Problem Resolution Documents

Support documents have been developed by the PSA Executive Problem Resolution Committee to assist P&M staff in gathering key information in a systematic, clear and consistent manner where the employee feels there is an issue of concern, unethical or improper workplace procedure or practice; and also to assist in identifying the appropriate venue or process for staff to communicate a concern, and to resolve workplace problems in a fair, transparent and professional manner.

  1. Review the Problem Resolution Flowchart to learn about the process.  Problem Resolution Flowchart
  2. Stage 1 is to go through the Fact Gathering process.  Use the verbal process tracking form to capture critical information.
  3. If there is no resolution you have the option of starting a Formal Concern.  Use the STEP 1 form to document your progress through this process.
  4. If there is no resolution after completing STEP 1 you have the option of moving to STEP 2.  Track and save information using the STEP 2 form.

***PLEASE NOTE: PDF fillable documents, download and view with Adobe or ensure that your browser settings has Adobe enabled.***


Help and support is available to all P&M employees by the PSA during each stage of Problem Resolution.  Contact the PSA Office.

NOTE: To keep a copy of your form, please PRINT and SAVE AS, otherwise when you close the form information will be deleted.  Please report any issues to