The Office of the President

2010 President's Exemplary Staff Award Winners

Service Excellence Award

Bruno Mancini - Director, Student Life and Counselling Services

Bruno's always goes above and beyond the call of duty, taking on new projects enthusiastically. He makes himself available, implementing an open door policy for staff and jumping in to provide back up whenever needed. He deals with situations that are extremely sensitive and always maintains a calm and compassionate manner. You can call on him anytime, night or day, and he never hesitates. Bruno recently completed a project to improve service to students with serious mental health issues. He identified the need for enhanced training and support on campus, submitted a proposal for external funding and developed a training program and manual that will be provided to faculty and front line staff. Nothing is impossible for Bruno who manages to find solutions to even the most complicated situations. He is described as an angel without wings, a great communicator and a good listener.

Exemplary Team Recognition Award

Ann Bolger, Sandra Campbell and Lois Lamble - The Department of Economics administrative team

The Department of Economics administrative team displays dedication, work ethic and tremendous mutual support that have gained respect from students, faculty and visitors alike. Among the three team members they have over 42 years of dedicated service to the University. They share their experience and knowledge openly and ensure that each member of the team receives the support they need to meet their work deadlines no matter what the circumstances. They make the jobs of others manageable by their incredible support and their attitudes, good humour and congeniality contribute greatly to the positive morale of the department. They have created an environment where students feel supported, respected and welcome. They are a team truly deserving of this recognition.

Exemplary Team Recognition Award

Joan Cascio, Cheryl Fitzgibbon, Diana Foolen, Anna Gallina, Joanne Gillis, Sue Hall
The School of Environmental Design and Rural Development support staff

The School of Environmental Design and Rural Development support staff team is much more than simply a group of individuals that do a good job. Together they have created a synergy that is the very essence of the school . They share a common goal of excellence and are committed to going beyond the definitions of the individual jobs and programs they support to improve the School as a whole. It is clear to all faculty and students that this group cares deeply. For many students, the office has become a second home. This team makes the building a comfortable and safe spot, not only looking after its visual appearance, but also by contributing to the positive atmosphere. The strong student and faculty support for this very special team clearly indicates that they are exemplary in everything they do

Innovative Leadership Recognition Award

Linda Hawkins - Centre for Families, Work & Well-being

Linda Hawkins epitomizes the role of an innovative leader. Ten years ago Linda took on the role of Executive Director for the Centre for Families, Work and Well-being and turned the fuzzy, undefined vision of CFWW into a world class research centre. Building on the success of CFWW, Linda was appointed as the Director of the CSAHS Initiative on Community Engaged Scholarship. Linda created the Research Shop, a mechanism for building partnerships with the community, conducting socially responsive research and fostering community service learning opportunities for students. Linda is an exceptional leader who embraces uncertainty and complexity. Through the cultivation of many strategic relationships, she has an extraordinary capacity to mobilize teams and blaze innovative research pathways.

Hidden Hero Recognition Award

Barbara Chance - Editor, University Communications and Public Affairs

As the official and sometimes unofficial editor for most University publications, Barbara Chance personifies what it means to be a Hidden Hero. She has spent the last two decades supporting others and providing excellent service to people and departments across campus, all of it behind the scenes – literally. Barbara has a wealth of knowledge about the campus and has become the unofficial repository of information about all things Guelph. Editor is a position she holds near and dear to her heart and she goes above and beyond the call of duty by agreeing to edit everything and anything thrown in her direction. She does so enthusiastically, with good humour and without fanfare. Propelled by a deep desire to eliminate grammatical errors, typos and misspelled words no job is too big or too small for Barbara.

Hidden Hero Award

Mario Finoro - Chief Technician, Geography Department

Mario Finoro has worked for 34 years in the Geography Department. He is the Chief Technician, but this title doesn't begin to reflect the significant role he plays in support of all aspects of research, administration and teaching in the department. He might be a Hidden Hero but in the Department of Geography anyone who needs something fabricated, fixed or just general advice knows where to find Mario.He is a role model and mentor to research assistants, graduate students, staff and faculty. He gives help and advice to so many people with such efficiency and so little fuss that it is easy to underestimate just how vital a role he plays to the department. Mario works quietly behind the scenes to support others but there is no doubt that he is a key member of the Department Geography community.

Spirit Award

Barry Townshend - Manager, Centre for New Students

As a member of the Student Life department, Barry Townshend carries three major responsibilities: he is the manager of the Centre For New Students; he is a Counsellor/Therapist; and he is the 'go-to' person in Student Life when it comes to new initiatives and technology-related projects. Barry is a team player, constantly going above and beyond the call of duty. He established new student transition seminars, facilitates first year seminars, volunteers countless nights and weekends delivering workshops for Peer Helper training, the Project Serve pre-departure programs, the annual student leader training conference and non-Student Life programs such as Camp-Out and Residence Life staff selection and training. Barry is truly deserving of the "Spirit Award," because of his giving attitude and his desire to ensure that students have the best experience possible. He shows a commitment to his job and community that is truly admirable, fostering an atmosphere of belonging and caring.

Community Service Award

Rodger Tschanz - Greenhouse Technician, Department of Plant Agriculture

Rodger Tschanz, a Greenhouse Technician in the Department of Plant Agriculture, can always be counted on to assist in any event, especially when a good cause is involved. He is truly a giving person of his time, expertise, and services. Rodger is an active volunteer, helping to organize the Department's United Way campaign events, working as a member on the Guelph Museum's Board of Management, and as a representative and liaison between the Canadian Greenhouse Conference and the Horticulture Club. Rodger has been a Big Brother for 7 years and for the last 5 years, Rodger has staffed the booth for the University of Guelph at Canada Blooms. Rodger exemplifies the ideals of community service and is truly deserving of this recognition. Rodger's humble attitude makes it difficult to determine how many causes he is actually involved in.

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