About the PSA

What is the Professional Staff Association?

The Professional Staff Association is the body that is recognized by the University of Guelph to represent and negotiate terms of employment for all Professional and Managerial employees.

Who is the Professional Staff Association?

The members of the Professional Staff Association are Professional and Managerial employees that have opted to support the PSA by monthly contribution of $10.00 by payroll deduction.  The PSA is governed by the PSA Executive who are elected by PSA members at an Annual General Meeting for two year terms and serve on the Executive on a volunteer basis.  

Mission Statement

The University of Guelph Professional Staff Association promotes the professional interests of its members.

  • We will provide an effective means of communication between our members and other members of the University community in a manner that will fulfill the mission of the University.
  • We will foster an environment which stimulates professional excellence in the workplace.
  • We will negotiate salary, benefits, and pensions with the University Administration on behalf of the professional and managerial staff.
  • We will establish innovative services which meet the needs of our members and contribute to their professional success.
  • We will expand collaborative alliances with employee representative groups at the University and other institutions of higher learning.
  • We will demonstrate professional excellence through the ethical conduct of our activities in the workplace and in the Association.

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