Justice and Legal Studies Major

Justice and Legal Studies

Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of how justice and legal institutions shape and are shaped by government and society?

Join one of the premier law and politics departments in Canada to find out how the law and legal processes can either enhance or frustrate the pursuit of justice and the goal of improving life. Through the Justice and Legal Studies program, you will explore law, justice and judicial processes in Canada and in a global context, preparing you for a career in a legal profession.

Students in the Justice and Legal Studies JLS program may also be interested in studying Criminal Justice and Public Policy, Political Science, Sociology, or other majors.

To see all courses offered in this degree, visit our 2023-2024 Academic Calendar.

Gain Valuable Experience Through Co-op

The co-op program gives you the opportunity to gain relevant work experience, build professional networks and develop essential interpersonal skills needed to succeed in the workplace, all while getting paid and earning your university degree.

The JLS co-op program includes three co-op work terms in addition to eight academic semesters, for a total of four and a half years of study at the University of Guelph.

To see all courses offered in the co-op program, visit our 2023-2024 Academic Calendar.

Explore the Relationship Between Law, Society and Justice

 Customize Your Degree

As a JLS major, you'll customize your degree to your interests by choosing one of the following areas of emphasis: Canadian Politics and Governance, Global Relations and Governance, Gender and Sexuality, Arts and Humanities, and Business and Management.

 Investigate Ethical Demands and Tensions

As you explore the relationships between law, politics, government and society, you'll critically examine key ethical demands and tensions and identify their moral and cultural foundations, both domestically and internationally.

 Build Your Legal Career Foundation

Gain specialized skills in legal research, critical thinking and an understanding of legal processes in Canada to pursue further studies in preparation for careers in law and politics, socio-legal studies, political science, and more.

What Can You Do with a Degree in Justice and Legal Studies?

Justice and Legal Studies graduates are primed to tackle global and local legal and justice issues, equipped with a solid foundation of practical and theoretical experience and abilities in law and politics, socio-legal studies, political science and more.

Here are a few careers our graduates have successfully pursued:

  • Paralegal
  • Lawyer
  • Policy Analyst
  • Journalist
  • International Aid Worker
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Immigration Officer
  • Non-Governmental Organization
  • Customs Officer
  • Government Relations
Lauren Fillier headshot
I have been interested in politics and legal studies since high school, which led me to study political science in my undergraduate studies and join the Justice and Legal Studies Society as the VP of Public Relations. My favourite course so far would have to be Law, Politics and Judicial Process, as it incorporated both of my interests in one course, which made it extremely stimulating and enjoyable. If I could offer one piece of advice for students, I would say it is so important to get involved in your passions, whether it be joining a club or taking a class.

Lauren Fillier
Justice and Legal Studies

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