The University of Guelph’s strategic framework, Our Path Forward, is an institutional planning document that describes who we are, where we focus, and how we move forward as a University. It outlines our University’s common purpose and provides guideposts to help with strategic decision making.

Since its inception in 2016, the five pillars of Our Path Forward have informed our teaching, research, administration, planning and engagement. The pillars of the plan include stewarding valued resources; inspiring learning and inquiry; catalyzing discovery and change; connecting communities; and nurturing our distinctive culture.

The COVID-19 pandemic has, however, impacted every aspect of our institution. As we look ahead to our plans for 2021/22, and toward a post-COVID-19 recovery, we have a rare opportunity to pause and begin to re-shape our future together.

This spring, the University will be undertaking a refresh of its strategic framework. Using the pillars of the existing framework, we will consult with our community to set goals and develop a multi-year action plan for the future.