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P&M Documents

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Consitution & Bylaw Review 2020

The PSA Constitution and Bylaws were last updated in 2011. Last year the PSA convened a Constitution and Bylaw review committee. The committee proposed major changes to the governing document which the PSA Executive has endorsed and is now ready for membership review. While we recommend that you read the full language of the proposed version, some particular changes we would like to highlight are:
  • Creation of a Procedures governance document, subordinate to the Constitution and Bylaws. The Executive will create and amend the Procedures, allowing the PSA to codify and change low-level details without calling a General Meeting.
  • Executive Remuneration is no longer ratified every year, only changes to remuneration levels need to be ratified.
  • Elections: all nominees are now on the ballot; Nominations from the floor at the AGM are no longer permitted; The Chair and Vice-Chair must now have prior Executive experience.
  • Creation of a Negotiating Committee for negotiating agreements with the University with the power to call General Meetings.
  • Creation of regulations permitting Electronic Voting.
As part of the review process, we want all members to have time to review, digest, and give feedback on the proposed Constitution and Bylaws. This process begins with our Drop-in “Coffee and Constitution” event on February 13. Once we have incorporated any changes resulting from that feedback, the PSA will hold a General Meeting later in 2020 to formally debate and vote on the proposed Constitution and Bylaws.
Bylaw Review Committee:Sameer Al-Abdul-Wahid (chair), Sarah Bruce (ex-officio), Kim Garwood, David Hobson, Chris Lee, Kirk Sprague.