Why Join the PPHC Lab?

  • We have ongoing collaborations with clinicians at The Hospital for Sick Children, London Children’s Hospital, and the McMaster Children’s Hospital.
  • The work done in the PPHC lab is both independent and collaborative. You will learn to become self-directed researchers, while also having the opportunity to bring your work to the lab team and receive encouragement and constructive feedback to further hone the quality of work.
  • As a PPHC lab member, you will have many opportunities for personal growth and development of skills in the PPHC lab since you will be given varied responsibilities to broaden your skill set.
  • You will gain first hand experience on how to conduct a variety of studies, since we use a variety of methodologies (questionnaires, direct observation of parent-child interactions, randomized controlled trials and other experimental manipulation, interviews, focus groups) to conduct research on acute and chronic pain as well as pain-related fear.
  • By the end of your time at the lab, you will have a better understanding of the behind-the-scenes operations of working on a research project from start to finish!