Apprenticeship program bridges gap to employment

Recent grads of the University of Guelph’s College of Arts are getting a kick-start on careers in the Guelph community through a new philanthropist-funded apprenticeship program. All new grads of the college can apply for the program.

The Guelph Arts Apprenticeship Program (GAAP) is a partnership among the University, the City of Guelph, local businesses and donor Alan Rottenberg. He will provide a career-building incentive for 10 grads initially by funding salaries for the first four months of their one-year apprenticeships.

Rottenberg has served as a senior executive and board member with a variety of successful software companies. GAAP is based on a model he spearheaded at Queen’s University and the City of Kingston, Ont., two years ago.

The program gives grads job readiness skills while connecting them with employers who are eager to hire young talent. It also helps grads recognize how the skills they learned in university may transfer to the job market.