U of G Researchers Publish First-Ever Scientific Study on Cannabis Production

As Canada prepares to legalize recreational marijuana, a U of G research team in the School of Environmental Sciences (SES) led by Prof. Youbin Zheng has been formulating growing methods to improve the production of medicinal cannabis plants.

Last year, they published what is believed to be the first-ever scientific paper on growing better marijuana using science.

“Growing marijuana has been illegal for so many years that there has been hardly any scientific research up until this point on how to produce this crop,” says Zheng, who worked with SES Prof. Mike Dixon and PhD student Deron Caplan.

The researchers analyzed optimal fertilizer rates and soilless growing substrates to achieve higher yields and more concentrated medicinal components in marijuana.

Partly funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, the study garnered international media attention after it was published in the journal HortScience.

The researchers continue to investigate ideal horticultural practices for indoor cannabis production.