Time Capsule – 1975

Coffee on campus has a long history. Well before the days of full, half-caf, decaf or fancy frapps with or without whip, coffee at U of G often meant the Massey Hall Coffee House. Ask anyone who studied or worked here between 1951 and 1998 about the place, and odds are they will have a great story to tell about what they heard, saw, discussed or experienced there.
In 1951, a group of students got permission to excavate the basement of Massey Hall to open the coffee house. They dug it out in just three nights, and opened it under the auspices of the Campus Co-operative, selling coffee, muffins and more.

Over the years, the coffee shop changed with the times, including sporting a psychedelic vibe in the mid-1970s. The shop closed in 1998.

We believe this shot to be from about 1975. Are we correct? Do you spot yourself or anyone you know? Send a note to porticomagazine@uoguelph.ca and let us know!


  • The University Centre officially opens in June and is dubbed the “campus hub.”
  • Donald Forster becomes the University of Guelph’s third president.
  • The Umbria sculpture is installed in front of the University Centre. The trio of cast fibreglass and concrete sculptural forms by Walter Redinger now stands in the U of G Arboretum.
  • U of G scientists announce freezing techniques to store cow embryos.


  • The Vietnam War ends in April 1975 with the fall of Saigon.
  • The British Conservative Party chooses its first woman leader, Margaret Thatcher.
  • The IRA attacks the United Kingdom.
  • NASA launches the first joint United States/Soviet Union space flight.
  • Betamax videotapes and VHS tapes are introduced by Sony and Matsushita/JVC, respectively.
  • One of the very first blockbuster films, Jaws, is released in the summer.

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