Classical Studies Major

Classical Studies (CLAS)

Admission Requirements

Uncover the Diversity of the Ancient World

 Discover What it Means to be Human

You’ll study the importance of the human experience, such as:

  • “Does human emotion serve a purpose?”
  • “Are gender and sexuality fluid?”
  • “How do words influence other people’s thoughts and behaviours?”

The answers to these questions influence some of our world’s most powerful decisions.

 Learn Another Language

Learning Greek or Latin will help you understand the way language is constructed because so much of how we communicate today was built by people in a distant time and place. 

 See the World Through History

You can explore the history and culture of ancient civilizations through participating in a field school (Italy, Greece, or Turkey), working on an archaeological excavation, discovering classical artifacts and ruins, touring numerous sites, and visiting museums. 

Classical Studies Graduate Career Outcomes

Our Classical Studies graduates are strong communicators who have substantial understanding of people, ethics, modern society, historical events, and language. This knowledge is applicable across industries where there is a need for leaders, decision-makers, and complex problem-solvers including, government, law, and medicine. 

Here are a few careers our graduates successfully pursue:

  • Lawyer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Government official
  • Healthcare worker
  • Archaeologist
  • Marketer
  • Foreign affairs officer
  • Museum curator
  • Teacher

What is Classical Studies?

Classical Studies is the study of civilizations in the ancient world, especially ancient Greek and Roman societies, allowing you to understand their historical and cultural influence on the lives and social norms of our communities today. By studying the past, you will be able to imagine and understand how to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow.


Better Understand People

An understanding of what it means to be human, allows you to work in a society that sells to, works with, and makes decisions that impacts people each day. By reading ancient literature, full of passions, anxieties, hopes, fears, and desires of people thousands of years ago, you’ll develop an understanding of what drives people, which is essential in any career.

A classical studies degree will prepare you for a fast paced and evolving world, where technology is replacing humans and jobs are becoming obsolete as quickly as they are created. 


Learn Terminology

Not to mention, it will also help you understand terminology used in medicine and science, which are derived from Greek and Latin, and may give you an advantage in STEM related careers. You’ll soon realize that what you learn in Classics exists in your day-to-day life without even seeing it.

For example, the fields of medicine, animation, game design, politics, astronomy, science, education, and law often use symbols, storylines, myths, and democratic structures that were influenced by Ancient Greek and Roman philosophers, physicians, politicians, and mathematicians.


Entertainment and Media

Also, did you know that ancient Greek plays of tragedy and comedy are the cornerstones of today’s entertainment industry? They were key in the development of Western drama. From Tik Tok, to YouTube, and Netflix, the shows that speak to us have the same ideas of betrayal, love, loss, pride, and abuse of power as the ones found in the ancient tragedies. 


What You'll Study

As a student in this program, you will learn about the intersection between the ancient world and the current impact of:

  • Sexuality and gender
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Disability and illness
  • Video games, film, and graphic novels
  • Class and social standing
  • Animal-human connections


Students in the CLAS program may also be interested in studying European Studies, Art History, History, Studio Art, or other majors.

CLAS Course Calendar

Kathryn Davies
In classics you're able to study a lot of programs and a wide range of subjects involving math, science, mythology, religion, culture and more.

Kathryn Davies
Classical Studies
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