Art History Major

Art History (ARTH)

Admission Requirements

Making a Difference Through Visual Art

 Explore the Impact of Art Around the World

Engage in courses that will teach you how works of art can influence cultural, economic, social, political, religious, racial and gender dynamics within a range of historical eras, including the Medieval, Early Modern, Modern, and Contemporary periods.

 Gain Hands-on Experience

Pursue experiences that bring architecture, history, culture, and visual works of art to life. You can:

  • Travel to museums and galleries locally or abroad
  • Meet artists and historians through dynamic Speaker Series’
  • Participate in annual symposiums or contribute your own voice in our student publication, Delve!

 Dive into Research

Work with The School of Fine Art and Music Print Collection, containing over 2,200 fine art prints by world-famous artists such as Rembrandt, Goya, Picasso, and more.

You can apply for research assistantships to develop professional experience that can be applied directly to your future study or career.

Art History Graduate Career Outcomes

Our Art History graduates have a greater understanding of social, political, cultural, and economics challenges of the world that inform careers in galleries, government, visual marketing, and many other areas. 

Here are a few careers our graduates successfully pursue:

  • Art teacher
  • Government relations officer
  • Cultural journalist
  • Web designer
  • Gallery coordinator/curator
  • Art therapist
  • Heritage conservation
  • Advanced graduate studies in Art History and Visual Culture

Why Art History?

As one of Canada’s premier Art History programs, you will learn how to appreciate and understand the variety of roles that visual arts play in the lives of human beings.


The Influence of Art

From architecture, to photography, sculpture, ancient murals, modern graffiti, famous paintings, printmaking, and more; art is all around us. Visual art also has aesthetic, historical, social, and ethical significance that is present in the heritage of many cultures and influences our environment today.

Whether you’re an artist yourself, or you simply appreciate the creativity and beauty in others, you’ll uncover the way visual arts can change our understanding of historical events, learn to analyze various methods and theories of art, and become aware of the impact that art has played both historically and today in conditioning humankind.


Students in the ARTH program may also be interested in studying European Studies, Classical Studies, Studio Art, or other majors.

ARTH Course Calendar


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