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Course Listing (MDS)

The program requires the successful completion of 4.00 graduate credits consisting of: six core courses (6 x 0.50 = 3.00) or four core courses (4 x 0.50 = 2.00) and a major research project (1.00); and two elective courses (2 x 0.50 = 1.00).

1. Core courses (0.5 credits each):

Title Code Credits
Introduction to Data Science DATA*6100 0.5
Data Manipulation and Visualization DATA*6200 0.5
Analysis of Big Data DATA*6300/CIS*6180 0.5
Machine Learning for Sequential Data Processing DATA*6400/CIS*6190 0.5
Analysis of Spatial-Temporal Data (capstone)* DATA*6500 0.5
Applications of Data Science (capstone)* DATA*6600 0.5
Data Science Project* DATA*6700 1.0

*Students may elect to complete DATA*6700 Data Science Project, which could take the form of a faculty-supervised research project or work internship, in place of the two capstone courses. This option will depend on approval of the course instructor and on the availability of a faculty member who is willing to supervise the major research project. It is expected that most students will take the pass by course option.

2. Elective course options (0.5 credits each): 

Mathematics and Statistics

Title Code Credits
Computational Statistics STAT*6550 0.5
Stochastic Modelling STAT*6721 0.5
Statistical Learning STAT*6801 0.5
Generalized Linear Models & Extensions STAT*6802 0.5
Multivariate Analysis STAT*6821 0.5
Computational Statistical Inference STAT*6841 0.5
Statistical Methods for the Life Sciences STAT*6950 0.5
Scientific Computing MATH*6020 0.5
Optimization 1 MATH*6021 0.5
Optimization 2 MATH*6022 0.5
Mathematical Modelling MATH*6051 0.5
Biomathematics MATH*6071 0.5

Computer Science

Title Code Credits
Artificial Intelligence CIS*6020 0.5
Neural Networks CIS*6050 0.5
Discrete Optimization CIS*6070 0.5
Multiagent Systems CIS*6160 0.5
Image Processing Algorithms and Applications CIS*6320 0.5


Title Code Credits
Medical Imaging ENGG*6070 0.5
Machine Vision ENGG*6100 0.5
Optimization Techniques for Engineering ENGG*6140 0.5
Mobile Devices Application Development ENGG*6400  0.5


Title Code Credits
Ethics of Data Science PHIL*6400 0.5

Plant Sciences

Title Code Credits
Applied Bioinformatics PLNT*6500 0.5

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