Throughout our history, the University of Guelph’s activities have demonstrated a strong appreciation for the importance of having an international presence and global connections. In a world that is increasingly interconnected, and where the pace of change is accelerating, we continue to recognize the essential requirement of a broad approach to internationalization. Increasingly, internationalization will be a vital force for research excellence and innovation, learner-centred and engaged education, and knowledge mobilization and transfer. In prioritizing internationalization, we are working toward the creation of integrated and intentional processes and activities to to develop our global presence.

The importance of our international presence and the potential of our global role was a central theme as we developed our Strategic Framework and these discussions have subsequently informed our approach to internationalization that is outlined in Global@Guelph. Global@Guelph is a companion document to the Strategic Framework and it elaborates on the ways the University’s strategic these are advanced by internationalization and will help shape our academic and operational pans for internationalization.

Stuart McCook, AVP International