Student Feedback ~ Winter 2012

"I don't mean to panic anyone, but I'm afraid the calamari has been infested with baby squid" - Dick from 3rd Rock from the Sun

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February 2nd
The Last Supper (fine dining) menu
Food Sales $1768, Alcohol Sales $490.50, 50 Guests
Because a car full of people had two flat tires they arrived much later than the rest of the guests. This made us think on our feet, and adjust the order and timing in which we served. The entire evening was slightly off in timing up until the main course when we were able to synchronize all the courses. We also had 9 people not show up, which negatively affected our food cost. Many of our classmates were eager to help the day before and the morning of. It was their support which made us successful. The team mentality gave everyone confidence to do their best. A series of lists, preparation of menus, centre pieces, etc. Allowed the management team to focus on what really mattered the day of; the guest experience and the smooth running of the event. If we had to focus on the little things we would have had to sacrifice the overall guest experience. 
February 7th
Casino Royale @ PJ's    menu
Food Sales $626.51, 60 Guests
Our main issue on the day of our restaurant was time management. We should have dedicated more of our time into planning and scheduling. Although we did have a small schedule, it was difficult to follow and lacked certain specific items that we needed to prepare. Also, we had anticipated more help from people to prep the day of our restaurant and scheduled for that accordingly, and suffered when we did not receive the help we had expected. When the time came to do the walk through, a few menu items were made incorrectly, which set us back about half an hour. We lacked awareness of how service was going to run down the line, where we were going to put our signature menu items to be prepped, and what some of our line cooks duties would be. Although we sent out job packs and specific duties for each staff member, we ran out of time to go over their duties which also affected preparation. This leads to our second most critical incident, which was lack of training and follow through with our staff for the day of our restaurant. As mentioned above, this led to errors being made by not properly following the recipes, having to purchase more ingredients than we ordered, and feeling rushed at the beginning of service because of lost time correcting these mistakes. In the FOH, the majority of the servers had not served before and were nervous. More time for training should have set to ensure that the servers, as well as the kitchen staff, were comfortable before service. Purchasing errors affected us in the long run also. Although we did not notice these errors until prep and service, we found that we ran out of ingredients quickly and on the day of service, we did not have enough dishes to accommodate our menu mix. This was only the case for our dessert, but affected us negatively.Overall, our group was not proactive. Because of our time restraint, we dealt with issues as they came, not before they occurred. Being proactive, as opposed to reactive could have helped preparation for service run more smoothly. An example of this would be when training the servers before service we did not know enough about how the POS system worked, and therefore could not answer questions confidently. This could have been avoided by coming in the day before and receiving training and answers to specific questions. 
February 8th
Flavours of Mexico @ PJ's     menu
Food Sales $840.35, 80 Guests
As a group we all got along really well and that made working on the assignments and organizing for the restaurant much easier. Being able to work together as a group was a key factor in making this assignment come together. We found it easy to communicate with each other, and coordinating meetings was not an issue. As well, during the restaurant, the teamwork between the front of house and back of house, and along the line really made the running of the event much easier. We only made slight adjustment to the job rotation that was sent out for the soft opening. This allowed everyone to work their position once before they worked in our restaurant. We think this was important because it allowed everyone to get reasonably comfortable with their job because they have previously done it. Also, everyone knew what job they were doing ahead of time allowing them to learn and prepare for their duties. Unfortunately, we made the mistake of not following the brown rice recipe that Simon had up on Courselink and tried out our own method. The results were less than ideal and we had to throw out the rice because it was overcooked and too spicy. It would have been better to use the standard recipe available and we could have avoided wasting the food. This recipe is provided because it is easy, straightforward and has great results. We could have wasted less time and food if we had used this recipe from the beginning. 
February 9th
Taj Mahal @ PJ's    menu
Food Sales $764.20, 73 Guests
Although we ended up with a substantial number of reservations, many of them came in the day of or the day before our restaurant. Because of this low number the day before our restaurant, we ended up changing our menu mix and prepping for a smaller number of customers. When we did end up receiving more reservations the next day, the menu mix had to be changed again and extra prep had to be done. We did well with delegating tasks, however we often didn’t follow up with our employees to ensure they were completed correctly. This resulted in two recipe mistakes that were caught by Simon before service began at our restaurant. During service, we had doubts about if we had ordered and prepared enough rice for our dishes. As we became aware of this, we gave slightly smaller scoops of rice for each plate. This is obviously a problem as the serving sizes became inconsistent throughout service. We had also added some extra ingredients to our butter chicken dish (peas, extra sauce), but failed to increase the portion size after doing this. The result was less chicken than planned being used for each portion. Just before the opening of our restaurant, we were struggling to organize the layout of our steam table. It would have been beneficial to have a plan of where each insert was to go, and to decide what would be the best set up for the line cooks to plate the items quickly and efficiently.
February 9th
La Bella Cucina (fine dining) menu
Food Sales $1728, Alcohol Sales $656.52, 48 Guests
Critical incidences through out the evening that most affected the running of our fine dining event were under estimating the portioning of pasta and making to prepare last minute batches 2 hours prior to service. Another factor that contributed to the disrupted flow of service was the plating and presentation of our pasta course. This require us to do some last adjustment on the course. Throughout the week, reservation numbers were fluctuating so we could not prepare a floor plan far in advance. This left us in the position to figure out a lot of the seating the day of the event, which caused some confusion during the setup. Some of our guests arrived late, causing a slower service in the beginning, but everything moved according to plan. The support from the staff was immensely helpful. Everyone came together and worked on the prep schedule that we had put together. 
February 10th
The 2012 Oscars @ PJ's    menu
Food Sales $794.15, 82 Guests
We were very fortunate to have a fantastic team to work with. The group dynamic was very organized, motivated and methodical. Everyone showed amazing professionalism and a positive attitude. Many members came in early to help with prep work and this teamwork was a large contributor to making our restaurant day a success. One issue we had with organizing the day was in regards to our purchase ordering and the subsequent changes we had to make to our dishes. Due to initial high costs, we eliminated the beurre blanc sauce for our chicken, and drastically reduced the amount of potatoes available to us to make our mashed potatoes. As a result, on the morning of the restaurant too few potatoes were prepared and a last minute decision to increase the amount of mashed potatoes resulted in an overestimate in the amount produced as well as two inconsistent batches. Another issue was that our management team was very nervous about running the first restaurant of our lab group. Despite being prepared, organized and having an excellent team, we still did not feel confident in our abilities to run the restaurant. Being more relaxed would have allowed us to enjoy the day and to decrease the stress of our team. Finally, the management team’s organization played a large role in the success of the restaurant. We carefully reviewed prep-lists and process flows, as well as provided detailed job packs to our staff. As a result, the restaurant was well prepared, and both the food and staff were ready when customers arrived at 11:30. 
February 14th
Paris, Je T'aime @ Pj's    menu
Food Sales $839.41, 77 Guests
Extensive prep lists, job packs and recipe details helped operations to run smoothly. The prep list that we prepared enabled us to strategically assign and complete tasks on our prep day according to timing and importance of each recipe. Because of the successful prep day, the execution of the remaining prep work and set up for the day of our restaurant went smoothly and on time as planned. The distributed job packs were organized, personalized and had more sufficient key information. This ensured that everyone arrived on the day of our restaurant with a clear understanding of expectations and were ready to go for service. A second and hugely positive contributor was our amazing team. Everyone had read their job packs and arrived on time, if not early, and were all in proper uniform. Peers assisted in preparations and we could not have had such a successful restaurant without their hard work. Another contributor to our achievement was our marketing techniques. From painting the cannon to hanging posters around campus to our Facebook event page, we managed to attract 77 guests. The high food sales for the day was also because of our in house marketing including table talkers, the menu insert and server suggestive selling. A contributor that slightly inhibited the success of our restaurant was communication at the end of service between the back and front of house. Some miscommunication between how many orders of each menu item were left caused confusion among servers which affected the service of the last few guests in the restaurant. The fifth incident that affected our success was supervision of staff and ensuring that everyone knew exactly how to complete the task they were assigned. This slight lack of supervision led to some mistakes; however, we were able to correct all of the mistakes before service. 
February 15th
Pub Day @ Pj's     menu
Food Sales $465.73, 48 Guests
On the day of our restaurant the main critical incident we faced was the low guest count. In order to ensure our food cost and high guest target, we should have started advertising for our restaurant earlier and in a wider area. We did a lot of our advertising through word of mouth, but mainly focused on telling people we knew as opposed to letting the general public know more about it. Another issue we faced was improper purchasing and measurements. We needed to take the time to be more thorough with our purchasing order to ensure we had all of the required products on it and that measurements of each ingredient were accurate. Proper calculations and measurements should have been taken into careful consideration in order to keep within food cost limit. Another incident was the FOH needed to be more proactive. We were unprepared in that area on the day of our restaurant as the floor map layout should have been completed the day before our restaurant so the FOH manager was not spending quality time putting one together on the day of. Also due to low guest count, some wait staff found themselves not as busy, they should have been directed to be more proactive and energetic. Even though there were some areas of improvement, there were incidences that positively affected our restaurant. The communication between the staff and management, along with communication between front and back of house, was good and clear.
February 16th
Come Out of the Cold @ Pj's      
Food Sales $810.44, 77 Guests
All of the members of the class were so helpful. There were many helpers coming in early (on the restaurant day) or the day before to help with prep work. This allowed the management team to spend their time working on organization or the signature menu items, as apposed to using their time to cook other things. Without the awesome turnout of the classmates, our restaurant would not have gone nearly as well One major factor that took away from our restaurant was food timing. We had some trouble timing the dishes and getting the orders ready for the same time (Ie. Coordinating the Monte Cristo with the Beef dip and the chicken dinner.The marketing effort put forward by the management team had a huge impact on the overall restaurant. By putting up lots of posters and bringing family and friends, we ensured that our food cost (which was high to begin with) was not over 40% after the restaurant. If we had not gotten 80 reservations and served close to 80 meals, our food cost would have been very high, and we would not have done so well.
February 16th
Old World (fine dining)     menu
Food Sales $1216, Alcohol Sales $324.30, 34 Guests
Having many no shows, this was a huge downfall to our restaurant. Although out of our control, it still put a damper on the evening. With these no shows our food cost shot put a lot. Since we lost almost 1/5 of our guest with 9 no shows our food cost ended up being about 75%. This is not at all what we had hoped for. I feel we could have avoided this if we would have had a higher number of initial reservations. Having to do table side Caesar salad, although successful did slow down the timing of the rest of our meals. It also may have been a bad idea putting one of the managers on this as it caused some confusion between the two mangers when titan re-entered the kitchen. 4Having too much staff in the kitchen, it was difficult to try and find a job for everyone at one time. We had to plan a rotation of staff so everyone could have a part in cooking or plating a dish. Although everyone was very helpful we wanted to ensure everyone played an equal role in the night and this was hard when we had so much staff to move around. We felt at some points some of the managers communication broke down and rather than re establishing it quickly some of us got frustrated. I feel if we would have jumped back into it a little bit faster than there would have been less confusion between managers and staff. 
February 17th
FamJam @ Pj's   
Food Sales $763.15, 71 Guests
Communication between management throughout the entire process was vital to our success on the day of service (we had an awesome management team). Organization was probably the most important aspect of our success from the importance of thorough personalized job packs, to a very accurate purchase order. A solid marketing effort benefited our team’s reservation count prior to service; this was achieved through posters, business cards and word of mouth. Changes could have been made to assure a smoother service. The BOH would have prepared less complex menu items (simple is better), as well as pre made menu items. For example sandwiches could be pre-assembled and hamburgers pre-cooked prior to service, to cut down wait times for guests. For the FOH table turnover was an issue. Had we considered the above for the BOH, service of food items would have taken less time, guests would have been served faster and therefore our turnover rate would have been higher. 
February 28th
West Coast Brunch @ Pj's    menu
Food Sales $768.10, 82 Guests
We are really fortunate to have such an involved and devoted lab group. The success of our restaurant was very dependent on the amount of help and skill received from our peers both on the prep and service day. Since we were very organized with our prep days our staff knew exactly what to do and when to do it. Unfortunately, we made the mistake of not following a Banana Bread Recipe that was standardized. We used our recipe instead and made the banana bread wrong the first time. We had to throw out 4 loaves of bread and had the second batch madefor us. As a team it was hard to see one of our entrees having to be remade but we made the decision together and the second batch turned out great. The marketing for our restaurant really helped ensure that our seats were filled. Through advertising online and around campus as well as word of mouth, we were sold out well in advance which was a great feeling and took away some of the stress. One thing we could have improved on was our communication as a team. Having three head staff can sometimes be challenging to make decisions or get the message to everyone. Our group worked really well together but sometimes got caught up with their personal job, which affected the flow of communication. On the day of service our front of house training was done fairly close to service which did not leave a lot of time to get the servers comfortable with the POS system. Although most of them had been FOH before, it would have been beneficial if the training had been done well in advance. 
February 29th
Island Oasis @ Pj's    
Food Sales $544.20, 56 Guests
Our restaurant wouldn’t have run as well as it did without our classmate’s eagerness and willingness to help us. Four people came in on Tuesday to help prepare in the kitchen which put us in a good place for Wednesday. Everyone was in early on Wednesday to set up and finish cooking. Our team knew what had to be done and executed their jobs very well. Our staff communicated well between the kitchen and the front of house. The preparation order for the kitchen, meeting with FOH staff, and completion of prep day lists were a key factor in keeping our restaurant organized. Everything went according to plan because we had a set list of what had to be done each day and at what time. Organization was the top factor in the success of our restaurant. Our low reservation count was the largest negative aspect of the day. The night before our restaurant we had 76 reservations, and because of bad weather and a contagious sickness that was going around, we only ended up with 56 reservations. We should have marketed our event better prior to our day. It was a bit of a scramble getting people to book reservations. All who did attend enjoyed the food and atmosphere very much. Another negative but not detrimental instance was poor delegation in the kitchen. Some staff members had a hard time figuring out what to do because we as managers were doing things ourselves instead of delegating jobs. We learned that it is somewhat difficult to delegate instead of doing. One strong point was that we remained flexible with ideas. In conference 1, our idea for chicken kabobs turned into a chicken stir fry which we didn’t mind at all. All the ingredients were the same, customers enjoyed it very much and it tasted just as good.
March 1st
Hall of Fame @ Pj's   
Food Sales $779.30, 77 Guests
Teamwork was a major critical point to running our restaurant smoothly and efficiently. The Thursday lab is lucky enough to have many strong individuals as well as some weaker ones, but the strong team atmosphere in the lab allowed for our restaurant to run in a way where we could capitalize on the strengths of everyone and cover up any inadequacies. Some key moments where teamwork shined were the prep day, morning of the restaurant, and of course the running of the restaurant the day of. We believe that another critical incident in our restaurant was the easy specialty dishes we decided to make. Our nachos and chicken salad wrap included ingredients that were simple and the recipes were just as easy to follow and to put together. Since the recipes for the dishes were straightforward, there were not a lot of complicated things to do the day before or the day of service. A lot of preparation for these dishes was to chop vegetables or to mix things together, which was simple to do. With regards to putting together the dish, it too was very quick and effortless. We believe that one of our critical incidences was our usage of the materials provided to us on courselink. Not only were all the regular menu item recipes available on courselink for us to use in organizing our prep days etc. but also we were able to get recipes for parts of our specialty items (salsa, guacamole, mayo). By using these recipes we knew that they would work out well on the day of service and the recipes were also large enough that we did not have to make adjustments to them to accommodate a larger menu mix.
March 1st
A Night in Europe (fine dining)     menu
Food Sales $1656, Alcohol Sales $285.60, 46 Guests
Critical instances that affected our fine dining event the most is our team's lack of experience and involvement on the culinary preparation. Restaurant operation would have went smoother if every dish was followed up by our management team. The lack of following instruction during clean up has slowed down the clean up process. However, Back of the house team have helped a lot to make the flow went smoother during operation. With everyone's experience and help, the flow went smoother as the operation went along and time was only a little off as scheduled.
March 2nd
What's for Lunch Ma @ Pj's    menu
Food Sales $523.69, 53 Guests
On our prep day, Thursday, we had 36 reservations confirmed. In order to ensure that our food cost was not too high, we decided to cut down our menu mix from 80 servings down to 65. Luckily our food cost came out to be only 5% above our goal, thanks to the decision we made. We did not realize that if we did not cook the dough off on our prep day it would be ruined by Friday morning. If Simon had not noticed how much the dough had risen and warned us about what would happen if we left it over night, we would have needed another two or three hours and additional ingredients to re-make the dough the next morning. This would have not only increased our food cost but it would have slowed us down a lot on our restaurant day. (By baking the pizza shells until just browned the day prior to service, it allowed us to have a faster cook time on Friday). Communication between management on the day of the restaurant really enabled a smooth service on Friday. We did not have to re-take any orders because items were sold out. Front of House Manager was kept in the loop about what was happening in the kitchen. If we did not have that communication our service would have suffered.
March 6th
A Taste of Italy @ Pj's        menu
Food Sales $607.57, 65 Guests
Teamwork was a major critical point towards making our restaurant possible. We were fortunate to have a great team who brought a lot of positive energy into the environment. Many of our classmates were present to help us receive our ingredients and prepare our food items before our restaurant day. Time management lacked causing the quality of service at our restaurant to suffer. On the day of our restaurant, our roasted chicken was not ready for service at 11:30am causing customers who ordered the roasted chicken entree to wait longer than necessary for their food. Management supervision is also very important for restaurant to run smoothly. We had a mix-up in the type of ice cream used in our dessert causing inconsistency in our menu and also affecting another group whose ice cream we used. This could have been avoided if we offered more staff supervision and guidance. Communication between back of the house and front of the house was sufficient in helping servers know what items were sold out and which menu items we were running low on. It is definitely a good idea to have good flow of communication so that everyone is on the same page. A more effective purchase order would have prevented us from over/under ordering ingredients that we needed. Other factors that can help to create a better purchase order are to double check that you are working with realistically portioned recipes and to ensure that all ingredients are measured correctly during preparation day. 
March 7th
British Knights @ Pj's    menu
Food Sales $865.65, 89 Guests
One of the major contributions to the success of our restaurant was how fast our signature dishes came out to the customers. Our shepherd’s pie and half-roasted chicken were all prepared before service and they only had to be plated when the order came in. This was very helpful in increasing the speed of the kitchen, because we had to cater to about 90 guests and could not afford having food come out slow. An area that our restaurant could have improved on was remaining calm right before service. Due to this being the first time anyone in our management team had run a restaurant, we were all very tense about half hour before service, which caused our class to become tense as well. Looking back on it, there was no need for the extra tension as everything was planned out for a smooth service and Simon and Emma was around if anything were to go wrong. Another slight hiccup that occurred during the operation of our restaurant was that ten minutes before service, we realized we had not prepared enough mashed potatoes and had to make another batch as fast as possible. This occurred because we tried to micro-manage our food cost percent down to perfection, not realizing how cheap potatoes are and the cost of making a few extra kilograms is very small. It is important to realize that it is better to make too much of an item than not enough. We also noticed that our dessert did not sell as much as we predicted. This is because we included the nutritional value on our menu insert for dessert, which was not needed, thus people were concerned about their calorie and bad fat intake. Our last critical instance was we had a few problems with our purchase order meeting and had to reschedule it. At first, we treated our PO as a math test instead of a grocery list, thus we had problems with not having enough food. It is also very important to remember to order the food in the same units that they are listed under on the purchase order form. 
March 8th
Open Sesame @ Pj's    menu
Food Sales $985.68, 99 Guests
The success of our restaurant was very dependent on the amount of help received from our peers both on the prep and service day. We were very fortunate to have such team-oriented classmates. We chose a unique theme which made it easier to market. Our specials were easy to assemble during service, allowing line cooks to send out food with efficiency while maintaining quality. To do lists were key to staying organized and on time for prep day and closing. We were a little over organized with recipe paperwork, but it's important to also look at the big picture. That said, knowing your special recipes off by heart would be beneficial, especially if unexpected changes become necessary. As a team we were very nervous and did underestimate our abilities. Try to have fun though, because as long as you keep yourself organized, things can go very smoothly. Overall, it was very helpful that our team had great communication and really got along to result in a successful restaurant. 
March 8th
Chinook (fine dining)      menu
Food Sales $1836, Alcohol Sales $253.80, 51 Guests
The success of our fine dining event was primarily due to the great teamwork and positive energy from our team members. We had a few extra hands during our prep day and our team was proactive in getting all the prep work done well before service. Having a detailed and organized prep list helped to ensure that everything back of house and front of house would be ready for service. We had a few food items that needed to be prepared during service – although this added to our list of tasks to do during service, it ensured the quality of food. Our organization and the proactive attitude of our team were key for the smooth running of the kitchen during service. We did have a minor glitch during service when we realized that we did not have bread plates on the table for bread service. Our pasta dish also required more time to cook than expected and it was not as well received from the guests as we would have liked. If we were to run the event again, we would make verifications to our PO. Recipes had been changed during our PO meeting, so certain items were not even listed. Overall, however, we were able to serve all of our courses on time and even had the last course served earlier than we had anticipated.
March 9th
Thai Time @Pj's     menu
Food Sales $717.68, 77 Guests
he greatest contributing factor to the success of our restaurant was teamwork. Despite the fact that we were short one member, we were able to be proactive by assigning roles that were the most fitting and appropriate for each person. We were able to observe each member’s strengths thoroughly during the weeks prior to our restaurant, and we also took their own suggestions into consideration. This gave us a team that felt comfortable and confident in their roles. Misjudgement of timing was another critical point. We were able to prepare efficiently on Thursday, as well as the morning of the restaurant. We wanted our dishes to be as fresh as possible, but we underestimated the amount of time it would take to make certain items, such as the Hoppin’ John rice for our Jerk Chicken Spring Rolls. As a result, our team was rushing to prep their stations just before service began. Fortunately, we were ready when the first order came in; nevertheless, this unnecessary rush could have been easily avoided. Furthermore, an improved organization concerning our menu mix may have benefited our service performance. We were too careless in portioning the chicken for our spring rolls; as a result, we only had 15 portions as opposed to our plan of 20. We also measured our items too close to service, which only gave us a rough estimate of how many of each item we had going into service. We underestimated the amount of certain ingredients that would be required. We were significantly below our budget; hence, it would have been a better idea to purchase more items to improve our restaurant performance, rather than worrying about keeping costs low. 
March 13th
Get Lucky @Pj's     menu
Food Sales $906.28, 97 Guests
To market, we made multiple class announcements, handed out flyers, and used social media extensively. These strategies proved effective as we had 103 reservations three days prior. As our original menu mix was based on 82 guests, we made the crucial management decision to increase the number by more than 30%. During service it became apparent that we could have conducted better training sessions for both the hosts and line cooks. Though job packs were sent out early and walk-throughs were completed, there is nothing equivalent to repetitive, hands-on practice. Greater comfort and familiarity with OpenTable as well as with individual item production standards would have eliminated the few bumps we absorbed. In addition, a higher sense of urgency would have brought our restaurant up to the next level. We could have focused less on papers and thinking, instead simply doing. This method of working would have enabled more proactive behaviour, which would have enabled us to seize more opportunities.
March 14th
Spring's Comfort @ Pj's    menu
Food Sales $724.78, 81 Guests
The success of our restaurant was largely due to the amazing help we received from our class as a team. Everyone came together to make sure food was ready for service as well as to make sure clean-up was done efficiently afterwards. On prep day and the day of service, lists were made to follow but not to be relied on so that there could be effective communication to the whole team. An area that can be improved was incorporating more common or recognizable ingredients in the burrito so that pizza didn’t sell out as quickly, leaving the burrito as the only other option.
March 15th
Gryph Spirit @ Pj's    menu
Food Sales $858.68, 92 Guests
The success of our restaurant was due to the hard-working and energetic staff who put in time, communicated well with each other and helped us with any problems that occurred. There was a large group of students who came in and helped on prep-day and came in early on the day of our restaurant. One example would be that there was a full tray of onion rings leftover, meaning we could have put double the amount of onion rings on the Gryphon Burger instead of having a large amount of leftovers. Also, we had only one staff member working on the Gryphon Burger, but needed at least two staff members. One was needed to cook the hamburger patties and one to assemble the burger, as it was too much to handle for one person. An error occurred during service because of miscommunication in the kitchen, which resulted in two chicken salad orders not going out when they were ready. This affects food sales and the service time it took to get the food to our guests. Another incident was an issue with the amount of ice cream being served, which allowed us to serve only 24 desserts instead of 36. This also affected our food sales for the day. From looking at our customer surveys, people based their choice of entrée on the number of calories in each dish. Most people chose the Gryphon Burger or other menu items because the Ultimate Fan Sandwich had over 1,000 calories. Instead of serving the sandwich with fries we could have chosen a healthier side such as the clam chowder soup or miso spinach salad to make the calorie count lower. 
March 15th
Serendipity (fine dining)     menu
Food Sales $1484, Alcohol Sales $369.80, 53 Guests
It would be difficult to describe the successes or shortcomings of our restaurant without first acknowledging the excellent support and team work our staff offered. Many staff contributed their expertise and helped prep. Management disagreement about the soup led to a standoff in the kitchen before service and strained communication between managers. After the first batch of soup turned out too spicy we ordered more ingredients to extend and diffuse it. Some guests found it too thin and still a bit too spicy. However, we did receive lots of positive feedback, so individual preference may have played a role. Our reservations were fluctuating until a few hours before service. We were happy to have the extra diners, but the front of house could not finalize a floor plan until late in the afternoon. We made some changes to our recipes during our PO meeting and these changes did not transfer to our actual order. Missing ingredients threw us off a bit in our prep and resulted in our menus not matching the sorbet we served. If we ran the event again, we would verify all changes to the PO and submit an updated copy. We ran into trouble plating our zucchini rollatinis. The zucchinis we received were smaller than those that we had tested our recipe with, and the smaller rolls did not look right on the large plates we had planned for, so we changed plates and came up with a new presentation on the fly. It worked out for the best, but it was stressful. Preparing a demo plate before service would have caught the problem sooner.
March 16th
I’m Feeling Irish@ PJ’s    menu
Food Sales $529.13, 44 Guests
The main critical instance we found on the day of our restaurant was low guest turnout. We started the day with 62 reservations but only had 44 people show up. We did not get any walk-ins despite our advertising efforts. We could have benefitted from a more aggressive advertising campaign. We had most of the prep done by the day of the restaurant. Job packs were all sent out early in the week to give our teammates time to read them over and ask us for clarification. Our PO was well done, which meant there were few problems with shortages. Our teammates came early the day of the restaurant to help prep and several came the day before to help with receiving. They had amazing attitudes and were always willing to help out. The team has great communication skills and kept the managers up to date on the status of the restaurant. We would have benefitted from listening to directions better. Our time management skills were key to keeping our restaurant organized and running smoothly. We did not have an Expo so we had to plan every part of the restaurant well so that we would not open late or open without our food prepared. 
March 20th
Mediterranean Cuisine @ Pj’s     menu
Food Sales $699.21, 66 Guests
A setback that we experienced just before opening was the slow assembly of the quiche. Despite instructions and constant follow up by the kitchen manager the quiche mix was slowly measured out instead of simply distributing the mix evenly in each shell. This was a time consuming process that took an unnecessarily long time to prepare. The chocolate mousse was not prepared according to the standardized recipe. We cannot be certain where the recipe went wrong but it is suspected that a simple mistake was made when selecting which milk product to use. We came to this realization when we had too much cream left over and not enough milk for the monte cristo mix. This problem could have been avoided if we as managers had checked in on unfamiliar recipes. This also may have been avoided if we as managers had noticed the abundance of time that it was taking to whip the milk (instead of cream). Due to the need for correction, a portion of the recipe was wasted and not all the guests were able to receive their complementary desserts.
Although our reservation number was lower than we would have preferred, we were very proactive at promoting our restaurant to acquire additional last minute reservations as well as walk-ins. To accomplish this, with permission, we opened the patio and offered complimentary desserts for those ordering our specialty entrees. This promoted our event as well as our specialty items simultaneously and was successful at boosting our reservation numbers. These last minute advertising efforts were done through email, facebook, and Open Table in order to reach the most people at one time. 
March 21st
Ride the Wave @ Pj's     
Food Sales $762.11, 79 Guests
The main reason for the success can be attributed to the full support of my classmates and overall teamwork. This was absolutely required because I ended up running the restaurant alone. Because of this, one of my peers stepped up and ran the Front of House on the day of the restaurant and helped during receiving and prep. Many other students also stepped up to help, and it would not have run as it did without their help. I was also very organized going into receiving and for the day of my restaurant. Having a binder with all of the resources available to us on CourseLink, all recipes printed out and placed between labelled dividers, and check lists all along the way were immensely helpful. This reduced a lot of stress which lead to a better atmosphere in the kitchen. External Marketing was a strength; Facebook, invitations, emails, and word of mouth went a long way. Because the patio was open, pictures were posted on the PJs in the Atrium Facebook page, and complementary dessert with a check-in encouraged walk-ins and increased the total guest count. One thing that could have been improved was the Purchase Order. A more thorough understanding of the recipes and review of the purchase order form would have accounted for fewer corrections. The amounts for pork and beef for the burger were totally off and that would have meant hugely reduced sales for the signature items. Only half of the standard recipe of our dessert was made, and had the full amount been ordered, food sales likely would have been higher. 
March 22nd
Streets of New York @ Pj's    menu
Food Sales $649.32, 70 Guests
The specialty menu items were simple, easy to prepare, and provided for fast food service. Since, both our Smoked Salmon on a New York Bagel and Roasted Chicken N.Y.C. pizza were pre-prepared, service of these items were very quick, making it easy on the kitchen, and also ensured the turnover of tables in a timely manner. The effort of the staff really helped us pull the restaurant together and helped ensure smooth and efficient service. We had a good turnout of help on our preparation day and the staff also came in early to help the morning of our restaurant, this definitely contributed to the success of our day. The warm weather was a contributing factor to the lack of interest in our soup, and the three batches of soup would have probably been too much even if the weather had been ideal. There were a few reservations that did not show up, which did not help the fact that we were already slightly below eighty reservations, and these factors contributed to our slightly high food cost. Finally, our teamwork throughout the semester was great and aided in the success of our restaurant. We got along extremely well and were able to pull our restaurant together without any issues. We had confident in each other and communicated very well which was key to the success of our restaurant. 
March 22nd
Notte Stellata (fine dining)     menu
Food Sales $1296, Alcohol Sales $372.60, 37 Guests
Our biggest critical incident was the number of guests at our event and having 7 no shows. This put a damper on our evening because the dining room felt empty and some servers felt bored as they only had one table. Another critical incidence was the preparation and organization of our pasta course. It was labour intensive and hard to execute, however, our classmates were very flexible and quickly found a good system. This course took longer than expected to get out to the guests, which dragged out the first half of the night. Near the end of the night, our salad course and dessert were well prepared in advance and therefore made up for lost time on the pasta course. Finally the last critical incidence was the delivery of our first course. We planned to pour the soup from teapots, however, we discovered right before service that the soup was too thick and did not pour properly. This was a concern because the job packs had already described the pouring process, therefore quick changes and alterations needed to be made last minute.
March 23rd
Little Italy @ Pj's      menu
Food Sales $931.20, 94 Guests
First and foremost, we would like to thank our classmates for their support and their hard work towards the success of our restaurant! Our menu items were easy and quickly served, which made the kitchen less stressful and allowed for limited wait time. Our high guest count with 94 reservations was primarily from our effective marketing techniques through clubs we are involved in. We were very motivated to make sure we had enough people coming through the doors on the day of our restaurant. Organization is crucial in planning a restaurant, and although we tried our best to stay organized there were several aspects that could have improved the morning of service and during receiving. For instance, as managers we were not proactive in accomplishing our tasks during the morning of service. The thought was there, but there was not enough action. In addition to organization, timing was a key aspect on restaurant day. Although our timing was very efficient during execution, we could have organized our time better the morning of service. 
March 27th
British Bulldog @ Pj's       menu
Food Sales $602.24, 62 Guests
There was definitely a positive team dynamic in the kitchen during prep day and the day of service. However, despite everyone working well together, time and task management became an issue in the last hour before service. A more hands on approach from the KM would have benefitted the rest of the team in order to have everyone properly equipped to do their assigned jobs. A bit more staff training and task delegation would have saved some pre-opening stress. Preparation and organization were instrumental to the managers. Our purchase order was prepared well in advance, with adjustments made as needed. This helped the managers become more familiar with the ingredients and menu, which was a great asset. Organizing jobs, timing and recipes on paper provided valuable references on our prep and service days, when distractions were many and memories were short. Our marketing effort consisted of personal contacts, social media, flyers and posters, yet this did not bring in the number of customers we were hoping for. A more involved approach such as visiting classrooms and face-to-face advertising could have helped us bring in more guests. Most importantly, our managers cooperated well and both took responsibility for preparing the work up to and including the day of service. The managing team had similar values for work ethic and the quality of work done. 
March 28th
Italian Day @ Pj's    
Food Sales $868.78, 95 Guests
Being able to make confident decisions concerning food preparation and staffing positions largely impacted the quality of our restaurant. Deciding not to sacrifice the quality of the food for additional servings was a huge positive. Having all recipes, clean up tasks, specific job packs for staff in a binder all impacted our restaurant. This also reduced the amount of stress the management team felt, which therefore positively impacted the rest of the class. The front of the house communication with the back of the house communication was extremely important during service. It allowed the kitchen to constantly update the FOH manager on how many meals we had left so that the FOH manager could let the servers know and update the POS system. Lastly, servers, who were not comfortable with the POS system stepped up and helped each other which made our restaurant’s front of house run so smoothly during our busy times. 
March 29th
Mount Olympus @ Pj's       menu
Food Sales $1062.25, 98 Guests
Without the team, our restaurant would not have gone as smoothly as it did. The staff also handled the changes in our menu mix very well. We went from seventy-seven reservations to ninety-eight overnight. This presented a challenge to us the next morning when we needed to prepare more food and organize the dining room accordingly. There was a bit of a scramble to get things done once we got our added food items because we received them later than we anticipated. Another issue that we encountered at the start of service was figuring out the best way to cook the pork for the souvlaki dish. We didn’t start cooking the pork early enough, prior to the first seating at 11:30. This resulted in the pork not being ready for the orders that were coming in. In order to overcome this problem, we took the meat off the skewer so that it could cook faster and we could get the orders out in a more efficient and timely manner. We also had complications with the presentation of the pork souvlaki dish. At the beginning, there was miscommunication on how the plate should look and there were continued inconsistencies throughout service. If we were to do this again, we would pay greater attention to presentation and maintaining a standard throughout service. Even though we encountered our fair share of challenges, one thing that remained constant was our excellent teamwork. We have worked together well throughout the whole process and we all helped each other out in both back and front of house duties. We didn’t compartmentalize our tasks, which was a large part in our success.
March 29th
Sabores de Espana (fine dining)       menu
Food Sales $1872, Alcohol Sales $505, 52 Guests
The menu required a lot of preparation beforehand, which meant that less work was required during service to send out our dishes. The ceviche and gazpacho were finished prior to service, and only needed to be plated. However we did experience some issues during the evening. We under-estimated the sizes of our batches for our recipes, and this required us to make more food on the day of service. We ended up needing to stretch the ending amount of gazpacho, as well as make a double batch of bread and multiply our ice cream amount by one and a half. However, all of these things were seen ahead of service and were taken care of before they really became an issue. The one issue that was not foreseen was the cooking of the torrijas. The frying time took much longer than anticipated, and we did not take into account that fact that we would need to change the pan oil after each batch. This took a lot of time out of our service, and stressed out the employees and managers. However, we did double check with the front of house staff to make sure the customers were not displeased during this issue, and everyone seemed to be happy nonetheless. 
March 30th
Morning Glory @ Pj's       menu
Food Sales $848.46, 82 Guests
The French Toast Mascarpone Stuffing was not made according to the standardized recipe, resulting in too low of a yield. Looking at the bigger picture and communicating more effectively could have avoided the situation. Due to an initial high food cost, we made a change in switching from chicken breast to whole chickens for our chicken sandwich, which reduced the cost substantially. Aside from minor setbacks in preparation, our signature items were assembled efficiently. 
April 3rd
Spring Forward @ Pj's        menu
Food Sales $679.88, 61 Guests
Our final guest count was a total of 61 which is lower than our target of 80 guests. Our efforts to attract more patrons need to be more effective. With a restaurant day in the last week of classes we had over two months to market and promote however enough time was not spent doing so which lead to the lower turn out. Service ran very efficiently which would have allowed accommodating the full 80 patrons easy to accomplish. Our food cost will be higher due to the lower turnout of guests. Our choice on serving a chicken entrée and a pizza entrée was essential to the success of service. Both signature items balanced well during service due to several different factors. Both items did not need to be stored on the line which allowed for better flow in the kitchen at service. Our pizza was near the oven and dessert prep table while our chicken and mashed potatoes were kept on the line. The use of the two different areas in the kitchen for our signature items made service more efficient. The PO needed to be simpler and treated more like a grocery list. Some items were ordered in excess therefore more time evaluating the ingredients and what was getting ordered would have caused our PO to be easier to follow. Also the total cost of ingredients would have been lower causing a lower food cost.
April 4th
Tropical Day @ Pj's      menu
Food Sales $469.92, 60 Guests
April 5th
Southern Flare @ PJ's      
Food Sales $671.68, 67 Guests
Having a lab group that were so willing to help contributed to the success of our restaurant was one of the critical incidences during our restaurant. After 12 weeks in lab, everyone had a wealth of knowledge to draw from as well as experience in preparing many of the standard menu items. Therefore, the prep days went very smoothly. Further, that wealth of knowledge allowed for the managers to focus on the organization of the restaurant. We did have problems with our purchase order form making receiving stressful and some items almost got missed. This is a critical incident that could have gone more smoothly and be improved by the management team. Finally, the communication and the trust between the members of the management team made even stressful situations easy. We both understood what was needed in order to run a successful restaurant and we relied on each other to get the tasks accomplished rather than making one person do their respected tasks. 
HTM 3090~31 Events
Average Food Sales $739.66
Average Guest Count 74
HTM 4110~8 Events (fine dining)
Average Food Sales $1607
Average Alcohol Sales $407.89
Average Guest Count 46