2019/2020 PSEER Seminar Series with Mike Moore

Date and Time


RICH 3504

Mike Moore - PhD candidate in the Department of Chemistry


Deconvoluting Students’ Perceptions of Fairness of Midterm Examinations

Mike Moore -  PhD candidate in the Department of Chemistry

We hear assertions about the (un)fairness of exams at the watercooler and through the grapevine.  A variety of views on the definition of fairness underly these opinions, resulting in observable feelings convoluted by invisible factors.  While some of these factors are known qualitatively, their relative influences are difficult to discern, partially due to strong social desirability biases in interview settings.
This work surveys students’ perceptions of the fairness of particular midterms that they have written, their views on related properties of the midterm (i.e. how representative of the course content it was and how challenging it was), and how prepared they were for the midterm.  We also discuss how student performance and expectations of performance affect perceptions of fairness.  We found that students’ perceptions of fairness were typically more influenced by the alignment of the midterm with the course than by their performance on the midterm.
Mike Moore is a PhD candidate in the Department of Chemistry doing chemical education research.  He enjoys teaching and the learning required to do it.  He received the Chemistry Laboratory Instructor Award and the Associate Vice-President Academic Teaching Assistant Award of Excellence in 2018.


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