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PSA Secretary

I have been with at the University since January of 2016 in my role as Manager, Classroom Technical Infrastructure where I interact daily with faculty, researchers and administrators across the various disciplines. My team is responsible for an AV loan counter and the technical support that is required to make teaching and learning work within the classrooms.
Outside of work, I have 3 children and I volunteer in different capacities with St. John Ambulance and Scouts Canada.
My natural passion is towards service and my natural ability to seek harmony, allows me to work hard to deliver a great balance weighing the risks and challenges appropriately. My involvement in the Local JHSC, PSA Remuneration Committee, Employment Terms and Conditions committee as well as University Convocation and Summerfest committees has allowed me to expand my area of influence outside of my immediate department and furthered my experience around the University.
For the past 4 years, I’ve had time to look at the Professional Staff Association and how it plays a significant role in the daily lives of professional staff around the University.
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Open Learning & Educational Support
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+1-519-824-4120 x52959
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