The Office of the President

2011 President's Exemplary Staff Award Winners

Award of Excellence in Health & Safety

Linda Trouten-Radford, Animal & Poultry Science

As the Departmental Safety Officer and Chair of the Department Safety Committee in Animal and Poultry Science, Linda Trouten-Radford’s expertise is diverse - and it has to be! In the Animal and Poultry Science building, she has to be aware of the safety issues around livestock, poultry, fish, radio isotopes, biohazards, sample grinding machinery, and surgical equipment as well as all the usual lab safety issues. Her diligence and outstanding efforts have built a culture determined to maintain an organized, clutter-free, safe and healthy work environment.

Community Service Award

Linda Wing, School of Environmental Sciences

Linda Wing has an immense capacity for compassion for others. She has been active in the Parent Councils of her children’s schools, has worked with the Wellington County 4H for more than 15 years, has volunteered with Big Sisters of Wellington County for more than 15 years, has been part of the Fergus Fair Board Youth Committee for a decade and is a Sunday school teacher at St. Andrew’s church in Fergus. Add them all up and you will see she has provided more than 94 “volunteer years” of service to various organizations, and she puts 100% effort into each of these activities.

Exemplary Team Recognition Award

OVC Health Sciences Centre Information System Team:

Tanis Comrie, Dana Irvine, Paul McDonald, Judy Metherel, Elizabeth Reemeyer, Lucy Siydock, Cheryl Weidner, Brenda Ford, Gayleen Gray, Judy Tack

“Keep Calm and Carry On”, that’s what the red t-shirts worn by the OVC Health Sciences Centre Information System Team said during the early implementation phase of the new information system. That slogan said it all. This team was made up of staff from various parts of OVC and they efficiently identified the system requirements, issued RFP’s, reviewed vendor proposals, designed and customized the new system, then, once it was installed, tested it. They then trained more than 300 people during the first month.  What made this team so successful was the shared sense of humour, the willingness to work at communicating with each other and with their colleagues, and their respect for all involved.


Hidden Hero Recognition Award (tie)

Uwe Oehler, Chemistry

One of the nominators for Uwe Oehler commented that Uwe uses his initiative and skills to resolve problems before others in the Chemistry department even know they exist. He is an incredibly talented person, who balances his impressive technical knowledge with imagination and creativity. He always has a smile on his face and has a wonderful way of explaining technical information in a way that is easy to understand even for those with few technical skills. Uwe not only does what is asked of him, but exceeds expectations, and does it all with a friendly, helpful demeanour.

Michael Boterman, History / Theatre Studies

Michael Boterman has been described as “the spirit and the heart of the Theatre Studies program and a guiding light for the students, who goes beyond his job description and helps us all find the excitement in theatre.” He is described as highly efficient, extraordinarily reliable and competent, bringing his keen intelligence to bear on every problem he encounters. Michael is simply a very GOOD person, who is always cheerful about doing anything he can to help, and always has time to listen to a student or colleague with a problem even while he efficiently manages a dozen other tasks. Students say how much they love seeing his smiling face in the audience at all the shows, and express deep gratitude for the support he provides. Michael is not one to toot his own horn, but he is truly an unsung hero who has made a significant difference in the lives of many students. 

Innovative Leadership Recognition Award

Diane Dobbins, College of Management and Economics

One of Diane Dobbins’ nominators wrote: “I have seldom encountered a person as professional and dedicated as Diane. She seeks the ideas of others readily and never shies away from new challenges.” Diane’s tireless work to support research activity and raise the profile of faculty research in this relatively young College has paid off and contributed to the success the researchers are now experiencing in obtaining grants. Diane is always prepared to take the initiative and is constantly dreaming up new ideas for ways to improve or promote the area she supports. Whether she is working with students, faculty or guests she finds a way to make each feel special and valued. She does everything with such apparent ease, and has earned the trust and respect of all who work with her.

Service Excellence Recognition Award

Inez Scapinello, Hospitality Services

Inez Scapinello has served our University with exceptional commitment since the days when William Winegard was President of the University. In fact, former President Winegard added his own note to this nomination, and had this to say about Inez and her outstanding work: “She was and is a gem, a credit to the university and its reputation, always gracious and helpful.” Inez started as the President’s housekeeper in the mid-1950s but has most recently worked in the University Club. In her role there, she demonstrates the highest level of professionalism. Her willingness, even eagerness, to do whatever it takes to serve her clientele regardless of distractions make her a most special employee and deserving of the highest level of recognition. The atmosphere in the University Club is warm and welcoming and it is largely due to Inez that this is so. Although staff come and go, all of them have learned from her. Very few people have served the U of G so long, with so much grace and so much loyalty as Inez.

University of Guelph Spirit Award

Rhonda Alger, Animal & Poultry Science

Rhonda Alger exemplifies the University of Guelph spirit: she is quietly competent, always willing to help out and often going above and beyond what is expected of her. This is perhaps most clearly demonstrated in her work for the United Way. Rhonda, who works in Animal & Poultry Science, first volunteered her services to the United Way campaign in 2007. She worked hard to keep things organized during the busy campaign and took on the responsibility of organizing meetings and taking minutes, posting information on the website, and communicating with volunteers. These tasks often kept her working late into the night, but in every situation, Rhonda maintained her upbeat sense of humour and made positive connections with people all over campus. Her hard work and dedication continue to be a central and invaluable component of the United Way campaign, and her total reliability and positive outlook make her a delight to work with.

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