Inclusivity in STEM - 2018/2019 PSEER Seminar Series with Dr. Christine Logel

Date and Time


RICH 3504


The Importance of Belonging for STEM Achievement and Retention: Lessons From Social Psychology.
Christine Logel - Associate Professor of Social Development Studies at Renison University College

Success and persistence in STEM university programs is not just a matter of effort and ability. Social psychological factors can play a meaningful role in achievement and retention, especially for students from underrepresented or disadvantaged groups. The present talk will focus on students’ experiences of common adversities in the transition into STEM programs (e.g. grades dropping; loneliness) and on the surprising consequences of feeling that they belong in their programs – or do not belong. The research of Dr. Logel and her collaborators shows that social belonging interventions, in the form of online reading and writing activities, can equip students with the most adaptive mindset through which to view such challenges. Dr. Logel will present results of a series of randomized-controlled trials of this intervention, including one conducted at 23 universities across North America, focusing on effects for STEM students from underrepresented groups, including women.  


Christine Logel is an Associate Professor of Social Development Studies at Renison University College, affiliated with University of Waterloo. As a Principal Investigator with the College Transition Collaborative based at Stanford University, she develops and tests psychological interventions, that help students approach the challenges and struggles in journey into, and through, postsecondary education, with the most adaptive mindset, increasing academic achievement and improving well-being. Dr. Logel earned her PhD in social psychology at University of Waterloo, followed by SSHRC-funded postdocs at University of Colorado and Stanford University and a CIHR-funded postdoc at University of Waterloo.

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