Peer Contact Profile

Temilade Akintola Temilade Akintola

Interests: Law, Public policy, International Relations, Political Economy, Political Theory, Quantitative Methods and Statistics.

Core Courses: POLS*1150, POLS*2080, POLS*2200, POLS*2250, PHIL*2280, POLS*2300, POLS*3180, POLS*3650.

I am Temilade Akintola, a 4th year Political Science and Economics student at the University of Guelph. My decision to study Political Science stems from my interest in global issues and the world at large. I am also passionate about making an impact on the world, in the best way I can, using some of the communication and critical thinking skills I have learned from studying Political Science. While studying political science is not the only way to make an impact, I chose it because I see politics in everything we do. From the quality of life a person has, to the kind of food we have access to, politics, in one way or the other affects everything we do, and how we understand and perceive the world. I am inspired by the many people that have changed the world using their knowledge of Political Science. Nelson Mandela, a political leader, changed the world by tackling the issue of institutional racism in South Africa. Kofi Annan, in his role as the secretary general of the United Nation, brought about change considerable change; a few of which are his role in the formal endorsement of the Doctrine of Responsibility and development of the Millennium Development Goal.  Due to the great diversity of the field of Political Science, I have a lot of political heroes, a few of which are the trailblazers, Eleanor Roosevelt, Kofi Annan, Ban Ki Moon, Condoleezza Rice, and Nelson Mandela.

While a lot of many of the different fields of Political Science interest me, the most interesting to me is Political Economy. My plan for the upcoming school year includes taking more interesting courses in the Political Science and Economics departments. The biggest lesson I’ve learned throughout my academic career is that with enough hard work, motivation and proper guidance, anything is possible. I have also learned to keep an open mind regarding my education; some of the courses I was reluctant to take, ended up being some of my favorite courses. My advice to you is to step out of your comfort zone and make enough effort to try new things and figure out what you actually like, what you are passionate about and what inspires you to be better. It is very important that you allow this program to help shape the way you view the world and how you approach problems. Political Science did this for me, and I hope it does the same for you. After my degree, I hope to further my studies by studying Law. Having knowledge of Political Science will complement a Law degree and help me make the best impact I can.

Charlie BuckCharles Buck

Interests: Federalism, Electoral Politics, Political History

Courses: POLS 1150, POLS 1400, POLS 1500, POLS 2100, POLS 2250, POLS 2300

Hi! My name is Charlie Buck and I am a third-year student majoring in both history and political science. Like many of you, I haven’t decided which subfield of politics to specialize in yet. However, I am most interested in federalism, the constitution, electoral systems, and the history of politics. I also enjoy analyzing polls, predicting elections, and watching debates. The reason I am so passionate about politics and history is because they are truly the building blocks of a functioning society. The biggest piece of advice I have is to develop a rapport with your professors. The ones I had always seemed to like when I asked questions and talked to them about course material and assignments. One of the largest hurdles I have had to overcome is dealing with the stress of exams, essays, and the pressure that comes with that. The solution to this anxiety is to prepare, talk, and if needed, seek help. I hope someday I will be able to use my degree practically by becoming a politician and changing the institutions of the Canadian state. Finally, I am with SAS and I have taken quite a few distance education courses. If you have any concerns about them or anything else, do not hesitate to email me. Have a great school year and remember to relax and take a breather! Don’t worry about grades; do the work.

Grace CollictGrace Collict

Interests: Public Policy, Public Administration, International Relations, Comparative Politics

Courses: POLS*1150, POLS*2000, POLS*2080, POLS*2100, POLS*2200, POLS*2250, POLS*2300, POLS*2350, POLS*3440 POLS*3670

Hi everyone! My name is Grace Collict and I am in my third- year as a Political Science major here at the University of Guelph. This will be my first year as a Peer Contact, and I am very excited to become a part of this program and share my experiences with my fellow Gryphons!

I am most interested in Public Policy and Administration, International Relations and Comparative Politics. I enjoy learning about the different policies and political systems around the world and how nations interact with one another on a global scale. After completing my degree, I aim to pursue postgraduate studies in Public Policy and aspire to work for the government in a Policy Analyst position.

Throughout my studies in Political Science, I have learned that it only gets better as the years go on! The university offers a wide variety of courses on the studies of politics which may seem overwhelming at first, my recommendation would be to start out by taking a course in each field of study and then learn from there what is of most interest to you. As you work further towards competing your degree you will learn more about yourself and your academic interests!

Starting university is a new chapter in your life which comes with huge changes, a piece of advice I can offer to new students would be to always ask questions! As students you have access to several resources which are implemented to help you succeed, whether you need help writing a paper or with course selection, there is always somebody you can reach out to for help! Please feel free to contact me if you should ever have any questions about the program, campus life or if you just need someone to talk to! I look forward to hearing from you and best of luck to everybody with their studies!

Samantha CrincoliSamantha Crincoli

Interests: Canadian Politics, Governance and Law, International Relations

Courses: POLS 1150, POLS 2080, POLS 2150, POLS 2200, POLS 2300, POLS 2350, POLS 3130, POLS 3140, POLS 3270, POLS 3320, POLS 3370, POLS 3410, POLS 3670, POLS 3790

Hello everybody! My name is Samantha Crincoli, and I am a fourth year student here at the University of Guelph majoring in political science. This will be my second year as a Peer Contact, and I am beyond excited about the incredible year ahead.

Generally, my studies are centred on domestic politics, as I am very passionate about issues concerning the Canadian state, and occasionally, on governance and international relations. I decided to study politics because it is so deeply entrenched within human culture, and I am curious about the ways in which it can be used to solve problems and to make peoples’ lives better. Justified or not, I am excited and optimistic about the possibilities.

While university can sometimes be daunting, there is an incredible range of resources available to help you succeed, and I encourage you to take full advantage of everything that is offered. Feel free to contact me anytime if you should ever have questions. All the best in the upcoming year!

Ashley HizoAshley Hizo

Interests: Canadian and US politics, volunteering, Law

Core Courses: POLS 1150 Understanding Politics, POLS 2300 Canadian Government and Politics, PHIL 2280 Key Concepts in Political Philosophy, POLS 2200 International Relations, POLS 2150 Gender and Politics, POLS 2350 Law and Politics

I decided to pursue an undergraduate degree in political science as my pathway to law school or a government job. I like to experience life exemplifying the influence of Martin Luther King, Jr. During a time in which many would have resorted to violence, King embraced a path of peace. I strive to do this in my own life, with doing what feels right rather than the norm. With my long-term goal to become a family lawyer, any political science courses relating to law and legal studies are of most interest to me. Going into my third year at UoG, my main plan for this upcoming school year is to get involved as much as I can, in preparation for my LSAT and law school application. The biggest obstacle I have faced while in university was my time management skills. I like to joke that I suffer from compulsive- procrastination. Altogether with balancing a full-time course load, multiple part time jobs, maintaining a social life, and attempting to be well rested I have definitely learned how to prioritize certain things, and how to schedule my time accordingly. As an over-achiever as my friends would describe me, I believe there is always enough time for anything as long as you are organized and on top of things. This past summer, I had the privilege of working as a summer co-op student for the ministry of customer and consumer services (i.e. Service Ontario), through this experience I got to learn the different services the provincial government offers.

Shauna HugheyShauna Hughey

Interests: Canadian Politics, Electoral Politics, Constitutional Law.

Courses: POLS 1150, PHIL 2280, POLS 2080, POLS 2150, POLS 2300, POLS 2250, POLS 3180, POLS 3650.

Hello everyone! My name is Shauna Hughey, and I am a fourth-year student completing a major in political science with a minor in history. This will be my first year as a peer contact, and am excited to be involved in this program. I decided to pursue political science to gain a deeper understanding of the complex Canadian political system, and understand the dynamics of Canadian politics. In particular, I love studying constitutional law, and the history of Canadian politics. After this year, I will be pursuing a Master’s degree in this field to further my education.

For new students, the best advice I can give is to get involved on campus and find classes that interest you! Getting involved on campus will expose you to new opportunities and experiences that will make your time in school so much better. I am looking forward to this year as a peer contact, and please do not hesitate to reach out to me! I hope you all have a great school year!


Zehan JagoshZehan Jagosh

Interest: Canadian Politics, International Politics, Environmental Politics

Courses: POLS 1150, POLS 1400, POLS 1500, POLS 2080, POLS 2300, POLS 2350, POLS 2200, POLS 3270, POLS 3370 and POLS 3130

Hi Everyone! My name is Zehan Jagosh and I am a fourth-year student currently pursuing a double major in Political Science and International Development. This is going to be my second year as a Peer Contact and I am super excited to hopefully answer any questions you may have. I am most interested in political economy, and environmental politics. Along with my academic interests, I am also someone who is very passionate about community and civic engagement. Through the university, I am currently working towards completing a program which upon completion would earn me a certificate in the field of Civic Engagement and Global Citizenship. In the near future, I do hope to attend law school, as becoming a lawyer has been a lifelong dream of mine. I will be applying this fall so please reach out to me if you have any questions regarding the LSAT or law school in general. Additionally, do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns about what courses you should take, ways to get involved within the community or just any general university questions, I would be happy to assist you in any way possible. Have a great school year!

Brahmbind Singh Kamboj Brahmbind Kamboj

Interests: International Development, Political Philosophy, Law and Politics and International Relations.

Courses: POLS 1150, POLS 1500, POLS 2200, POLS 2250, POLS 2300, POLS 2350, POLS 3130, POLS 3140, POLS 3270, POLS 3300, POLS 3410, POLS 3650, POLS 3670.
Hi, My name’s Brahmbind and I’m a fourth year Political Science  My primary areas of interest are international Development, Political Philosophy, Law and Politics and International Relations. I love discussing and analyzing how political interactions between nations and their impacts on global and national affairs, along with how to aid and help the developing world grow. Aside from Political Science at the University of Guelph, I am an election organizer and have volunteered, worked and managed multiple election campaigns over the years. 
For incoming students trying to make and impact and develop skills, I cannot stress enough the importance of getting involved. For myself it was pretty straight forward. Election campaigns are how I decided to built my skillset and build a network. For you it come mean interning at a local legal clinic or firm, student council, getting involved with advocacy groups, or anything else that puts you in a position to get first hand experience of what you are interested in to compliment your formal education.

V. KayVictoria Kay

Core Courses: POLS 1400, POLS 1150, POLS 2000, POLS 2300, POLS 2350

Interests: Canadian government, public policy, civil law

Hello everyone, my name is Victoria and I am one of your Peer Contacts for this year! I am a third year political science major, minoring in psychology, and this is my first year as a peer contact. When I first started here at the University of Guelph I was originally majoring in Criminal Justice and Public Policy, however I recently decided to focus my studies on politics as I realized there was so much more I wanted to learn about political science. Some of my interests and things I enjoy learning about include public policy, Canadian government, and civil law. I have learned so much from my time here at Guelph so far, so feel free to come to me with any questions!

G. KerrGraham Kerr

Interests: comparative politics, nationalism

Core Courses Completed: POLS*1150, POLS*2300 DE, PHIL*2280, POLS*2080, POLS*2100, POLS*2350, POLS*2250, POLS*3180   

My name is Graham, and I will be a fourth-year Political Science Major come the fall. I decided to study political science, as I heard that it was a great prerequisite to law school. During the school year, I play many sports on campus, including hockey, football, soccer, and badminton. I look forward to the opportunity of working with the department of Political Science. Of the many subfields covered within the political science major, I have found an immense interest in the field of comparative politics, as I thoroughly enjoy learning about the political systems and functions of various countries, especially those that hold incredibly different cultural and social practices than us here in Canada. More specifically, I am extremely fascinated by the concept of nationalism, and how it can hold such a profound influence over social customs and behaviors.

Scott McNabScott McNab

Interests: Elections and political parties, Law and politics, Political scandals and corruption, Public policy and administration

Core Courses: POLS 2300, 2250, 3180, 3050, 3440, 3300, 3270, 3650

I am a fourth-year honours political science student. I decided to study this program to become more informed in Canadian politics and the practical application in the running of government. The field of political science that most interests me is public policy and administration, although I have taken courses in every field of the program.

My plans for this year are to make a positive contribution and to become more involved in the program. The biggest lesson I have learned in my studies was building strong time management skills, which has been beneficial to a variety of positions I have earned in politics.

The best political experience I have gained outside of this program has been volunteering for a sitting member of parliament, working on the campaign team for a newly elected member of provincial parliament in the 2018 Ontario provincial election, and volunteering for a second newly elected member of provincial parliament.

I plan on furthering my education in the field of political science by considering graduate studies and eventually working in politics or government in some capacity.

Harmanjit MundiHarman Mundi

Interests: Political Institutions, Electoral Politics, and Political History.

Courses: POLS 1150, POLS 1500, POLS 2200, POLS 2250, POLS 2300, POLS 2350, POLS 3130, POLS 3140, POLS 3270, POLS 3300, POLS 3410, POLS 3650, POLS 3670.
Hi, My name’s Harman and I’m a fourth year Political Science and History major. My primary areas of interest are elections, electoral systems, and political history. I love discussing and analyzing polls and what they mean and what information we can draw from them. In that, elections are the ultimate polls. Often people consider elections to be the end polling mattering until the next election campaign, but for me that when it get most interesting. On the more history side of things, my interests are in Canadian political history between 1960-90. Those 30 years are the most important in shaping our country as we know today and there is just so much to unpack and study in there. 
For incoming students trying to make and impact and develop skills, I cannot stress enough the importance of getting involved. For me it was pretty straight forward. Election campaigns are how I decided to built my skillset and build a network. For you it come mean interning at a local legal clinic or firm, student council, getting involved with advocacy groups, or anything else that puts you in a position to get first hand experience of what you are interested in to compliment your formal education.

Carly MurphyCarly Murphy

Interests: Law, International Relations, Environmental Politics, Political Philosophy

Courses: POLS 1150, POLS 9110 (McMaster), POLS 2350, POLS 2300, POLS 2200, POLS 3300, POLS 2000 

Hey everyone, my name is Carly and I am currently in my third-year, majoring in Political Science. I attended McMaster first year and transferred to Guelph for my second year and I absolutely loved it. This is my first year as a peer contact and I am excited to get to know others within the program and hopefully help out in any way I can.

The last two summers I worked for the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, offering experience in a government job setting, and next summer I plan to apply for an internship at a law firm. After I obtain my undergrad, I hope to also obtain my Master’s degree and attend law school.

My advice for new students is to take advantage of the courses your enrolled in. Go to lectures, participate in study groups, learn as much about the course as you possibly can while you’re in it and academic success will follow. Enjoy the program and everything it has to offer; you won’t regret it. I am looking forward to being one of the peer contacts this year so don’t hesitant to contact me!

Aaron NugentAaron Nugent

Interests: Comparative Politics, Political Philosophy, Political Sociology, Law

Courses: POLS*1150 Understanding Politics, POLS*2250 Public Admin & Governance, POLS*2300 Cdn Government & Politics

**Enrolled for Fall 2018 Semester: POLS*2350 Law and Politics, PHIL*2280 Concepts Political Philosophy

I initially enrolled into the University of Guelph as a business major, because I have several interests in the corporate world such as corporate law, marketing, and real estate. However, after my first semester I decided to switch into political science and it was the best decision of my academic career so far. I chose to study politics because in business I felt like I was not getting the whole story; as if I was missing out on the bigger picture of how business and society interact. I wanted to learn more about power dynamics, and decision makers, policy makers and the real drivers in society. Delving into my first politics course, I learned so much about why the political forces we have in society exist; why they work and why they don’t work. This then sparked interests in the history of political thought and philosophy, as well as an interest in comparative politics. I am fascinated by the similarities and differences across different countries, cultures and eras.

My political hero and one of my major inspirations in life is Barack Obama, former president of the United States. He inspires me because he showed me from a very young age that as a black man you can do it all. You can be cool and be smart. You can act with class and respect...and listen to rap music! Being a basketball player does not prevent me from being an honour roll student. He set the example that excellence is attainable for someone like myself. Barack Obama attended my two dream schools, Columbia for his undergrad and then Harvard Law School. My goal at the end of my degree is to be accepted into a graduate program at one of these two institutions and go on to make an impact in the world following one of my many passions, including sports, music, law and politics. My end game may or may not be ground breaking political change, however; icons such as Barack Obama, my passionate professors at the University of Guelph, and my extracurricular experiences both as a varsity athlete and a volunteer in the community, motivate me to succeed in my pursuit of a political science degree. I am honoured to have this opportunity to share my passion for learning with other political science students at the University of Guelph.

Jenna SmithJenna Smith

Courses: POLS 1150, POLS 2300, POLS 2200, POLS 2100, POLS 2250, POLS 3440

Interests: Political Theory, Public Policy, Electoral Systems

Hi everyone! My name is Jenna and I am in my third year at Guelph majoring in political science and minoring in sociology. My main interests in political science are political theory and public policy. I decided to study politics because I have always been intrigued by how a select group of people can have the power to make decisions that can impact an entire country’s population. I also find elections very interesting, including the rationale behind who people vote for or why some people don’t vote at all.

By being a student athlete on the varsity track and field team, I have had to learn how to juggle both athletics and academics, and I am still learning as my degree continues. Through trial and error, I have picked up some crucial study and time management skills that have helped me stay on top of my schoolwork, even when my schedule seemed overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to reach out if have any questions or need advice whether it be politics related or not. Looking forward to a great year with you all!


Emily StandfieldEmily Standfield

Interests: Political change and unrest, specifically in Middle East and Africa, Role of militaries in government operations, Role of women in third world

Courses: POLS*1150, POLS*2300, POLS*2000, POLS*2080, POLS*2200, POLS*2150

My name is Emily Standfield and I’m a fourth year political science major. In first year I wasn’t studying politics, but after taking a few courses as electives, I decided it was what I was most interested in. Although I’ve loved all my courses, I am most interested in comparative politics, especially courses that focus on Africa and the Middle East. In Canada and other countries similar to it, government positions are regulated enough that when someone leaves office, the office isn’t threatened. I find it so interesting that in some countries (like those in Africa) one person leaving government can cause the entire structure to topple. For that reason, I’ve taken most of my courses in the comparative politics field. I’m not sure what I’ll do after my degree! Recently I’ve been thinking about grad school programs in public policy, but that might be subject to change. I definitely won’t become a politician, which is a question I get asked almost every day!

Dakota StoneDakota Stone

Interests: American politics, political theory.

Courses: POLS1150, POLS1400, POLS3650, POLS2250, POLS2100, POLS2150, POLS3130, POLS2300, POLS2350, POLS3210, POLS3000, POLS3140, POLS3270.

Hi everyone. My name is Dakota and I am in my 4th year of the political science program with a minor in criminal justice and public policy. I decided to study politics due to an interest in global affairs. I am interested in American politics and political theory. I have taken many courses from a variety of the different political science fields. This year, I am involved as a political science peer contact and am additionally a senior peer helper with the Off Campus Living team. This will be my third year on this team advising landlords and tenants of their legal rights. I am now a senior peer on the team and will be taking on some additional responsibilities such as creating a core training manual for incoming peer helpers. The biggest lesson I have learned throughout my time at Guelph is to look at grad school and career requirements early on in your degree so that you are prepared for postgraduate studies. After this year, I plan on applying to several public service masters programs in Toronto so I can continue my studies and work at the same time.

Micah WinterMicah Winter

Interests: Comparative Politics, International Relations and Global Studies

Courses: POLS*1500, POLS*2100, POLS*2200, POLS*3000, POLS*3060

Hello everyone! My name is Micah Winter and I am in my fourth year of studies in Political Science with a minor in French. I am most interested in comparative politics and am particularly intrigued with the Middle East and Africa, specifically perspectives surrounding conflict, sovereignty and state building. At this point I still have no idea what I want to do with my degree, but I would love to continue learning in some postgraduate pursuit. Last year I spent a full-year on exchange at Université Lumière - Lyon 2 in Lyon, France. This year I am back in Guelph and will be completing my studies including writing an Honours Thesis on the Nigerian Civil War, conflict and legitimacy. I am more than happy to answer any questions that come my way, about academics, adjustment, life in Guelph and abroad. The best lesson I have learned at UofG is to ask questions (a lot of them), so ask away!