Capital Planning

Capital Planning

The University of Guelph is committed to building on its success and enhancing the quality of the teaching and learning experience. Fundamental to this process is strategic planning.

Universities are complex places, with ongoing challenges and ever-changing operating environments. It is essential that we have long-term plans in place for everything from academic goals to the facilities that support discovery to environmental sustainability. Such clearly set directions are critical to ensuring our continued strength and to helping shape our future.

The University of Guelph has been engaged in strategic planning since its inception. In recent years, planning processes have included Toward 2000, which outlined goals for the new millennium; our extensive preparations for the double cohort; and the integrated plan, which builds on our 1995 "Making Change" strategic plan and guides our vision and efforts through 2010.

Although some plans address specific needs or issues on campus — accessibility, curriculum, deferred maintenance, growth, etc. — they are all underpinned by the University's overarching mission of delivering outstanding education and innovative solutions.

Facility Plans

These multi-year initiatives are designed to address both immediate and future issues pertaining to the physical structures on campus. This includes infrastructure renewal, deferred maintenance and creating an accessible learning environment.

Master Plans

Master plans respond to the ongoing challenges and requirements for various university functions and services, and outline long-range developments and goals. Expectations, needs and services for various University divisions and services change over time, so master plans are designed to be both flexible and forward-thinking.

Academic Plans

A culmination of all other efforts, our academic plans bring together all of the elements of university-wide strategic planning. They update and guide our academic mission, vision and future direction.

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