Bachelor of Arts and Sciences

Bachelor of Arts and Sciences

Why choose a bachelor's degree in Arts and Sciences?

If you’re interested in Social Sciences, Humanities, and Science and want to pursue a program that combines all three areas without having to choose, consider our Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree program.

In this program, you will learn how social and scientific issues overlap in our constantly changing world. You will study both arts and sciences in equal measure, specializing in one sciences and one arts subject, and gain confidence in both areas. Your core arts and sciences courses will teach you how the two disciplines interrelate and equip you with the skills to tackle multi-layered societal issues and succeed in any career you choose. You can explore a wide range of topics from various unique perspectives by choosing from a broad selection of courses across several disciplines.

The core courses in the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences program are called ASCI (Arts and Sciences) courses. These courses will encourage you to more effectively speak, write, and research and you will uncover how seemingly different subject areas interconnect. Your experience and learnings in this program will prepare you well for a wide range of flexible and successful careers in a multitude of sectors.

To see all courses offered in this program, visit our 2023-2024 Academic Calendar.


Choose Two Specializations - One in Arts and One in Sciences

Maximize your career potential by combining an arts specialization and a science specialization! Unlock opportunities in fields like art restoration, user experience design, environmental policy analysis, theatre technology, or science communications. The strategic blend of creative and analytical skills you'll hone in the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences program will position you as a versatile professional ready to tackle a host of challenges in prospering industries.

Benefits of having a bachelor's degree in Arts and Sciences

 Flexible Learning Approach

Access learning and experiences from the best of both sciences and humanities & social sciences.

 National Recognition and Innovation

Study at one of Canada’s top fifteen universities (ARWU, 2021).

 Access to Community Support

Gain access to the university’s resources and student support in a close-knit, diverse community.

 Opportunities to Learn From the Best

Build new skills and learn through hands-on experience from accomplished experts in their fields.

What can you do with a bachelor's degree in Arts and Sciences?

The career landscape continues to see significant shifts in how, where, and why work is being conducted which presents challenges for employers and employees alike. These issues require flexible, adaptable, and innovative solutions. Ever-thriving amidst change, our graduates are in demand as problem-solvers across a variety of fields. 

Some of our graduates become doctors, lawyers, environmentalists, therapists, and veterinarians, and some pursue graduate programs in both art and science. Other students embark on further education in multidisciplinary graduate programs. Multidisciplinary programs, such as Interdisciplinary Studies or Environmental Studies, are programs that allow you to experience a wide range of courses and in turn develop a marketable and transferrable skill set. The future is rapidly changing and this degree will prepare you to adapt to it.

Careers you can pursue with a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree:

  • Art Restoration (specializations: Chemistry + Art History)
  • User Experience Design (specializations: Computing + Psychology)
  • Environmental Policy Analysis (specializations: Ecology + International Development Studies)
  • Theatre Lighting and Sound Technology (specializations: Physics + Theatre Studies)
  • Science Communications (specializations: Zoology + English)

The Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree also prepares you to enter professional or technical programs such as:

  • Medical or law school
  • Scientific journalism
  • Architecture
  • Physical therapy
  • Speech pathology
  • Education
  • Photography
  • Library science
Cypress Marchesseau
I wanted to explore neuroscience but I didn’t want to commit to a science program. BAS was perfect! After I finish my program at U of G, I plan to do a Master’s degree and a PhD... to eventually teach at university.

Cypress Marchesseau, Undergraduate Student
Bachelor of Arts and Sciences

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