Need Help?

Where to get help with the Political Science Program:

Members of the Department's Undergraduate Committee hold course advising hours during add/drop periods and can be contacted by email:

Prof. C Johnson  514 Mackinnon, Ext. 5353,
Prof. A. Paras Room 516 Mackinnon. Ext. 53501, (on leave)
Prof. T. Lee Room 512 Mackinnon, Ext. 58938,
Prof. L. Levac Room 537 Mackinnon, Ext. 56065, 
Prof. T. Mau  Room 531 Mackinnon, Ext. 52170, 

Apart from support from these faculty academic advisors, the Department of Political Science would like to provide incoming students with access to the wealth of experience that senior students are able to share. We have therefore established a Peer Contact Program in which senior Political Science majors in their third and fourth years have volunteered to assist incoming students as they adapt to the university environment in general and the Political Science Program specifically.

Where to get help with your overall schedule and the BA program in general:

  • The BA Counselling Office is a very good resource for assistance with planning your overall schedule and to ensure that you are meeting your graduation requirements. The BA Counselling Office is also the place to go to apply for academic consideration (such as asking for a deferral of a final exam because of personal emergencies). The office also coordinates with the Political Science Department in approving student requests to study abroad for a period of time.

Where to find assistance with researching and writing:

  • Take advantage of a professor’s or teaching assistant’s office hours to ask about research and writing (or any course related issue)
  • The Learning Commons at the Library offers useful services to help students academically.

Where to get help with other questions:

The University offers a variety of health and counseling services to students as well as student accessibility services.