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When Social Media Goes Bad

I am disappointed and saddened to read a number of sexist comments posted in social media recently.

Over the course of history, the connection between words and impact has been understood. It took a long time to recognize the connection between racist comments or jokes and a culture of racism. Whilst we still see isolated incidents of racist comments and jokes, it is gratifying that the community as a whole rises up to challenge such statements.

Therefore, I struggle to understand why some members of our community cannot see a similar connection between the limericks and a culture of disrespect and violence against women.

It is impossible to ignore the connection between a society that encourages jokes about rape or the objectification of women and the act of rape or other acts of violence against women.

Respect is the most fundamental right of human beings and a value we uphold at this university.

I applaud and strongly support those who are standing up to say that these limericks are inappropriate and I urge others to take the time to understand why such jokes can be harmful, and to use words carefully and in a manner that respects all individuals in our community.


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