UPP Consent Mail-in Deadline June 28

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The PSA AGM will be on Friday June 7 this year.  Location: Peter Clark Hall, University Centre Time: 10:30 am - 12:00 pm, Registration opens at 10:15 am All Professional & Managerial Employees...

For All P&M employees,

A reminder of the PSA UPP Consent Package Meeting on Tuesday, May 14th in Peter Clark Hall 12:00–1:00 pm to answer questions and address concerns.  PSA Executives...

The PSA supports the Joint Proclomation of April 28 as the Day of Mourning to remember those who have lost their lives or been injured on the job and to reflect on what needs to be done to prevent...

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Become a Member Today. The PSA is the University of Guelph recognized body that represents and negotiates on behalf of all Professional and Managerial employees. Members of the PSA enjoy benefits such as Professional Development events, access to Problem Resolution experts, and Networking Opportunities both on and off campus. Membership supports PSA resources for negotiating your employment Compact.