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I started at the University of Guelph in 2000, after a long career at St. Joseph’s Hospital & Home in Guelph.  I first started in Human Resources as a Service Associate and then went to the department of Pathobiology as an Administrative Assistant, where I dealt with the budget, human resources, and supervised 6 staff.  I am now in the department of Student Housing Services working with finance and human resources. In my various roles I have served on several committees.  I was the United Way Co-Ordinator for our department, I was on the judicial committee and job fact sheet evaluation committee.  I hope to assist on some of our many committees to share insight and help our Professional community.  I look forward to working with and helping our members as they serve in their roles.
In my 20+ year career with the University of Guelph, I have had experience within our post-secondary institution with budgeting, human resources and supervision. I have also served on multiple committees to help move the University forward in a progressive and inclusive manner. With my professional experience that I have acquired through my various roles at the University and the committees that I have proudly served on, I feel that I will be an asset to the Professional community at the U of G with my insight and awareness on being able to serve our members with their interests as my motivation.
Being born and raised in Guelph, the University has always been a stoic establishment within our city. I am a proud employee and am honoured to be able to serve my fellow employees with my expertise and dedication with ensuring a workplace that feels like home to all!
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