Computer Science Education Research (CSER) Resource Page

Computer Science Education Research (CSER) Resource Page

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Mathematics and Computer Education


N/A Research; Practice; lower-division college; development of materials for the improvement of classroom effectiveness in the first years of college and higher education practitioners with specific concepts.
Journal of Educational Computing Research



Research into the applications, effects, and implications of computer-based education in a general context. It also includes research on the development and effectiveness of innovative computer hardware and software for use in educational environments.
Computers and Education: Journal

Multiple times per year (12-18)


Research on increasing knowledge and understanding of ways in which digital technology can enhance education through theory and practice.
Computer science education



Research with a specific focus on teaching and learning within the computing discipline. 

For research applicable to outside a discipline, please see this comprehensive annotated list:






Western Canadian Conference on Computing Education (WCCCE)


Varies across Canada Discussing the development of computing programs and curricula and sharing innovative strategies and tools for teaching & learning in fields such as computer science, computer technology, information systems, and information technology.
SIGCSE Technical Symposium


Varies around the world

Forum for educators and others interested in improving computing education in K-12, colleges, and higher education settings.
Canadian undergraduate computer science conference


Varies across Canada Undergraduate computer science students from across Canada connect to leaders in academia and industry, as well as showcase innovative undergraduate research.
ACM Conference on Global Computing Education 1/year Varies around the world The global computer science education community shares their innovative thoughts on computer science syllabi and laboratories, teaching and pedagogy. 
ACM Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (ITiCSE) 1/year Varies around the world Online conference to exchange scientific knowledge, posters and keynote presentations on innovation and technology in computer science education.
IEEE Frontiers in Education (FIE) Conference 1/year Varies around the world International conference for discussions on the latest and best engineering and computer education practices between engineering and computer science faculty to re-define education and ensure students are prepared for their future careers.
Annual International Conference on International Computing Education Research (ICER) 1/year Varies around the world Discussions and research study on how the understanding of computers processes and devices develops, and how to improve that understanding in primary, secondary and post-secondary students. 
Canadian Engineering Education Association Conference (CEEA) 1/year Varies across Canada Some research, some practice/teaching tips.