Undergraduate Studies

The Department of Political Science offers a wide-range of undergraduate courses in five major areas of Political Science:

  • Political Thought
  • Canadian Politics
  • Public Policy, Governance and Law
  • Comparative Politics
  • International Relations and Global Studies

Students have the opportunity to obtain a three-year general Bachelors of Arts degree with a concentration in Political Science or a four-year Honours Bachelors of Arts in Political Science. Guelph students also have the opportunity to attain a minor in Political Science.

The Department also collaborates in a number of other undergraduate programs, including Criminal Justice and Public Policy, International Development, Environmental Governance and Public Management (B.Comm).

What is democracy and what are the best ways to promote it? How should governments balance individual and group rights while protecting society in the fight against terrorism? Does the use of social networking by political parties make a difference? These are some examples of the debates and issues that students are introduced to as the department strives to offer courses that are relevant and engaging. The courses also provide students with an understanding of important concepts and processes in political science including the difference between parliamentary and presidential systems of government, comparative electoral systems, and the role of political parties, interest groups and social movements. Course offerings also help students develop skills in researching and writing that are specific to the study of politics.