Calling all OVC hockey alumni!

Hello, OVC Alumni! I am working on a project to celebrate the 100th Ontario Veterinary College student hockey tournament.

When OVC had its 150th anniversary in 2012, I made a hockey trophy for the students that turned out better than expected, being appraised at $53,300!
Now, to celebrate the 100th student tournament, I’m making a large base for the trophy on which the names of all the 2,000-plus people who played for their classes will be stamped. The finished trophy will be displayed in OVC’s main building.

Hundreds of OVC alumni have helped me to compile team lists going back to 1931, when the tournament started. However, some lists are incomplete or unverified by people who played for that class. I am appealing to anyone who played hockey while in the DVM program to help check their class hockey player list in case I have missed anyone. I am listing anyone who played hockey for their DVM class team, and any DVM student who played varsity hockey between 1931 and today.

For example, I hope the OVC ’42 grad who recently wrote to Portico will check his class list for me.

OVC 1942 hockey player names to check: Gordon Baux, J.A.T. Behan, Bill Brisbane, Bill Cawker, Nelson Chiles, William Harvey Cowan, Robert Griesback, Peter Lingua, Donald MacDonald, William McCabe, Bernard McSherry, James O’Donoghue, Victor Prest, Alexander Rattray, Clement Reeds, Edward Rothmel, Jim Schroder, Danny Smith, John Sproule, David Thompson, Jack Thomson and Ross Walton.

Brad Hanna, Professor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences and a U of G alum, OVC ’89

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