Collaborative Programs

The 1000-level courses in the program are designed to introduce students to various key debates and issues in Political Science. In looking at some of these issues and debates students will be introduced to some of the significant actors, institutions and dynamics of the political process in Canada and elsewhere.

The 2000-level courses in the program are designed to be the entry points into the different streams in the department (Political Theory and Analysis, Canada and the Americas, Comparative/ International Development and Public Policy and Administration). As such, the courses are designed to introduce students to the major debates in the field and provide students with some background about the key concepts and theories in the field. These courses are normally required as prerequisites for 3000-level courses in the stream.

The 3000-level courses in the program offer more specialized examinations of topics and problems within a particular stream. At the 4000-level, some of the courses are designed to be “capping” courses for the four streams and are designed to allow students to apply the knowledge and skills that they have learned to the most pressing and interesting questions currently confronting the field.