liked. It is important for items to be well advertised so that guests can feel confident in ordering a higher priced item. We should have incorporated photos of our entrees into our marketing plan, and table toppers. The assisted advertisement of the specials by the wait staff could have also increased our entrée sales. 
November 27th
Euro Trip @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $1013.70,  83 Guests
As a group, one of our downfalls was our lack of communication. On the day of service, naturally we were very stressed and instead of turning to the team for support we tried to tackle the problems individually. Other group members were unaware of changes that had to be made and in turn we were providing the employees with different information which caused some confusion. However, as the day went on we began working more as a team versus individually. On the morning of service we weren't as prepared as we should have been. We didn't have a clear understanding of the time constraints for certain tasks. The first 15 minutes was spent deciding what times each of our items needed to be completed. In the end we were able to complete all of our tasks with time remaining, but it would have been better if we showed up and were more confident. Another downfall was that we relied on our binder way too much. Before we did anything we would refer to the binder. Although it was good to be organized and follow a plan, it displayed a lack of confidence for the day. We were also very unrealistic in terms of portions. If we had followed our recipes as we had planned, we would have run out things like tzatziki, greek salad, and tomato jam before running out of the items that should have been the limiting factors (like the chicken and sausage). Finally, we were very grateful to have such an amazing lab group. Plenty of people came in to help prep on Thursday and Friday and as a result we had no problem being ready to go when service started. Everyone showed up either on time or early, in uniform and ready to go. Overall, this wouldn't have been possible without the help of our lab group. 
December 2nd
Gryph n Chill @ pj's    menu
Food Sales $765.08,  78 Guests
Knowledge was an important critical incident. We approached the system with a lot more abstract thinking than we should have, rather than being concrete and thinking on a more realistic scale. We would have come to better terms if we were to do this, as opposed to generalizing on our vision of how things should look when it comes to restaurant management. We needed to truly comprehend the concept of measurement and that you don’t just measure this item, or this other item, you measure everything. Don’t just know how many sandwiches, know the amount of lettuce, or the amount of tomatoes in your chilli etc. Measurement is key, because when you do so, then you are truly aware of what you have and how much. Group collectiveness was an area that could use more effort and focus when working in the kitchen. Especially in the morning of the day of the restaurant. We started at a low bar. One of us showed up on time and that’s not showing much positivity when it comes to working effective as a group, we should have all arrived on time as a group. Our Kitchen Manager was not there at the very start of Wednesday morning prep and that left two group members to figure out what needed to be done, we relied too much on the KM to direct, as much as it is important for the KM to be there it would have been important for the two other group members to have a better idea of what needs to be done and the order in which things should be done so the prep could have been done more efficiently and in less of a panic. There should have been more emphasis from us to get our tasks for the morning done at a more productive rate. Although we didn’t have everyone show up we still sat many people and had to turn down walk-ins. The communication between Back of House and Front of House was terrific and we made it work, always making sure that each management team member was up to date on what was going on. Table turnovers were done at a good rate due to the front of house staff working as a team. At all times, the kitchen manager and expo were well aware of the remaining number of entrees and other standard items left to be sold.