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4 representatives from the union/bargaining groups will be asked to join the Advisory Group to guide the University’s Mental Health and Well-being Strategic Initiative for faculty...

Volunteer Opportunities for PSA Members: PSA Area Reps needed for University Centre and Sciences Areas (rep does not need to work in the area that they represent). alternate Rep needed...
Hold Your Horses & The Date! 2015 PSA Annual General Meeting & BBQ Thursday June 4th, 2015 10:30 am to 12:00 pm Room 1714, OVC Lifetime Learning Centre


How to live through, like and maybe even love meetings: examining the anatomy of a good meeting.We live in a culture of meetings, meetings and more meetings.  There are some meetings that...

The PSA-UG Agreement has now been ratified by both PSA members and the Board of Governors and the New Compact is in the final editing stage; it is expected to be on the PSA website in April.

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The PSA is the University of Guelph recognized body that represents and negotiates on behalf of all Professional and Managerial employees. Show your support for the PSA become a member.

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