Edward Koning

Comparative politics, comparative public policy, research methods
Professor Koning’s research centers on the politics of immigration and integration, with a particular focus on North America and Western Europe. His interests also include ethnic and linguistic diversity, new institutionalist theory, minority politics, and social policies.
Current Project: 

Professor Koning is currently working on a comparative study of immigrants’ access to social programs. In particular, the project aims to explore why some countries have decided to introduce restrictions and limits on immigrants’ access to social programs and benefits, whereas others have aimed to reduce immigrant welfare dependence by other means.

Teaching Interests: 

 European politics, social policy, immigration politics, research methods

Recent Publications: 

E.A. Koning, K.G. Banting (forthcoming 2013). “Inequality Below the Surface: Reviewing Immigrants’ Access to and Utilization of Five Canadian Welfare Programs.” Forthcoming in Canadian Public Policy.

K.G. Banting, S.N. Soroka, & E.A. Koning (forthcoming). “Ethnic Diversity and Solidarity: Support for Redistribution in a Multicultural Welfare State.” In K.G. Banting, J. Myles (eds.) The Fading of Redistributive Politics. Inequality and the Politics of Social Policy. Vancouver: UBC Press.

E.A. Koning (2011). “Ethnic and Civic Dealings with Newcomers. Naturalization Policies and Practices in 26 Immigration Countries.” Ethnic and Racial Studies, 43(11): 1974:92.

E.A. Koning & K.G. Banting (2011). “The Canadian Model of Immigration and Welfare.” In: Velferd og migrasjon. Den norske modellens framtid (Welfare and Migration. The Future of the Nordic Model), pp. 354-71. Oslo: Norges Offentlige Utredninger, 2011:7.

J.G. Erk & E.A. Koning (2010). “New Structuralism and Institutional Change. Federalism between Centralization and Decentralization.” Comparative Political Studies, 43(3): 353-78.

E.A. Koning (2009). “Women for Women’s Sake. Substantive and Symbolic Effects of Descriptive Representation in the Netherlands.” Acta Politica, 44(2): 171-91.

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