March 6 Practical Approaches to Conflict Resolution Brown Bag

PSA Member Event, PSA Problem Resolution Committee
Presented by: Cherolyn R. Knapp - Nelson, Watson LLP
Conflict in the workplace and in family are a reality most people have in common. Yet how people deal with conflicts can vary widely and have a major impact on productivity at work and happiness at home. 
In the western world, we have a tradition of placing disputes before a neutral third party to hear all the evidence and decide an outcome based on the law. However, the legal process can be time consuming, costly and very stressful. Systems of “alternative dispute resolution” have emerged to provide a different way to look at and resolve disputes.
As a litigation lawyer, Cherolyn Knapp has built a career around advocating in courts and tribunals on behalf of clients as well as engaging in private mediations and negotiations to achieve desired outcomes for clients.
Here’s what you will learn in this dynamic workshop:
1. Insight into the elements and types of disputes,
2. Traps and pitfalls that keep us stuck in conflict,
3. Strategies for dispute resolution that can be used in the workplace and in your personal life.
OVC Lifetime Learning Centre 1715  12:00 - 1:15 pm
Bring your lunch, dessert, coffee/tea provided.