Bachelor of Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering

Why choose a bachelor's degree in Engineering?

Engineering provides you with the skills and solutions to adapt to the rapidly evolving world around us and drive real change. From communication and leadership to the practical technical knowledge, critical reasoning and creativity required to solve problems – these transferable skills are the cornerstone to successfully solving real-world challenges. Design real solutions and systems through collaboration both as a student in the classroom and as a co-op student in the field.

We help you gain a competitive edge in the job market as the only Canadian university that offers a uniquely specialized combination of majors. With a curriculum that unites engineering principles with practical, multi-disciplinary design courses, you will be exceptionally positioned for a successful career, both locally and globally.

In every year of your program, you will complete at least one major design project. By working through significant and authentic design challenges, you’ll apply your technical knowledge and advance your skills; this hands-on design experience is what will empower you and give you that competitive edge over others.

Participate in various and flexible co-op options in our Engineering program and browse through the large database of jobs available or find your own placement.

To see all courses offered in this program, visit our 2023-2024 Academic Calendar.

Benefits of having a bachelor's degree in Engineering

 Join Interdisciplinary Design Teams

Students from all majors work together in mixed teams on each of their design projects – from their first year to their final capstone design.

 Strong Female Representation

Join a diverse community that has one of the highest female percentages of any Engineering faculty in Canada.

 Explore Your Interests

Our majors share common courses in their first year but also give you the chance to start exploring your interests and goals within the field.

 Creator-owned Intellectual Property (IP)

We’ve developed and own many proprietary solutions.

 Narrow Your Distinct Focus

Select from distinct engineering majors including Biological, Water Resources, and Engineering Systems & Computing to suit your focus and Engineering career goals.

What can you do with a bachelor's degree in Engineering?

Choosing a career path most relevant to your engineering specialization, skills, and experience presents you with a variety of options. Engineering is a broad field with many different disciplines and can lead to many career pathways, including a few listed below.

Careers our Bachelor of Engineering graduates successfully pursue:

  • Applications Developer
  • Clinical Engineer
  • Electronics Designer
  • Embedded Software Developer
  • Government Consultant
  • Medical Researcher
  • Research Associate
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer

Eliana Taylor
In the 11th grade, I took a campus tour at U of G. I fell in love with the campus, the sense of community, the facilities, and of course, the food. I chose environmental engineering because of my appreciation for the environment. One thing that I love about my program is the amount of hands-on lab work that I do.

Eliana Taylor
Bachelor of Engineering, Environmental Engineering

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