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Presidential Search

This page is provided for reference only and may contain outdated information. On March 24, 2020 the Board of Governors made the decision to pause the presidential search. For more information please see the news release.

Community Input

In early November 2019, community members were invited to provide input into the presidential search process through an online survey and in-person presidential search forums.

The survey and forums were advertised through mass e-mails, social media, and on the University’s website. Over 300,000 opportunities were provided for the community to engage with this content. The Presidential Selection Committee was very encouraged to see that over 3000 members of the University community were engaged in this phase of the search process. The input provided will be used to inform the development of the position profile for the University’s next president. The profile will be posted publicly in the coming weeks.


Opportunities to View Content
Social Media - 206,015
Mass E-mail - 96,707
Websites - 2,005
Surveys Completed
Alumni - 1,351
Student - 807
Staff - 356
Faculty - 176
Friend/Partner - 113
One-on-One or In-Person Contacts
E-mail - 154
Open Forums - 59
Meetings - 42
Telephone - 31
Stakeholder Group Survey Responses as a % of Total Survey Responses
Internal Stakeholder Groups as a % of Campus Population
Internal Stakeholder Group Response Rates

Alumni Students Staff Faculty & Academic Staff Friends & Partners


Questions & Ongoing Feedback

Questions and feedback will be accepted throughout the presidential search process and can be sent to the Presidential Selection Committee, in confidence, by e-mailing