Frequently Asked Questions

Project SOY Plus allocates some funding to reimburse participants for costs incurred during their project work, teams are strongly encouraged to include a budget in their project application/proposal to ensure funds are available as they are alotted on a first come, first served basis. The maximum total expense reimbursement for a Team is $300, with provided receipts. Additional funding may be available to groups for further analysis or testing. These requests are evaluated on a case by case basis.

Project SOY Plus will reimburse participants for costs that pertain to enhancing the science of their projects. Marketing expenses (poster boards, printing, presentations supplies etc.) are considered eligible expenses as it can be used to enhance the dissemination and knowledge mobilization work of the science/project. Further details available on the Allowable Expense page.

Each year, the Project SOY Plus competition invites three judges to assess the final projects. Our past judges have a range of backgrounds in entrepreneurship, research innovation, education etc.

If there is a professor that you would like to work with, feel free to propose the idea to them. If not, the Project SOY Plus administration team can match you up with a suitable faculty advisor based on the project idea in your registration form. The level of faculty involvement varies from person to person. We ask that you have someone to oversee and provide feedback on your project, even if you do not foresee needing their assistance to execute your project plan.

We offer flexibility after registering (i.e. adding a group member or changing up the product idea slightly). Any change in the product idea should be communicated ASAP to the student coordinator to ensure it remains aligned with the scope/intent of the program.

Originally called Project SOY, and based upon student projects focusing entirely on soybeans and soybean bi-products the competition has expanded over time. The "Plus" in Project SOY Plus is meant to allow student projects to expand in focus and include any other plant-based species.

Additional funding may be available to support teams based at campuses other than the main U of G campus to travel to the finale event, which is typically hosted in Guelph. These requests are evaluated on a case by case basis and requests should be made to the Project SOY Plus Coordinator.

Any student currently enrolled in a diploma or degree program at any U of G campus is eligible to take part in Project SOY Plus, including those currently involved in a co-op term. Students are encouraged to be mindful of the time commitments required by their activities and ask that all team members try to be present for the finale event.